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Publication numberUS146207 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1874
Filing dateMay 5, 1873
Publication numberUS 146207 A, US 146207A, US-A-146207, US146207 A, US146207A
InventorsJacob F. Schneider
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Improvement in clamps
US 146207 A
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with bolts a. The side plates or otherwise connected to pieces A at equal UNITED STATES' PATENT ,CDEEIcEc JACOB F. SCHNEIDER, OF BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.


Specification forming part of Lettere Patent No. 146,207, dated January 6, 1874; application filed May 5, 1873.

spending parts.

The object of my invention is to furnish a strong, reliable7 and adjustable clamp-connec tion for the several parts of wooden boxes or other objects, which is simple in construction,

taking up small space, and specially useful in cases where the parts are made detachable for the purpose of transportation and readjustment. My invention consists ofv two plates with bent edges, which are slightly inclined toward each other, and applied to the pieces to be connected. A plate with downward-bent edges, with similarlyinclined sides, vis driven over the side plates, holding them rigidly together, and forming a strong connection of the parts.

In the drawing, A represents two boards or pieces to be connected, having a square joint B are screwed distances from the joint, their sides forming an oblique angle toward the salne. The bentup edges b form a guide recess or groove for the interlocking downward-bent edges b of the j clamp-plate C. The plates B and C are made of suitable metal, and strong enough to resist the strain to which they are exposed. The sides of plate C incline toward each other unboxes, and other objects which are shipped and require casual adjustment.

A bolt, D, is riveted longitudinally to the lower side of plate C, so as to `take up less space, serving,by its projecting ends, as protection for the clamp in` driving the same on with the hammer.

The different parts to which these clamps are applied are quickly connected and disconnected, while at the same time a rigid joining of the same is produced.

I am aware that the panels or sides of packing-cases have been connected by metallic clamps let into tapering grooves'of the panels,

and I desire to disclaim the originality of this idea.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patenti t3 The three plates B B C, locked to one another by means of their turnedand inclined ,edges b b b b', and made fast to the pieces A,

as and for the purpose described.





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