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Publication numberUS1463210 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1923
Filing dateJun 23, 1921
Priority dateJun 23, 1921
Publication numberUS 1463210 A, US 1463210A, US-A-1463210, US1463210 A, US1463210A
InventorsHarris Blaine H
Original AssigneeBrown & Bigelow
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Calendar-pad retainer
US 1463210 A
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July 31, 1923- 1,463,210

B. H. HARRIS CALENDAR PAD RETAINER Filed June 23', 1921 1 fnven l b I".- 310571322: Harris. 3% 'v 77115. .Fffarney.

Patented July 31, 1923.

g p 1,463,219 I ATENTI 1 BLAINE-H.-'I-;ARRIS, on em PAIIL, 'IYEINNESOTA, 'asslenon To n w &' BIGE OW;

or s'r. Pie-UL; 1VJTI-N;IE$0IIA/, A oonrona'rion onramiensoway T 0 all whom it may concern Be it known that I, BLArNn H. Hannrs a' citizen of the United States, residing at St; Paul, in the county of Ramsey and State of Minnesota, have inwrented anew and. use ful Improvement in Calendar-Pad Retainers, of which {the following is aspecification.

This invention relatesto means forholdingthe sheetsw-hich form the calendarpad against free vdisengagement from their retaining pocket which is formed on the cover of t sinse a meme dum p ho de The i-cover is; jedly secuned-to the cas ing and is adaptec to close the same to con; ceal the sheets of the memorandum paid holder therein.- Innse the casing can :be

'7 handling the pad-retaining case.

V retaining means. This is essential in a de-'' -v1ce of this nature.

This invention provides means formed from the body o-f'the cover forming a spring or resilient engaging tongue which presses.

against the back of the sheets of the calendar pad to form sufiicient friction to hold the cards or sheets of the calendar pad in p0 s'ition on the pocket on the cover to prevent them from falling out or becoming displaced while opening and handling the memorandum case. In making the cover the pad-retaining tongue is formed without extra operation ormaterial which simplifies I and reduces the cost of making the pad- The pad-retaining means does not mar or detract from the general appearance of the memorandum case, it being practically invisible from view when the same is open and in use. Articles of this nature are ordinarily used on a desk and it is desirable to have them of an attractive design with a neat appearance. It is very essential that the cards or sheets which form the calendar pad are held so that they can beyreadily changed and adjusted in position, yet they must not slide freely out of the pocket in which they are held. p g

In the drawing forming a part of this specification 1 Figure 1 is a perspective view of t e .oannrunesarannn'rarnnn. f r

: nvl sati n fil d Jane a 921. I Ser a n t-easememo ndum r d as as it eul apnea;

i l- 1 er F -gure Qis a whe c o ed.

Eigure '3 is a section on the l ine Figure 2 in enlarged form, illustrating ny a portion ofthe case. r 7;; 511.1 g The case A isof a rectan ilar nature 1;: a b t m 1 n ide Wa lswi h rear and frontends 12 and13 respeetivelyv P d flmem za d s eet 1 i the a e A n a m nne that th -v n be. readily removed a sheetc 'at aatim mayv be desired. i i

The wcasing f ae formsgrneans 'i erspec re smite. as

ees ly I PQ e an ed ntd t iionta neii fia ba di the sheets 14"of the pad freely disposed upon each other but against beingscattered about or-misplaced. j The cover 15' is hingedly secured atl6 to the sides 11 of the ,c-asingand is provided with a calendar pad pocket 17 which is se-' cured to the innerface thereof. The pocket months indicated. The end of the sheets 18 which extend into the pocket 17 have print ed thereon some of the months of the year which are concealed within the pocket;

These cards can be reversed so as to indicate the other months and by so arranging the cards only a small number are necessary for p the year. 1

It is obvious that the desired number of cards may he used in the pocket 17,but it is' the essence of this invention to provide engaging and holding means which is assoa ciated with the pocket in a manner to engage the cards or sheets of the pad 6 to hold them from falling out of the pocket. This is accomplished by the spring tongue 20 which is formed from the body of the cover 108 15. The tongue 20 extends directly in back of the pocket 17 and is curved inwardly to provide a resilient engaging means which frictionally holds the sheets of the pad B. firmly in the pocket 17 Theassociation of;

the tongue relation to the pocket firmlyengages the sheets 18 and 19 to, prevent them from sliding out or becoming di placed, yet allowing the sheets to be removed when desired so that they can be re positioned at any time. p

The invention is designed to provide a simple practical" inexpensive means forengaging'the sheets of the calendar pad to hold them in place without changing or marring the appearance of the desk utility when in use. It is readily apparentthat it is essential that thesheets of the pad should not freely slide outof the pocket. The variation in the thickness" of paper or other material which'may be used for the sheets of the calendar pad makes it desirable to have a yieldable engaging means which will conform to the thickness of the sheets and act to hold the same in place in a practical manner; Thus the engagingmeans associated' with the pad pocket holds the sheets so that they will not fall out while the memorandum case is being handled and before it is set up for use.

I claima V 1'. In combination with a desk pad holder a member secured to the inner face of said cover adapted to form a pocket for receiving the sheets of the calendar pad and a spring tongue formed from the body of said cover and positioned in a manner to co-operate with the member secured to said cover to hold the sheets of the pad against sliding out of the pocket.

3. A memorandum pad case, including a receptacle for memorandum sheets, a cover hingedly secured to said receptacle, a padreceiving pocket secured to said cover and resilient means associated with said pocket adapted to hold sheets inserted in said pocket against freely sliding out of the same. a


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