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Publication numberUS1460697 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1923
Filing dateMar 28, 1922
Priority dateMar 28, 1922
Publication numberUS 1460697 A, US 1460697A, US-A-1460697, US1460697 A, US1460697A
InventorsAlfred W Bendlin
Original AssigneeAlfred W Bendlin
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Adjustable bracket
US 1460697 A
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July 3, 1923.

A. vv. BENDLIN ADJUSTABLE BRACKET Filed March 28. 1922 rasees July a 39232..

atraen W., B ENDLIN, or MILWAUKEE, unscw'nsin .:=j

amUs'raBLEBaAdxET. f l' Application filed `llarch 28,1922. Serialfllb. 647,377.

To all 'whom it may concern: Be it known that I, ALFRED BENDLIN, a citizen of the United States, and resident of Milwaukee, in the countyof Milwaukee `feature, whereby to increase its range of usefulness and facilitate its manipulation.

A more specific object of the invention is to provide improved means whereby the bracket may be adjusted in any direction throughout an arc of 360 and to provide easily manipulated means for locking the same in the position to which it has been adjusted.

ln describing my invention, reference will be had to the accompanying drawings, which represents an elevational view of my invention with parts thereof shown in section.

The numeral 1 indicates a base block which may be secured to the Hoor or side wall or any other suitable support, by means of suitable fastening devices 2. Extending from the base block are a suitable number of hollow sections 3,' 4, 5, 6, and 7, which are secured to each other in series, by means of universal joints. Each of these joints preferably includes an outercup shaped member or socket 8, within which is mounted a spherical head 9, the latter being retained by a retaining flange 10, and a shoe 11 which may be adjusted bymeans of a screw 12 to exert greater or less pressure upon the head 9.

The several sections may be made in any convenient form which provides a suitable range of adjustment. For exam le, the sections 5 and 6 may be angular in s ape, while the section 7 may be extensible and held in its position of adjustment by the setscrew 13 or the like.

l'he outer end of the bracket carries a suitable supporting block 14, to which may secured any 4attachment with which the bracket is deslgned. to -be used. One of the section is -provided with a cylindrical portion 15, withinjwhich is reciprocably mounted ahead 16which 'is carried at'the end of a sprinlgl? which isfseated at its outer end on a ri or projection 18. A pair of cords or cables 19 and 2O are secured at one' end to the head `16.` The first of these `cords passes' thru the hollow sections 7, 6, 5, 4 and the like, and is attached atgits other end tov the base block 1. The othercord 20 passes Aaround suitable pins 21 V.and 22,' and is se-l cured at its other` end at a point adjacent the supporting block 14, as shown at'23.

A quadrant 24 is formed integral with, or secured to the cylinder 15, and a lever 25 is operatively connected therewith. A cordv 26 is secured at one end to the lever and( passes thru eyes 27 into the cylinder 15 and is secured at its other end to the head 16.

4It will of course be obvious that any num-1 l. ber of adjustable sections may be connected j in the manner indicated, and that they may When the bracket is inthe desired posi# tion of adjustment, the lever 25 is swung out-1- wardly to draw the head 16 against the resistance of the spring 17. The cords19 and 20 will therefore-be dra-wn tight, and the lever may be locked by means of` the,

pawl and detent 28. The tensioning of the cords 19 and 20 will thus increase the pres' sure between the different members of the universal joints and the latter beheld in their adjusted position by friction. Any

looseness or play which may develop within up -by adjusting the v the joints maybe taken shoes 11. j j l While I have shown and described speciically one structure by means of which my invention may be carriedout, it will be understood that various modifications may' be made therein without departing from theprinciple of the invention. For example, magnetic means for controlling and ac 1::

ing the lever 25 may be used. The clifenet`A sections of the bracket may lalso be varied;

Nif` be easily manipulated so as to bring the j supporting block 14 into any plane desired.

in size and shape to accommodateztlem'zi. to

the specific use to which the bracket is to be adapted.

I claim: An adjustable bracket; comprising a b,

a plurality of hollow arms arranged in se-E ica l 'Mmmm ries amdcomleoted to @meh oaher and to the bind mnd lock tho ff, I

Yams@ by unive joints, a quadrant :md ition.'

lever secured to ono of the arms and iexible In testmony thai-l claim the forego T. elements extending thru said Mms and joints have heveunto set my hand at woe@ 5 and connecting the lover to the respectiva in the lcounty of Milwmukeo and Stam ends of the bracket, said lever being adjust- Wisoonsim. v

able om the qualv f 'n w1 to tension the exibo v i w1 fr-.1w the joints me w to ALFRED W? BENEDLIIN.

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International ClassificationA47B27/06, F16M11/14, F16M11/40
Cooperative ClassificationF16M11/2078, F16M2200/022, F16M11/14, F16M11/40, A47B27/06
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