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Publication numberUS1460613 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1923
Filing dateFeb 20, 1922
Priority dateFeb 20, 1922
Publication numberUS 1460613 A, US 1460613A, US-A-1460613, US1460613 A, US1460613A
InventorsSill Caroline A
Original AssigneeSill Caroline A
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Water-supply system for dwellings and the like
US 1460613 A
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July 3, 1923. v c. A. SILL WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM FOR DWELLINGS AND THE LIKE Filed Feb. 20. 1922 2 Sheets-She d 1 INVENTOR M a. M

ATTORNEY 5 July 3, 1923.

1.460.613 c. A. SILL WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM .FQR DWELLINGS AND THE LIKE Filed Feb. 20. 1922 2 SheetS-Sheet 2 INVENTOR M a. w

, ATTORNEYS w I i but e "occurrence of a rain fall the valve Fig. 1' represents -(inperspective) theisystem' in its relation tothe'roof and eaves- "CAR LINE sum, or

' siding at Oklahoma city, in the-'county'of Oklahoma, State of Oklahoma, have invent- 4 ed certain new and usefullmprovements Water-Supply Systemsvfor' Dwellings and the like; and I do hereby declare the fol- Patented July 3, .1923.

To all within it-may concern." iv Be it knoWnthat'I;

lowing t0 bea full, clear, and exact descrip- :-"tion of theinvention, such"-'a's'will enable H 1 tained from rain fall onthe roofandeaves,-

others skilled in-the art to' -Which it ap' er- 'tainsto make and' us'e the -same.;;v

The-orgianization includes an elevated storage tank located in proximity'to the eavestrough or gutter from which it-receives its supply: The tank is'connected up toythe plumbing system and-is in communication 1 with the"0uteratmosphere'by means .of' a brass Wire screened opening in "its upper part; whereby the tanka'njd'the WatBT'COIlof the wat'er stored in thetank'be required for irrigating, or similar; useful purposes.

- to The eaves-trough orgut'ter is provided Wvvith the:- usual'down-take conductor; and" a tained therein "are 7 freely ventilated and aerated." The'ftank is provided With'a man hole closed bya removable coverso that may be enteredforjcleaning andr'epairs,

and is also -provided With a cleaning a-per-- turein its'bottom, which is made avail able for" the attachment of a discharge 'pipe provided withia cock, and screw threaded "at; its lower end' fonthe attachment ofa' garden hose, or the like, should any part 'valv'e'is located in theeaves tr'ou'gh directly above the 'downatake conductor, "this Valve hein manuallyoperable, in the sense that m'ay beiopened to permit the discharge of the=initial-body of rain water to waste together with whatever impurities are yva'shed secon ary supply of rain 'jwat'er uncontaminated by said impurities. In the I preferred form'of 'the invention,"-both of the valves Qpplicationfiled F bruar 20, 1922 S'erialNo; 537, 85; 1

orga'nor casing; as

OK AHO A; oxmiioma.

WATER-sunny" svs'i'rnivri FOR" DWELLI1\TGS Alvin Tm:

y referred to are normally closed andareJprO OAR'OLINEA; Sing-rev vided With'spring hinges'forthat purpose,

and extending down to' convenient prox 'imity to one of the windovvs'of the house,

or some'eother suitable convenient location.

Y In order to'protect the water in thepipe leading from the. tankto theplumbingsysmm of the house from freezing; the pipe, in

climates where such precaution is necessary,

is preferably provided with suitable jacket of asbestosjor the lik'efand for similar reasons, the cleaning or drainingpipe leading "from' the bottom of the tank I is preferably 'ten'closedin an'ashestos lined or covered 'box' will hereinafter be "more fully In order to intercept'the passage into the tank from the eaves-trough, o'fle'aves, "or

similar" obstructions, the valve pipe leadingfrom the -eaves-'trough into thetank is" provided with *a r't'emo'w'nalole catch basket,iin which such obstructions 'vvill be caught and from which they may be removed, "b'y takto and Within the tank there is suspended a removal screen or filter which-may 'suitmg out the catch basket'from ';timeto"ti me.""' Soalso, at the bottomofthe pipe'refe'rred ably take the formof a cylindrical 'c'up like receptacle 1 of galvanizedir'on; having-fine perforations in its sides and bottom, Whereby such finer} solid matter as may pass thecatch basket will be intercepted. "This filter 1 or screen is preferably hung on hooks, or the like, so that when cleaning the tank the filter screen may be removed, cleanedout and restored; 5 In the accompanying drawings is illusvention. 4

trough of the house whose p-lumbingls ste it is designed-to supply;

of details of the" construction." v

Similar numerals of reference indicate similar parts throughout the several vievvs, 'Re'f'erring fto the drawings, '1 indicatesa b0, trated the preferred embodiments-of in- Figs;- 2, s and 4 represent s me iews f house vvhose plumbing system is" to -';b

