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Publication numberUS1463390 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1923
Filing dateNov 1, 1920
Priority dateNov 1, 1920
Publication numberUS 1463390 A, US 1463390A, US-A-1463390, US1463390 A, US1463390A
InventorsAntonio Fernandes
Original AssigneeAntonio Fernandes
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Breath mask
US 1463390 A
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July 31, 1923. 1,463,390

A. FERNANDES I BREATH MASK Filed NOV; 1 1920 I I anucnfoz Anion/'0 Rrnandes Patented July 31, 1923.

ear-ran stares raises maria? eerie-fa. {f v nn'romo FERNANDES, or KAnsAs CITY, Mrssonnr.


Application filed l lovember To all whom it mag concern? Be it known that I, ANTONIO a citizen of the United States, residing at Kansas City,'i n the :county of' Jackson and State of M1ssour1, have invented certain new and useful lmprovements in Breath Masks,

of which'the following i Clear and exact description, such as'will enable others appertains to 7 Skilled in the art to whichit make and use the same. i

' The invention relates to an improved"'sani-.

tar y breath mask for persons to wear, to

. protect the wearer from inhaling germ laden'air andto prevent the wearer'from exhaling germ laden air into close proximity to othersflwho would be compelled to inhale it.

, Sur'geo n's, dentistsand barbers are usually employed in a relative positionto the patient 0 or customer that]' compels them to exhale:

breath that" must be inhaled by the pa tient. or customer, and the patient or cus-' tomer eXhale's breath that must be inhaled by the surgeomdentist or barber, so that there is an interchange of breath that is very unsanitary and the cause of spreading dis- 7 ease.

' be bunglesome when-working with the face close tothe person or object.

- The present invention has provlded an ima,

proved sanitary breath mask by which a person is enabledto inhale free air fromthe rear of the head of the wearer, that will not obstruct the vision of the wearer, that can be instantly put on or removed, and that" can easily be sterilized.

With these and other objects in view, the

invention consists in the features of con struction, combinations and arrangements of parts hereinafter set forth and more particularlypointed out in theappended claims, the


.inhaling tiibe. 7 v

F g. '51s a1sect1onal vlew on line 5+5 of and mechanics f 1, 1920., Serial No. 420,945.

accompanying drawings illustrating a form of the improved sanitary breath mask.

In thedrawings :f v Fig. l is a v'iew 'in elevation'ofthe im' proved breath, mask in wearing position'on the figure of a p'ersons head.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the mask. Fig. 3 is a sectional view on 'line' of Fig. sis a broken perspective view ,of'the Fig;1." Q i H The mask 1 is of'thin plate material and formed as shown to fit around the nose 2 and against the face of theindividual below the mouth 3"s'o that the nose'and mouth are in; closed against inhaling or exhahng around or nnclerneaththe mask, 7 p p The edge *4 of the mask isprovided with the groove 5 inwhich the soft gasket 6 is I secured, the gasketfitting against the face of the'wearer' and forming a seal against air entering into or escaping from within the mask 1.

The chamberedextensions 7 open to the interior of the mask 1,'each of which is provided with the'hole 8 and shoulder 9 so that theflange 10 of the soft flexible tube 11 may be depressed and passed through the hole, 7

allowing the tube to assume normal shape when inserted, and the flanges hold the tube securely to the mask 1 and preventleakage of airinto orfrom the interior of the chame .bered extensions and the mask.

. The tube 11 is'sufiiciently elastic to allow the mask to beplaced as shown in- Fig. 1 and hold it in this position, and it will alsoallow instant removal'of the mask, so that the .mask may be placed or removed instantly and many times each day, as is necessary.

. The holes 12 are provided for the entrance and exit of the air to and from the tube and the mask.

'The tube 11 maybe easily removed from themask llby depressing fiangesflO, so that the tube and the mask may be scalded and sterilized as often as the, wearer may choose.

The tube 11 is sufliciently elastic'to allow the wearer to lift the lower edge 13 of the mask 1- and expectorate and on-releasing the hold on the mask it will be instantly drawn 7 ally advantageous to mechanics in working 1 Welding torches, to surgeons when Working over poisonous tumors that some times burst and scatter pus and the like, to undertakers when Working over corpses, it will protect the patient from the dentist and the dentist from the patient, in the event that either has tubercular or other germs, and it will likewise protect the customerfrom the barher and the barber from the customer in the event that either is exhalin erms. b D

What I claim as neW,-,and desire to secure by Letters Patent, 1s

1. In a breath mask, a mask of plate for-i mation shaped to fit over and inclose the nose and mouth of a person, a groove in the inner face of said mask andneartlie outer edge thereof, a resilient gasket resting in said groove and protruding from the inner face of said mask, chambers opening tothe innerside of said mask and extending.

from eachside of said mask andpresenting a hole opening rearwardly, an internally;

facing shoulder around each of said holes,

a resilient flexible tube With an annular flange on each end thereof and provided 'Witl'l holes intermediate the ends thereof, and theends of said tube resting in Sfild' holes with said annular flanges bearing out wardly against said shoulders.

2. In a breath mask, a mask of plate formation shapedto fit over and inclose the nose and mouth of a person, a groove in the inner face of said mask and near the outer edge thereof, a resilient gasket resting in said. grooveand protruding from the inner face of said mask, a resilientflexible tube with the tWo ends thereof detachably attached to said mask and provided With holes intermediate the ends thereof, and said tube of a length to reach aroundthe back of the head of a person wearingithe mask and retain said gasket and. mask resiliently in contact With the persons face.

3. In a breath mask, a mask of plate for mation shapedto fit over and inclose the nose and mouth of a person, means detach ably spread along the inner surface of the inner edge of said mask to bear against a persons face and form an inclosure against the entranceiand exit of air, a chamber projecting, from each side of said mask and opening to the, inner sideof'said mask and provided with a hole facing rearwardly from said mask, an inwardly facing shoulder around each of said holes, a tube provided with an annular flange on each end thereof, the end. of said'tube resting in said holes With said annular flanges bearing outwardly against said shoulders and provided with holes intermediate "the ends thereof for inhaling and exhalin'g' of a persons breath.


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U.S. Classification128/863
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