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Publication numberUS1463150 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1923
Filing dateJul 29, 1922
Priority dateJul 29, 1922
Publication numberUS 1463150 A, US 1463150A, US-A-1463150, US1463150 A, US1463150A
InventorsCarisen John H
Original AssigneeCarisen John H
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Frame for framing frints and the like
US 1463150 A
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ZZZ/@2107? J H CARLSEN FRAME FOR FRAMING PRINTS AND THE LIKE FiledJuly 29. 1922 July 31, 1923.

atented July 31, 1923.

inane JOHN H. cAn'LsEn, or CHICAGQILLINO-IS. 7

SER'AliIJ'fi FOB, FRAMING PRINTS AND THE LIKEQ Application filed. July 29,

T rill whom it may concern: I

Be it known that 1, JOHN CnRpsnN, a citizen of the United States, anda resident 'of Chicago, Cook County, and Stateof Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Frames for Framing Prints and the like, of which the following is declared to be a full, clear, and exact description. I

This invention relates to frames for framing prints, photographs, or other pictures, and its main object is to dispense with the backing and brads usually used for securing a photograph in a frame, and also to dispense with the paper covering which is usually pasted or otherwise adhesively secured to the back of the frame. Another object is to simplify the work of framing a photograph or other picture, to economize time in framing the picture, and to provide a frame which may be readily assembled and disassembled, whereby a photograph contained in the frame may be readily removed and replaced by another one. The invention consists in the several novel features hereinafter fully set forth and claimed.

The invention is clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a front elevation (partly broken out) of a frame embodying a simple form of the present invention; Fig. 2 is a vertical cross section therethrough; and Fig. 3 is a detail vertical cross section taken on line 8-3 of Fig. 1, but showing the parts detached from each other.

Referring to said drawing, the reference character A, designates a print frame of the usual form, having the usual rabbeted portion 5 at its back to receive the glass 6, and photo or other print 7. A rectangular frame is illustrated, but it is to beunderstood that the invention is not limited thereto.

Behind the print 7, and frame A, is the back piece 8, which has a raisedprint backing portion 9 that fits in the rabbeted portion of the frame A. Said raised portion 9 is preferably of the same size and shape as the print to be framed, and its face 10 is flat and in use bears against the back of the print. Surrounding said raised portion 9, is a depressed portion 11 over Which the back of the print frame A extends, and if desired the back piece 8 projects beyond the 1922. Serial No. 578,343,

sides of the frame A, and the portions 12, beyond said depressed portion 9,'may be' shaped and ornamented as desired.

The print frame A and back piece. removably secured together by ,fasteners13, which may comprisesnap fasteners ofwell known forms, having spring sockets la and are coacting ball or spherical like members 15 which ,enter the hollows of the sockets and 1 are held therein by spring pressure. The socket members llmay be secured to the depressed portion 11 of the back piece 8, and the ball members 15 may be secured-to the printframe A in position to engage in the sockets when the p-rintframe is placed upon the back piece.

The frame may be supported by a picture cord as usual, or it may be provided with a prop or leg 16 pivotelly secured to its back 1 piece 8 to provide an easel like device.

To frame a photograph or other printwith a frame constructed in accordance-with the above description, the print frame A is disconnected from the back piece 8, the print 7 laid upon the raised portion 9, and the glass 6 placed on the print, care being taken to place the print and glass squarely onsaid raised-portion with the marginal edges coinciding with each other. The print frame A, is then placed over the glass and pressed down to force the ball members 15 of the fasteners into the socket members 14:


From the above it is: apparent that the customary work of securing the usual card board or wood backing in place, is dispensed with and the usual paper covering when assembled, has the appearance of one solid frame. I

More or less variation of the exact details of construction is possible without departing from the spirit of this invention; I desire, therefore, not to limit myself to the exact form of the construction shown and described, but intend, in the following claims, to point out all of the invention disclosed herein.

I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. A frame for framing prints and the like, comprising a rabbeted picture frame having an exposure opening therein for the picture, a back piece having a raised print engaging portion entering said rabbet and a depressed marginal portion around said raised portion into Which the picture frame fits, and means for removably securing said picture frame and back piece together.

2. A frame for framing prints and the like, comprising a rabbeted picture frame having an exposure opening therein for the picture, a back piece havinga flat raised portion entering said rabbet of the picture frame and a depressed marginal portion around said raised portion into which the frame fits, and co-acting fastening members on said picture frame and back piece for removably securing said frame and back piece together. 7

3. A frame for framing prints and the like, comprising a rabbeted print frame, a back piece having a flat raised portion entering said rabbeted portion of the print frame, a depressed marginal portion around said raised portion, into which the print frame fits, and an ornamental border portion beyond said depressed portion, and coacting snap fasteners on the print frame and back piece for removably securing them together.


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U.S. Classification40/781
International ClassificationA47G1/00, A47G1/06, A47G1/14
Cooperative ClassificationA47G1/143, A47G2001/0677
European ClassificationA47G1/14B2