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Publication numberUS1461680 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1923
Filing dateJun 1, 1922
Priority dateJun 1, 1922
Publication numberUS 1461680 A, US 1461680A, US-A-1461680, US1461680 A, US1461680A
InventorsRoot Le Roy
Original AssigneeScovill Manufacturing Co
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Lip-stick container
US 1461680 A
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July MD, 1923.

LE ROY ROOT LIP STICK CONTAINER Filed June 1 1922 All!!! Patented .llully 1W, T923.

unit s r rant earnr rare.



Application filed June 1,

To all whomit may concem:

Be it known that 1, Ln Roy Room, a citizen of the United States, residing at Brook- ?n, in the county of Kings and State of New ork, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Lip-Stick Containers, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention relates to containers for cosmetics, and, particularly, to lip-stick containers.

One object of the invention is to provide a lip-stick container of simple, cheap, pracical and durable construction, and one which in use will prevent the fingers, clothes and other things belonging to the user from becoming soiled by leakage from it or by contact with it.

A further object of the invention is to provide a container with simple means for e ecting the lip-stick to just the required degree for use, the same means being capable, when so desired, of retracting the stick within the container.

The container is, moreover, neat, attractive and symmetrical in appearance, which attributes are of considerable importance in commodities of this character.

The invention consists in a lip-stick container comprising a tubular, preferably cylindrical, body having an end cap revolub y mounted thereon and connected for rotation with respect thereto by! a screwthreaded stem extending axially of the body and free to rotate therein when actuated by rotation of the cap, with which latter it is fixedly connected, the stem providing the means whereby a follower may beactuated to eject or'retract the lip-stick; and a packing interposed between the follower and the bottom of the container to prevent leakage of the lip-stick material, which, usually, is of such a nature as to become soft and oily when. only slightly warmed, as by! contact with some part of the body of the user, a closure cap being provided for the opposite end of the container, as I will proceed now to explain and finally claim.

In the accompanyin drawings illustratingthe invention, in the several figures of which like parts are similarly designated,

Figure 1 is an elevation of the container.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal axial section of same showing the lip-stick in partly e ected po- 1922. Serial No. 565,022.

sition Fig. 3 is an elevation of the body, and Fig. 4 is a plan view thereof. Fig. 5 is a plan view of the follower, Fig. 6 is a section of same taken in the plane of line 6-6, Fig. 7, and Fig. 7 is a section of same taken 1n the plane of line 77, Fig. 5. Fig. 8 is a perspective view of the stem detached. Referring more particularly to the draw- 1ngs, 1 indicates the body, having a bottom 2 provlded with an axial perforation 3, the body having beads 4 arranged diametrically opposite each other and extending the full length of same. i

Revolubly mounted at the bottom of the body is a cap 5 having an axial perforation 6. Through the perforations 3 and 6 extends the screwthreaded stem 7 having a shoulder 8 abutting against the inside of the bottom 2 and an extension 9 provided with flutes 10 which engage similar flutes in the periphery of the perforation 6 to prevent relative rotation between the cap 5 and the stem 7, the protruding end of the extension 9 being headed over as at 11 to fixedly unite the cap and stem and at the same time con nect the cap with the body. It should be noted that the convexity of the cap end provides a slight distance between the cap and the bottom 2 of the body, and this tends to give a double bearing to the stem, thereby eeping it in true axial alinement in the body. This distance is filled by the laterally enlarged portion 12 of the stem 7 which providesa shoulder against which the cap may be held when the heading is done at 11, thereby preventing binding between the cap and body and permitting the cap to be turned freely. The rim of the cap furnishes a relatively long bearing on the cylindrical surface of the body.

Mounted within the body, and of a diameter to give an easy sliding though relatively 'snug fit within it, is a follower 13 of cup form having depressions 14 complemental to the beads 4: and adapted, by cooperative engagement with them to prevent rotative though allowing longitudinal sliding movement of the follower within the body. It is to be" noted that two beads and depressions are provided, but this is not essential, as,

from a standpoint of efiiciency one of each would answer, butby forming the'bodywith two heads it is given a more symmetrical and attractive outer surface. The follower, is

This is done so that when the end ap 5 is rotated clockwise, aswould be the normal way for the user to rotate it, the lip-stick will be ejected. 1 z

Inserted between the bottom 2 of the body l and the'follower 13 is a soft felt or other similar ackin' g 18 which revents any of the lip-gtick material which might leak downwardly past the follower from gradually'working out of the container around the upper edge of the end cap 5.

