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Publication numberUS1464659 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1923
Filing dateMar 6, 1922
Priority dateMar 6, 1922
Publication numberUS 1464659 A, US 1464659A, US-A-1464659, US1464659 A, US1464659A
InventorsNorris C Keely
Original AssigneeNorris C Keely
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Cartridge holder
US 1464659 A
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EASQWSQ Aug. B4, E923.

N. ci. KEELY CARTRIDGE HOLDER Filed March 6. 1922 v alito! ne 14 has.


Patented ug. ld, 1.923..Y



Application filed March 6, 1922. Serial No. 5&1,521.

tain new and useful Improvements in Cartridge olders; and I do hereby declare the Aiollowing to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to inake and use the saine.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in cartridge holders. l Y

@ne object Vot the invention is to provide a novel and improved forni of cartridge holder which is arranged to be readily applied to a belt, and in which the individual ca tridges will be retained against accidental displacement, but which may be readily and easily removed when needed.

Another object is to provide a device ot this character which is simple in construction, 'formed from a single piece of metal, and which can be manufactured at a low cost.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent 'troni the following description when taken in connection with'the accompanying drawing. f

ln the drawing: I

Figure l. is a perspective view oione torni of the cartridge holder in which the beltV slide is formed from a single tongue. f

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the cartridge holder, siinilar'to that of Figure l, except that each of the jans has a lip for engagem nt in the groove of a riinless cartridge.

Figure 3 is a modification showing the belt slide formed by properly bending two tongues fromV the upper and lower end oi the body, respectively.

V1Referring to the accompanying drawing,

and particularly to Figure l, the holder is formed Vtroni a single piece of metal and includes the body portion 10, from the o*l posite sides of which extend the outwardly and'oppositely bowed gripping jaws ll, andY Vbetween which aws the body of a cartridge is adapted to be gripped and retained. It will be noted that the jaws Vgrip the shell below the rim so that the cartridge cannot slide downwardly from the jaws. Formed integrally with the body 10, and extending from the lower end thereof, is a long tongue l2, the same being bent to extend upwardly in parallel relation to the rear ofV the body, and with its upper end bent downwardly to lie forwardly of the upper end of the body,'as shown at i3. The bell' is disposed between the upwardly extending portion `V,an-d the rear :tace ofthe body, as clearly seen in the drawing.

ln the torni shown in Figure 2, the holder comprises the body l0, with the jaws l1', and the tongue l2', bent and arranged in the saine manner as that of Figure l. Formed integrally with the gripping jaws 4ll', and extending horizontally inwardly therefrom, are the small lips 14, said lips being arranged to engage in the groove of Vthe upper end or a riinless cartridge.

ln the 'torni shown in Figur-e 3, the slide is formed by extending a tongue 15 from the upper end ot the body 16, and a tongue 17 from the lower end of the body, and then bending the tongues so that they extend to and touch,'at their extremities, as clearly seen in the drawing.

rlChe most commonly7 used torni of cartridge holder is made trom canvas or leather, but this soon wears out, or the pockets or loops become so stretched that when the wearer stoops or leans, the cartridges tall from the pockets. The present device effectively prevents this.

l/Vhat is claimed is:

A cartridge holding attachment for belt comprising a single piece of inetal ot the required springiness and having a pair of outwardly extending and oppositely bowed cartridge gripping jaws, and atongue extending from the side of the body at a point intermediate the juncture of the jaws, said tongue being/:bent to extend away troni the said side ofthe bodv in the plane thereof thence in parallel relation to and behind the bodv the outer end of the tone-ue beme re- ./7 1 r: c;

bent to extend in parallel relation to the last-named portion and overlapping the adp jacent side oi the body between the juncture of the said jaws.

ln testimony whereof, l ar'lix my signature, in the presence of two witnesses.




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