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Publication numberUS1463619 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1923
Filing dateJun 6, 1921
Priority dateJun 6, 1921
Publication numberUS 1463619 A, US 1463619A, US-A-1463619, US1463619 A, US1463619A
InventorsPrince A Gardner
Original AssigneePrince A Gardner
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US 1463619 A
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July 31, 1923.

P. A. GARDNER CARDCASE Filed June 6. 1921 H mm T .A f

' for closin Patented M 31, 1923.



Application filed June 6,

To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that I, PRINCE A. G xnnnnn, a citizen of the United States residm at the cit of St. Louis,in the tate of issouri, ave invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cardcases, of which the following is a specification. v

The object of this invention is to facilitate the removal of cards from a cardcase.

In the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification, in which like numbers of reference denote like parts wherever they occur,

Figure 1 is an elevation of a cardcase with the flap open; and

Figure 2 is a sectional view on the hue 2-2 in Figure 1.

The cardcase may be in any form, but in the drawing it is shown as composed of a main body 1 containing a pocket 2, the flap 3 being attached to the main body 1 the pocket 2 and holding the cards 4 t erein. A ball 5 and socket 6, snap fastening, fastens flap 3.

A leather stra 7 (or a piece of ta or the like), provi ed with an enlarge and 8, passes through slit 9 in the front wall of main bod 1 and is long enough to double on itse f within pocket 2 and its end opposite end 8 to reach substantially to the upper part of pocket 2, after having first extended to the lower part of the said pocket. At the lower part of pocket 2 a bend 10 occurs in strap 7. Cards 4 seat in the said bend 10. At the top. of the inner end of stra 7 a cross-piece 11 holds the said end to t e back wall of the main body 1, both of the said members being attached to the said main body 1 b a stitching 12, or other suitable means. he enlarged end 8 is given some rigidity b 'being formed preferably by fastening a dis or pair of disks 13 by stitching 14 to strap '7. -In the drawings, the outer end of strap 7 is shown as fastened between a pair of disks 13. The said disks are large enough to prevent the drawing of strap through. slit 9. The inner end of strap 7 lies between cross-piece 11 and the back of main body 1. The said cross-piece 11 stifiens the back and acts as a steadier for strap 7 in its movement hereinbefore described.

When it is desired to remove some of the cards or one of the cards 4 from the pocket 1921. Serial No. 475,289.

2 the outer end of strap 7, formed of the disks 13, is grasped by the fingers and pulled. This causes the bend 10 to travel upwardly in pocket 2 and thus to elevate the supply of cards 4 to the positionshown in dotted lines in Figure 2,'which makes it easy to take hold of one of the cards 4 and to withdraw it from the cardcase. This is further facilitated by the cutaway 15.

Having thus described this invention, I hereby reserve the benefit of all changes in form, arrangement, order, or use of parts, as it is evident that man minor changes may be made therein wit out departing from the spirit of this invention or the scope of the following claims.

I claim:

1'. A receptacle containin within the said pocket and the other end exposed exterior to the receptacle, the said strap being bent intermediate its end at a point located within its said pocket, the said pocket containing a slit throu h which the said strap passes and'the said a pocket and I having a strap one end of w ich is fastened st'rap having a disk at its outer end to pre- ,vent its slipping through said slit and providin a finger grip for facilitatin the drawing of said'stra outward of said slit to eifect the lifting o the contents upwardly of said receptacle, the means within the said pocket for attaching therein thevother end of the said strap consisting of a cross-piece fastened transversely to the back of the main bod between which and the said back the sai end is held, said cross-piece serving to brace the saidback.

2. A cardcase'comprising a body formed of flexible material and having a rear wall and a front wall secured to the rear wall to form a pocket 0 en at one end,- said rear wall having a onto the front wall to close the open end of said pocket, said front wall having a transversely extending slit formed therein immediatel below the upper free edge thereof, a strip of flat material havin one end portion'doubled upon itself an disposed within said pocket to provide a supporting and ei'lecting sling for articles placed within t e latter, said strip havin one end secured to the inner side of sai rear wall and its other end freel projecting outwardly of the slit. in said a strip secured transversely of the upper ap extension foldable' portion of the inner side of said rear wall and in crossed relation over the inner end of said first mentioned striprand serving to brace the rear wall, and a disk carried at the outer free end of said first mentioned strip to limit the inward movement thereof through said slit and serving as a. finger emme grip for faeilitatin the drawing of said strip outward of said slit to effect the lifting and ejecting of the articles upwardly m of said pocket.

In testimony whereof I hereunto affix my signature. 4


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Cooperative ClassificationA63F1/06, Y10S206/804, A63F1/062
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