. A closure cap? 19 is provlded, having a head 20 spaced a slight distance below its outer end and adapted, when the cap in place upon the body, to contact with the end of the body to thereby hold the top 21 of the cap out ,of contact with. the end of the lip-stick, thereby permitting t he user to eject the lip stick to the extent required for efiicient use and allow it to remain in such ejected position after use without the liability of soiling the closure cap and conthe scope of the following sequently the sides of the body and the fingers or clothing of the user.

- In filling the container, the follower is screwed down as far as the acking;18 will permit, and then the lip-stici material in a hot, fluid state is poured in from the top and allowed to cool and solidify.

Although I have herein shown and described a specific embodiment of my invention, it is to be understood that I do not consider it as limited to such specific embodiment, as it is obvious that various changes may be made in details of construction and arrangement of parts without departing from the spirit of the invention or claims. What I claim is 1. In a lip-stick container, a tubular body, an end cap, a threaded stem roviding a revoluble connection between sald body and cap and non-revoluble with respect to said as, andd ahfollo'wer mounted within said y an avin cooperative 1; therewith and v vith said threaded stem, whereby by relative revoluble movement between said body and cap said follower will be moved longitudinally of said body.

2. In a lip-stick container, a tubular body provided with a bottom having a central perforation, an end cap, a threaded stem extending through said "rforation and revoluble therein and rigi y connected with said cap whereby revoluble movement may be shoul er eng body and having cooperative engagement therewith and with the thread of said stem whereby by relative revoluble movement of said body and ca said follower will be moved longitudina y of said body.

3. In a lip-stick container, a tubular body provided with a bottom havin a. central perforation, an end ca revolubfy enga g said body, a threa ed stem exten g throu h said perforation and having a in the inner surface of the bottom of the b0 y and its outer end fixedly secured to said cap whereby revoluble movement may be imparted to it throu h said cap, and a follower mounted in an cooperatively engaging said body and threaded stem, whereby relative revoluble movement between said body and cap will move said follower longitudinally of said body.

4. In a lip-stick container, a tubular body having a bottom and an end cap provided with registering perforations, and a'shouldered screwthreaded stem in said body and extending through said perforations and revoluble in the perforation in the body but non-revoluble in the perforation of the cap, said cap being held in spaced operative relation to said body by said stem.

5. In a lip-stick container, a tubular body having a bottom, an end cap, a screwthreaded stem mounted in said b y and forming a revoluble connection between said body and cap and revoluble with said cap, a follower in said body in operative engagement therewith and with the thread of said stem, and a packing member interposed between said follower and the bottom of the body, for the purpose s ified.

6. In a 'p-stick container, a tubular body, an end cap, a screwthreaded stm forming a revoluble connection between said bod and cap and revoluble with said cap, a 0 ower within said body cooperatively 1 a. I said'stem, and cooperating means on sai body and follower to prevent relative rotative movement therebetween, whereby by rotation of said cap said follower will be moved longitudinally of said body.

7. In a lip-stick container, a tubular body, an end cap, a screwthreaded stem arra axially of said body and forming a revoluble connection between said body and cap and revoluble with said cap, a follower in said body in cooperative engagement therewith and with the screwthread of said stem, said body adapted to be filled with lip-stick composition above said follower, and means in said follower to prevent its separation from said lip-stick material, whereb relative movement between said body an cap will impart longitudinal movement to the listick material either outwardly or i. y with respect to said body, as d.

8. In a lip-stick container, a tubular bod lower by virtue of its threaded connection 10 an end cap, a follower mounted within said therewith, and a closure cap for said body. body and movable axially thereof and held In testimony whereof l have hereunto set against relative rotation tllierein, a icrewci my hand this 27th day of May, A. D. 1922.

5 threa ed stem passing axia 1y throng sai 7 body, cap and follower and forming a revo- LE BOX ROOT luble connection between said body and cap Witnesses: and revoluble with said cap and adapted to G120. D. POWER, impart longitudinal movement to said fol- E. H. CALLANAN.

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