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Publication numberUS1460204 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1923
Filing dateFeb 12, 1921
Priority dateFeb 12, 1921
Publication numberUS 1460204 A, US 1460204A, US-A-1460204, US1460204 A, US1460204A
InventorsMaraffi Emilio A
Original AssigneeMaraffi Emilio A
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Collapsible tube holder and content ejector
US 1460204 A
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June 26, 1923. 1,460,204




Application filed February 12, 1921. Serial No." 444,402.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, EMILIO A. MAM-Fri, a subject of the King of Italy, residing at Bridgeport, county of Fairfield, State of Connecticut, have invented an Improvement in Collapsible Tube Holders and Content Ejectors, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a new and improved collapsible tube holder and content ejector, and the general object thereof is to produce a novel device which shall consist of relatively few parts, shall be simple and inexpensive to manufacture, shall be durable, easy to manipulate and practically impossible to get out of repair.

A further object of the invention is to provide a device of the character referred to with a revoluble key which will permit the ready attachment of a,collapsible tube of tooth paste or the like. turned is adaptedto draw the tube between a pair of rollers. Th rollers are located close enough together so that, as the tube is drawn between them, the paste or other soft material contained therein is squeezed through the outlet provided at one end of the tube. In the operation of my novel device the empty end of the tube is wound about the key.- The device of the present invention is so constructed that it may be secured to a wall or to the side of a cabinet where it is held in convenient position for use.

With the above and other objects inview, I have devised the novel collapsible tube holder and content ejector which I will now describe, referring to the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification, and using reference characters to indicate the several parts. I

Fig. 1 is a front elevation of the novel device, as in use;

Fig. 2, a side elevation thereof, looking from the rightin Fig. 1;

Fig. 3. a similar view partly in section on the line 33 in Fig. 1; and

Fig. l is a section on the line 4.4 in Fig. 2, looking in the direction of the arrows, with the tube removed. the figure being turned with the axes of the key and rollers extending vertically. though in normal operation they extend horizontally.

10 denotes a bracket or frame which is substantially U-shaped. having parallel sides 11 and 12, and cars 13 on the ends of said sides. The ears form a base for attaching The key when the'bracket to a wall or cabinet 14, holes be ing formed in the ears to receive screws 15 for that purpose. Revolubly carried in the which the device is operated,.as will be de scribed. To prevent the key from moving longitudinally of the frame. I form. on the end of the key adjacent the thumb piece, an enlarged flange 22, and at the other end I strike up a boss 23, said flange and boss being located outside thesides 11 and-12. Numerals 24 denote a pair of rollers located parallel to th key and to each other, preferably below and on 0 posite sides of the key. The ends of the rol ers are reduced at 25 and are passed through vertical parallel slots 26 in sides 11 and 12, heads 27 being struck up on the ends to retain the rollers in the slots. It will b noted that the rollers are movable toward and away from the key. The front face 28 of the bracket may be rounded to present an ornamental appearance, and an inscription, such as seen in Fig. 1. may be stamped thereon to indicate the use oft-he device.

In use the sealed flattened end 30, ordinarily provided on tubes of tooth paste and the like, is passed between the rollers 24, and into the slot 17 in the shank of the key. End

'30 is then bent over on one side of the shank,

as at 31.,to attach the tube to the key, and to prevent the tube from falling out of the slot. To eject som of the content from the tube, the hey is turned by the thumb piece to draw the body of the tube between the rollers, which will cause. the contents to flow through the usual outlet, it being understood that the cap 32 is first removed from the tube. In turning the key the empty end of the tube, as it comes from the rollers. will. be coiled around the shank v18. It will be apparent that the tube body bearing on the sides of the rollers opposite the key will keep the rollers pressed toward the key and against the tube, thus tightly compressing each convolution as it is wound on the key and expelling any particles of material-from the tube that might not be expelled by the pressure of the rollers, the same being best seen in Fig. 3. As the coil on the key beof the foregoing that I have accomplished.

' the objects primarily stated and that I have rovided a simple and novel holder and content ejector for collapsible tubes. My device is readily attachable for convenient use on a wall or cabinet, and is so constructed that it will completely expel the entire contents While I have shown and defrom a tube. scribed only the preferred form, there are many modifications in construction and arrangement of parts possible within the spirit and scope of my invention as set forth in the following claims: i

l. A device of the character described, comprising a bracket, a slotted key revolubly secured in the bracket, and a air of spaced apart rollers arranged aral el to the key and carried in slots in t e bracket, permitting them to be moved toward and away from the key, said slots being arranged to 'allow the rollers to bear on .the coil of collapsed tube on the key.

2. A device of the character described, comprisin ed in the racket and having a longitudinal slot, means for preventing longitudinal movement ofthe key, and a pair of rollers carried in substantially parallel slots in the a bracket, a key revolubly mountframe, said rollers being arranged parallel x.

to the key and movable 1n said slots toward and from the key and adapted to bear on thecoil of collapsed tube on the key.

3. A device. of the character described comprising a bracket, a key revolubly mounted in the bracket and provided with means to hold a collapsible tube so that the same maybe wound on -the key, and a pairof spaced apart rollers arranged substantially parallel with the key, said rollers being movable in substantially parallel paths toward andfrom the ke and adapted to bear on the coil of collapse tube on the key.

. In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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