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Publication numberUS1461543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1923
Filing dateOct 25, 1922
Priority dateOct 25, 1922
Publication numberUS 1461543 A, US 1461543A, US-A-1461543, US1461543 A, US1461543A
InventorsPettit Julia R
Original AssigneeHuyler S
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Candy novelty
US 1461543 A
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Original Filed Sept. 13, 1921 INVENTOR zfuZm 7?. Peiiz'f ATTEY Patented July lid, i2.


aroma a. Permit, or mon'rcmm, new JERSEY, assrenoa TO HUYLERS, or N roan, N. v A conronarron or new Yonx.

camp's NOVELTY.

continuation of application Serial No. 500,326, filed September 13, 1921.

This application filed October 25, 1922. Serial No. 598,757.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JULIA R. Penn, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Montclair, New Jersey, have invented new and useful Improvements in Candy Novelties, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to candy novelties, and particularly has for its object animate figures made up of a number of individual pieces of candy representing different parts of the body of the figure, and means for holding these parts in place. These figures may be of dolls, suitably assembled and decorated to represent baby dolls, boys, girls, men, women, clowns, colored people, brownies, or other figures attractiie or odd in appearance and particularly liked by children, or they may be animals, such as dogs, elephants, cows and other animates the characteristics of which are well known so that they can be recognized when represented somewhat crudely by an assembled structure in which the various parts of the body consist of pieces of candy. The figures may also be purely fanciful, if desired; or they may represent any other living thing than those specifically named.

My invention consists in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts here in described and claimed, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings.

In these drawings, in which similar reference characters designate corresponding parts in all views, I have illustrated by way of one example of a preferred embodiment of my invention a doll representing a colored boy.

Figure 1 is an elevation of a doll constructed in accordance with my invention, and

Figure 2 is a section taken approximately on the vertical axis of the figure.

Referring to these drawings, the doll 1 may be made up of a number of diiferent candies, preferably of the gum-drop variety, or such other material as to permit of the candies being fastened together by concealed means. These candies may be suitably shaped to represent one or more parts of a body, for instance a head 2, which in the case of the colored boy illustrated might be a licorice gum drop, a body portion 3, 4, legs 5, feet 6, arms 7, of gum drops of different colors to represent his clothes, hat 8, hat ornament 9, neck 10 and such other parts as may seem desirable in making up any desired design. Candies of different shapes and colors, as indicated, may be used, and thus a variety of fanciful designs may be evolved, but one of which is shown for illustrat-ive purposes.

In order to hold the different candies forming the different parts of the body together to form a complete figure, I provide a framework adapted to be concealed Within the doll, which may comprise wires, pins, sticks, cords, or other material of this sort.

For instance, I prefer to use as the basis of the framework the two wires 11 and 12, which at one end are set into the candies 6 representing the feet, passing through the candies 5 representing the legs, then through the candies 3. 4 representing the body, and extending up through the neck candy 10 into the candy 2 representing the head, or even therethrough into the cap, as shown While I prefer to mount as many of the candies as can conveniently be done upon a single framework, other parts which do not readily lend themselves to attachment to the main framework may be attached by means of pins 13 such as are shown in the drawing for the purpose of holding the arms upon the body, a pin 14 to hold the hat ornament upon the hat, and a pin 15 to hold the feet together.

- While gum-drops lend themselves particularly well to this sort of utilization, it is clear that any other form of candy may be'used which is soft enough to be pierced by the pins or other material forming the framework, and any such candy is to be considered as coming within the term gum drop as used herein.

It is also evident that the candies forming the figure may be decorated by the addition of icing, or other material to represent facial features, buttons, and the like as shown in Fi re 1.

s a result of this construction, a candy figure is provided in which the various parts of the body are all made of unwrapped indiin the drawing.

the candy representing object and the means for holding vidual candies,

candies 1S concealed within the individual the doll.

Having thus I claim is:

1. A candy figure representing an animate object comprising a lurality of pieces of candy having suitable configurations to represent the head, body, legs and feet, two at least of which candy pieces represent the feet of the body and which are of such a configuration as to provide a secure foundation, means passing through the head, body, legs and feet whereby the same are held together and a means passing through the feet whereby the same are held in predetermined relationship.

2. A candy figure representing an animate so shaped as to represent a head, neck, body, legs and feet, said feet being adapted to support the object in upright position, a wire assing through the head, neck, body, a leg and a foot, a second wire passing through the head, neck, body, a leg and a described my invention, what' foot, a third wire connecting the feet, said wires forming substantially a triangle.

3. A candy figure representin an animate object comprising pieces of candy shaped to represent the head, body, legs and feet and other parts of the figure, wires which extend through said head, body, legs and feet and pins arranged to attach the other parts to the figure, said wires and pins being wholl concealed within the figure.

4. r candy figure representing an animate object comprising a plurality of pieces of candy having suitable configurations to represent the head, body, legs and feet, said feet being adapted to support the object in upright position, wholly concealed means passing at least through the feet, legs and into the body portion to support same in fixed predetermined relationship, and means for securing other parts to said head and body.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specfication.


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