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Publication numberUS1462071 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1923
Filing dateJul 18, 1921
Priority dateJul 18, 1921
Publication numberUS 1462071 A, US 1462071A, US-A-1462071, US1462071 A, US1462071A
InventorsRieman Paul
Original AssigneeRieman Paul
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Vacuum cleaner
US 1462071 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Y Patented July 17,

' rA-UL mmrnaor' ROCHESTER, NEW aromi.'V

VACUUM application :ned July 1s, 1921. serial 1ro. 485,686.

vro azzwham'fmy 00mm.'

Be it known that PAUL RIEMAN, a citizen of the UnitedStates', residing at Rochester, inthe county 'of'.Monroe and State o-'New York, has invented certain new and useful Improvements in Vacuum Cleaners, of which the following -is a specification.

' TheJ object of this invention is to provide a vnew 'and improved form ofportable vacuum cleaner. g

This and other objects of this invention will bev fully illustrated in the drawings, described in the specification and pointed out in the claims at the end thereof.

In the-drawings: v

Figure 1 is a front end elevation of the cleaner.

Figure 2 is a side elevation of the cleaner.

In the drawings, like reference numerals indicate like parts.

. In the drawings, reference numeral 1 in- 4 dicates the casing of the machine having a motor casing 2 at one end thereof, a fan casing 3 at vthe intermediate part and the intake manifold 4 at the other end thereof, at the lower end of which is provided a nozzle 5. On the end of the motor casing is provided a lug which is integral therewith and below the lug is provided a bracket 7" which is hinged on the casing. The bracket 7 is supported by a ball bearing caster 8. The spring 9 is interposed between the lug 6 and the hinge bracket 7 .l An

adjusting screw 10 is mounted in the lug 6 the free end of which bears against the hinge bracket 7 and spreads the 'two apart or permits them to come together. The forward end of the casing is supported on the ball bearing casters 11 and 12 and on the three casters the casing is easily swiveled and turned.

@Surrounding the nozzle 5 is providedv a brush' 13 which is carried on a sleeve 14 that is mounted to slide up and down 'on the nozzle. At each end of the sleeve `is provided the vears 15 and 16 which ears are slotted as shown in 17 and engage with pins carried on the nozzle by which the up and down movement is limited The lugs 18 and 19 arev provided on'the casing and lugs 20 and 21 are provided on the sleeve and be- .tween these lugs are provided the springs 22 which .normally hold the brush in its lowest position `in contact with the floor, as

shownin Figure'2 but permit it to lift.

screw 10 canbe turned at one end of the 'machine to raise or lower the brush at the other end of the lmachine and in this way adjustment is provided that will secure the correct setting of the brush. The brush ma?v be lifted manually by means of a crank sha t -23 whichis mounted to turn on the lugs 15` and 16 and at its outer ends is provided with the cams 24 which make Contact with the shoulders provided on the casing 4. The crank is located at the middle of the shaft. Collars 25 and 26 are provided on the crank between which collars is' connected a link 27 to which inturn is connected a bell crank lever 28, pivoted at 29 on the casing and `operated by the link or handle 30. By the movement of the link 30 the brush ma be raised and lowered to suit the wishes o the operator.

I claim:

1. A vacuum cleaner, comprising a casing, casters supporting the rear and-sides of said casing, a nozzle at the'front of said casing, a brush surrounding the perimeter of said nozzle and means adapted to raise and lower said brush surroundingv said nozzle.

2f A vacuum cleaner, comprising a casing, a nozzle at the front of said casing, a brush surrounding the perimeter of said nozzle, a

^ pair of cams provided on vsaid brush and means adapted to rock said cams to raise or lower'said brush on said nozzle.

3. A vacuum cleaner, comprising a casing, wheels supporting Asaid casing, anozzle at the front of said casing, a brush surrounding` 'said nozzle, a shoulder forme-d on said nozzle, a cam provided on said brush said cam being adapted to engage with said shoulder, and means adapted to rock said cam to raise or lower said brush on said nozzle.

4. A vacuum cleaner, comprising a casing, a nozzle at the front of said casing, a sleeve surrounding said nozzle and adapted to slide up and down on said nozzle, a brush mounted onl the lower end 'of said sleeve, guides on said sleeve to guide said sleeve. in a vertical path on said nozzle, cams provided at the top of said sleeve, a crank mounted in front of said nozzle, said crank being adapted to operate said cams to either raise or lower said sleeve and said brush on said nozzle.

aillx my signature. l

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