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Publication numberUS1463065 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 24, 1923
Filing dateJan 30, 1923
Priority dateJan 30, 1923
Publication numberUS 1463065 A, US 1463065A, US-A-1463065, US1463065 A, US1463065A
InventorsSieger Henry N
Original AssigneeSieger Henry N
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Snow guard and fender
US 1463065 A
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l July 24, 1923.

Filed Jan. 50

W/T/VESSES www ` Afro/Mfrs Patented July 24, 1923. i

srarss EENRY N. sIEGrEn, or 'sEArrNGroN rENNsYLvANIA-- vsNow GUARD; AND' FENDER. i

i Application filed January so, i923. v .seran N. 615,918.

To all whom itrmay concern.' p Be it known thatl I, HENRY N. SIEGER, a citizen of the United States, anda resident of Slatington, in the county of Lehigh and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and lmproved Snow Guard and Fender, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention has relation to guards or fenders for preventing a vlarge volume of snow collected on ,a roof, from sliding therefrom, the same being in Ithe nature of an improvement over a prior patent granted to `me `on October. 3, 1906, and bearing United States Letters Patent No. 834,081. y In my prior patent Iand jother similar rdevices which are designed primarily for use in connection with slate shingle f roofs, a

l more or less solid bearing was afforded and which have only a slight overlap at their henceit was essential only to have the device bear on one `of theshingles. However, due to the advent of the asbestos shinglev which is substantially'wealzer than slate and edges, a less solid bearing surface" is afforded for such devices.

It is therefore the principal object of the present invention to constructa snow guard or fender in such a manner thatthe same will have a bearing on a plurality of adjacent shingles in order to distribute the load for preventing damage to the roof as well as to insure a strong and durable connection. y

As -a still further object they invention contemplates a snow guard or fender which is extremely simple in its construction, inexpensive to manufacture and which is readily applicable to a roof.

With the above recitedy and other objects in view, the invention resides in the novel construction set forth' in the following speci; cation, particularly pointed out in theappended claims and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, it' being understood that the right is reserved to embodiments other than those actuallyillustrated herein to the vfull extent indicated by the general meaning of the terms in which the claims are expressed.

Figure 1 is a fragmentary perspective view of an asbestos shingle roof with the snow guards or fenders constructed in accordance with the invention applied thereto.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary plan view thereof.

Fig. L3 is a longitudinal' sectionaljview taken approximately on the line1 343 of .,Figl dis a transversev sectional view taken approximately on thel-in'e 1 4 of Fig. 2.4

Referring `to the drawing by .characters of reference, the snow guard o r fender consists of aflatbar or elongated Vstrap 10 of vmetal *which is lprovided at one end with openings 11 for the passage therethrough of Y nails o-r other fastening elements to.y secure the same. to the rafters or furring strips of the building. At its opposite end-the bar l or straplO has attachedflthereto'a right angularlydisposed'ups'tanding guard plate 12 vwhich is preferably ofcast metal having integral brace flanges 13 which connect with the right angular base 14:" formed integral with the plate. At the under Iside of the, base a depending rib- 15' is'provided which terminates `short .of theouterfree end of the base. vThe plate latits juncturewithl the base is formed with `an opening 16 to acgcommodate and receive the offset end 17 of the bar 10. The bar vextremity 18 isbent around the free endof thev basey and underlies the same, said extremity 18 being disposed in longitudinal alignmenty with the rib 15. The under face of the major portion of the bar 10, the under face of the rib- 15 and the under face of the terminal 18 are disposed in the samer plane. The .base is provided Vwith laterally projecting flanges 19, the under faces of which are disposed in a plane above the under face of the Vrib 15 and are adapted to bear upon the edges of the yupper shingles A `,which overlie the lower shingle B. The rib 15, the extremity .18, and the bar 10 rest directly on the under rib 15,`extremity 18and a portion ofthev bar 10, while the next adjacentsuperp'osed shingle' C has its lowerapex cut away as v at D `to fit against the guard plate 12. Under this arrangement it will be observed that the guard or `fender in addition to bear-1` ving on the under shinglel -B also bearsthrough the Amedium of the lateral flanges 19 on theedges of'adjacent upper'shingles l whereby the strain and weightimpartedto the guard is distributed for preventing Adam age to the roof aswell as to insure a strong and. durable association of the Aguard theresnow guard embodying a har or strap adapted'to be secured at one end to a roof, an 11pvstanding plate secured tothe opposite end y vright guard plateeat the opposite end, means having. a depending. rib in vlongitudinal `alignment With the bar or strap and with the under face of the Yril) in the 'saine plane as 4vthe lateral hearing flanges provided onsaid plate disposed inra plane'above the under face of the plate andstrap.

,2.As a new article "of manufacture, a snow guardcoinprising an upright plate, a nase extended therefrom, anvopenin'g orined infsaid plateat its juncture with the base,

a central longitudinaldepending `rib on the under side offsaid base laterall v ro'ectin elevated flanges env-said hase and a securing strap 'or harv passed lthrough said opening and havingan offset hooked end engaging around the free-end ,of the hasesaid hooked end and the nia-jor portionof'the strap or fbair heine,V disposed in longitudinal alignment With the under faces in the same :plane With'the rib, Y v Y A Y A snowy guard for asbestos shingleA roofs comprising-a Istrapor bar adapted to be secured-:at one end to the roof, an upf 'right `guard plateat theopposite end, means underl face 'of the mbar, 4`and.

on the guard plate for` affording a bearing on a subterposed shingleifand means on the guardv plate for affording a hearingon adjacent superposed shingles.

4. A snow guard *for asbestos shingle roofs comprising va stra-p or bar adapted to he secured at one end to the roof, an upon the guard plate for affording a hearing' vona suhterposed shiiigleand viiieans onthe ua-rd vplate for iaerding'a hea/ring -o'nad- Jacent superp'osedv fshingles, Asaid first means eonsistingfo a depending rib onthe under side of `the pla-te and said .latter ineensv consisting yof )laterally 'project-ingy elevated ianges disposed at. opposite sides Of 'Said rib; i Y i 5.]i-ig-snew guard 'forashestos shingle roots cenipiis'ing a strap or bar adapted t0 'heisecuied at one end to the-roof, :an upright ,guardi .plate at thel opposite end, means l vori-'the guard plate ,for al'lording a hearing respectively on a suhterposed shingle `and 4 adjacent 'superpesed shingles, said j means comprising a hase formed integral With said plate "having a-dependingv'centralribSin 10ngitudi-nal andfhorizontal alignmentwith Jthe strapv or bar, and laterally' projecting! ele#y vated hearing flangesiorme'd onsaidffbase, asl and 'for the purpose specified; j

HENRY N,isind'und"A i

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U.S. Classification52/24
International ClassificationE04D13/10
Cooperative ClassificationE04D13/10
European ClassificationE04D13/10