' plied, 2 the roof of the house, 3 the eavestrough or gutter, provided with the usual down-take conductor 4:, leading to waste, or to any other desired place of disposal. In the eaves-trough and immediately above the inlet opening of the downtake conductor 4, is located-the valve '5 provid'ed vitl1 a spring hinge 6, so that the valve normally closes the inlet from theeaves trough into the down-take conductor. The chain 7 passing over a pulley 8, is attached to-the valve 5 and terminates in a ring, or the like, whereby the valve 5 may, be raised upon its hinge,'and held in the raised position by engaging the ring with a hook9, or the like. .On-lthe occurrence .of a shower, the valve 5 will be raised and held in the raised or open position by engagin the ring of the chain '7 with the hook 9. consequently the initial body of rain water will wash whatever im- -piiriti es may have collected upon the roof and in the eaves-trough down into the downtake conductor, so that the water subsequently collected in the elevated tank 25 will not be contaminated {by theseimpurities. The supply pipe '10'from'the eaves-trough to the elevated tank is provided at'its inlet end ,with a valve 11 similar to the valve {5' and having a similar spring hinge 12,

.operating chain terminating in a ring and extending overla pulley let. The valve 11 is normally closed, so that the initial body of rain water with its impurities will not enter the tank. After the rain fall has con- ,tinued for a suflicient time to substantially clear the roof and eaves-trough from undesirable impurties, the chain 7 is released whereupon the valve'5 closes. --Thereaiter the valve 11 is raised, permitting the subsequent flow ,of water from the roof and .eayes-trough to pass through the pipe 10 into the tank. The catch basket 15 intercepts any stray leaves, or the like, that may chance ,to enter the pipe 10, and the filter screen 16 intercepts 'minor impurities that may pass the catch basket, such as sand, or the like. As indicated, the filter screen may consist of a. receptacle of cylindrical shape open at its top and provided with appropriate small perforations in its sides andbottom. It is adapted to be suspended from the top wall of the tank by means of hooks an y a h wn- The man-hole .cover 17 is removable so as to permit access to the tank for cleaning and repairs, and for theremoval and restoring of the filter screen 16. The aerating r and ventilating. opening 18 in the top of the a suitable brasswire tank is covered with screen 19, to exclude the entrance of leaves and the like and toprevent small animals fron falging into the tanks interion while apmitting air andlightinto the ineri r- 9 t e ta k, 'c rrs p l ng y .P

yiding for the maintenance ofthe purity of H the soft clear water admitted to the tank. The pipe 20, provided, if need be, with an asbestos jacket or cover, connects to the plumbing system of the house and is, therefore, adapted to supply the soft pure rain water collected in the tank to such locations throughout the'house as taps or faucets for the table, bath and kitchen sinks.

The .cleaningand draining pipe 21 is provided with a cock 22 and terminates in ascrew. threaded ,end whereby, if desired, agarden hose, or the like, may be attached, or whereby the water within the tank may be used for any other purpose than house supply, should the occasion so require. Where protectionis necessary against freezing, the pipe 21 may be enclosed withinan asbestos lined box or casing :23 made in two partshingedtogether: at '24 andadapted ,to be releasably. closed. by -means .ofacat'ch 26 of-any suitable. kind. I Q 1 I It -will be understood that the tank 25 may be supported ll'lmibS. ielevated .iposition, in anyv suitable manner, as, .iEor, ill-T stance, by a platform resting on postsembedded in the ground, or by -:bracket's or like supports attached to the wallet-the house, or in fact, inanyother suitable and appropriate manner. I Y ,Having "thus described my invention, whatI claimis:

1. Means for supplying water tothe plumbing system of a house, comprising an elevated tank connected to said plumb-1 eaves-trough, and whereby on closing said...

valve and opening the valve governing the supply; to the tank, the tank will receive the secondary supply of rain water iun'contaminated by saidimpuritiesg. substantially as described.

2. In the organization defined in claim- 1, the feature of providing the valveswith manually-operable pulley chains; substantially as described. 4

3.-.In the organization defined in the--pre-.

ceding claims, providing-the manually-operable valves with spring-hinges and logcating the valves in the eavesrtrough directly over the -inlet openings to the pipes which they control ,substantially as'described. In t e rganizat n defi ed in the p e- 5 5. In the organization defined in the preceding claims, providing the tank with a removable catch-basket at 'it's upper end screened opening in its upper portion afas to intercept leaves and thelike,,an d with fording communication with the outer air; a removable filtering substantially as described. end; substantiallyas described.

ceding claims,providing the pipe leading creen-at itswlo'wer In testimony whereof Iaflix my si gnatiirel I Q from the eaves-trough to the tank, with a i I CAROLINE SILL. j i

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