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Publication numberUS1461253 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1923
Filing dateJun 26, 1922
Priority dateJun 26, 1922
Publication numberUS 1461253 A, US 1461253A, US-A-1461253, US1461253 A, US1461253A
InventorsOwen Obadiah N
Original AssigneeOwen Obadiah N
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Garbage can
US 1461253 A
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I Jul 10, 123- 1,461,253

o. N. OWEN GARBAGE cm Filed June 26 1922 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 0. N. OWEN.

GARBAGE CAN July 10, 1923- 2 Sheets-Sheet 8 Filed June 26, 1922 To all whom-it may concern:

. cles for. garbage and the like, and the object I and tore-close thecontainer.

' the stem is fixed as shown at 20 to one side 1 'QBADIAHHN. OWEN, omnomuj ia rzomi'." I

'Be'it known that I, OBA DIAH N. OWEN,- a

Phoenix, in the county of Maricopa "and State of Arizona, have invented, certain new and useful Improvements in Garbage Cans, of which the following is a specification.

The present invention relates to receptaiently operated to give'access to the interior I In the .accompanying;drawings:'- I I Figure 1 is a View ielevation of the receptacle with they improvements thereon and the cover in closed position,

F igure 21s a similarview with the cover in its inactive position,

the line. 3-3 of Figure '1,

Figure 4 Figure 5 is adetail" the bracket member, and

Figure 6 is a detail perspective 'viewof' the carrier element.

The receptacle may be of any well knownor desired character, but is preferably of sheet metal, cylindrical in form, and i s'designated 7. It has an :open top upon which is adapted On one side of the to. be placed-a cover 7*. receptacle are keepers 8.

A bracket, comprising a vertical, guide bar. 9, has depending terminal lugs 10 that de-j tachably engage in the-keepers 8, whereby the bracket is supported upon one sideof the receptacle with the guide bar 9 in vertical position. A carrier sleeve ll'is slidably'" mounted on the'guide bar 9 and is provided with an ofiset ear 12 in which is engaged one end of a treadle lever 13.. The lever-l3v has on its free side a foot piece 14: andqsaid lever is pivoted as shown at 15 to an arm 16 fixed to the lower endof the bracket.

portion twisted into aspiral 19 that is adapted to pass through the slotand cause a twisting action of the stem. The upper. end of of the cover 7?, while its lower end is jour naled inan car 21 forming a part of the carrier 11.

7 With this construction, it will be'evident:

' 9,, thereby I cause the,

access to the said receptacle.

, 1s a .planview of the device as illustrated in Figure 2, V the'spirit or sacrificin perspective viewof; w I 1 y Having thus fully describedmy invenr andofiset arms having their free mounted on the receptacle, {a "carrier verupright guide ba'r and" I; cover for elevating the cover from thatwiththe cover'7f" in its "operativeiposi' 1/1011 asshown in F iguresljand'3, if the'foot .j f citizen. of the United States, residing-flatpiece 14 is depressed, the lever 13 will cause i the elevation-of the carrier on the guide'rod 7 A continued elevation of the parts will spiral .19 to enter the slot" lS and raising the stem 17 and the cover effectthe rotation of the'cover? ;.to a POSlf,

,ftion-at one side of thereceptacle, as 'illus-; is to provide a covered container with means whereby the cover thereof can be conven trated in Figures 2 and 4, thusUgiving"free pon releas ing the foot piece the weight of th a t ff i will cause the cover to return to the position illustrated in Figures 1 and3. f

II i From the foregoing, itjis thought that construction, operation and many advan tages of the herein "describ'edinventionwill" be apparent to those skilled in the art,with- I I I out further'description, and itiwill be under-.- Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view onstoo dtha t various changes inthe size, shape, 7

proportionand minor details of construction 1 may be resorted to without ideparting fro m tages ofthe invention. a y

tion, what 'I'claim as new a cue 'bYLGlSiIGI'SPfllIIll], is

cover for the top, a substantially I U-shapedl bracket comprising an upright,

guide bar tically slidable on the extending [inwardly therefrom,.- means tor; moving the carrier, and. a spiral stem ro-j,

Z'tatably mounted on the inwardly extending portionyof; the carrier and having a slidalole'v and rotatable bearing in the upper .oflse'tfi' arm of the bracket, said stem having the cover fixed thereto.

2. A. receptacle having aatpea cover for th e top,

1. Areceptaclehaving sha es-k015 a! .terminalsT- f and means mounted on' one side of the receptacle and connected'to'the coverfor elevating. the cover from they re-e ceptacle and causing it to swing:to"anddfrom"* a position overthe receptaclefsaid means comprising. keepers on the receptacle, a bracket'having lugs engagedflin the keepers, a

a spiral stem -vertically.slidable and rota t' ably engaged with the bracket, a carrier forthe stemslidable on the bracket, and ea sy for moving thecar'rierL, S I f 3. A receptacle having an opencover for the-top-and rheansmOunted on one '5 side of thefreceptacle and connected tie I 1 an I ceptacle and causing it to swing toand from engaged with the bracket, said stem having a position over the receptacle, said means a rotatable mounting in the carrier. 10

' comprising keepers on the receptacle, :1, In testimony whereof, I aflix my signature bracket having an upright guide bar with in the presence of two Witnesses.

5 terminal lugs engaged in the keepers, a car- OBADIAH N. OWEN rier slidable on the guide bar, atreadle con- Witnesses: nected to the carrier, a, stem fixed to the MAMIE W. WALL,

cover and having a spiral portion slidably GRINDSTAFF.

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U.S. Classification220/262, 220/816, 49/255
International ClassificationB65F1/16
Cooperative ClassificationB65F1/163
European ClassificationB65F1/16D1