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Publication numberUS1463531 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1923
Filing dateMay 9, 1921
Priority dateMay 9, 1921
Publication numberUS 1463531 A, US 1463531A, US-A-1463531, US1463531 A, US1463531A
InventorsColvin Kennedy George
Original AssigneeColvin Kennedy George
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Shoe ornament
US 1463531 A
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J51) 31, 1923- v 1,463,531 G. c. KENNEDY- SHOE ORNAMENT ,Filed'May 9, 1921 Patented July 31, 1923.



Application filed May 9, 1921. Serial No. 468,188.

To all whom it may concern 7 Be it known that I, GEORGE CoLvrN KEN- NEDY, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of Waterloo, Blackhawk County, Iowa, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Shoe Ornaments, of which the following is a specification. 7

My invention relates to improvements in 10 ornaments, and the object of my improvement is to furnish suitable means for removably mounting an ornamental body upon the outer or usually visible wall of a shoe.

This object I have accomplished by the means which are hereinafterdescribed and claimed, and which are illustrated in the ac- 2 on 0 osite sides of a shoe heel 1 said display device being a flexible strip or ribbon 19 positioned to cross the vamp. Each said plate'Q is of an ornamental configuration having a hole to receive a nail 7, the latter having an enlarged head projecting outwardly from said plate. has a socketlo to releasably seat said nailhead, the clip-plate also having a transverse slot 18 through which a gathered end of the ribbon 19 may bepassed to be then stitched to the under side of the ribbon. Any de sired means may be provided to keep the middle part of the ribbon 19 spread apart, r

A. clipplate 17 V such as ,a stiffening strip secured across the A under side of the ribbon, or the means may be an ornamental bar 20, having partially upper part of a shoe in full view, but may be removed in inclement weather, the plates 2 remaining as permanent ornaments on the heel. I

The strip 19 may be secured to theheel or sole of a shoe by any other means, and carried across any part of the shoe without departing from my invention.

Having-described. my invention, what I.

claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. An ornamental device, comprising or namental objects mounted on opposite parts of a shoe, and a flexible strip .detachably connected between said objects.

The ribbon may 1 I have the college colors and will decorate thev 2. An ornamental device, comprising or namental objects mounted on opposite sides of a shoe, and a flexible strip crossing the shoe vamp with its ends rele asably attached to said objects.

8. An ornamental device, comprising en gaging-meansmounted on opposite parts of a shoe heel, and an ornamental flexible stri connected between said' engaging-means and crossing theupper of the shoe.

1. An ornamental device, comprising engaging-means mounted on opposite sides of a'shoe, a flexible ornamental stripcrossing' the shoe vamp withlits ends releasably con-fnected to said engaging-means, and means mounted medially upon said strip to keep it spread out. v

Signed at Waterloo,

Iowa, this 3d day'of. May, 1921.

enoaen ooLvIn NNnnY;

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U.S. Classification36/34.00R, 36/58.5, 428/7, 36/58.6
International ClassificationA43C11/24, A43C11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA43C11/24
European ClassificationA43C11/24