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Publication numberUS1465244 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1923
Filing dateOct 16, 1922
Priority dateOct 16, 1922
Publication numberUS 1465244 A, US 1465244A, US-A-1465244, US1465244 A, US1465244A
InventorsHager Albert R
Original AssigneeHager Albert R
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Desk pad file
US 1465244 A
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Aug. M, 1923. EME-65.244

A. R. HAGER DESK P AD FILE Filed Oct. 16 1922 reame aug. i4, i923.


rusa: PAD FILE. y

application sieri october v11e, 1922;. serial 110.594,771.'

To all "whom t 'may concern y Be" it known that I, Anenn'r B. HAGER, a` citizen Vof theUnited States, residingfat Shanghai, China, have invented a `new andA `'"usefuhImprovement inDesk PadI Files, of

which'ithe following is a specification.`

rllhis invention is Vin the? nature of a coni-J bination desl-paclfile The primary'object is to provide a simple'device ofthis chai-ao ter Vwhich can be-placed'on the top of a desk or table and Vwhich will serveconvenientlyf for filing cards and memoranda which `it is desirable to have readyat hand.

The invention isV illustrated in its preferred embodimentl in the accompanying drawing'in which z- Figure l represents a broken perspective view of a desk `equipped with .the improved device; F ig. 2 a broken elevational view of the same, on an enlarged scale; Fig. 3, a broken Vsectional view taken as indicated at line 3 of Fig. 2; Fig. 4,iabroken transverse section taken as indicated at line 4 of Fig. l; and Fig. 5,V a broken perspective view, showing a modification of the invention.

Referring to Figs. l to 4, inclusive, ,A represents a desk; and B a combination lile and pad embodying the invention, said device being supported on the desk-top. i

The device B preferably comprises a fla plate or base l which is equipped on its upper side with guides 2, which constitute also spacing strips; withdrawable, flat trays 3, mountedin the guides 2, said trays being equipped with finger piece 3a; and a transparent cover plate 4, which is preferably composed of glass.

The base plate l, may be of wood, fiber, heavy cardboard, or other suitable material.

The guide strips 2 are suitably spaced to provide a series of shallow chambers 5 which extend from front to rear. The strips 2 preferably are composed of metal and are covered by felt strips 2, which may be cemented to the upper surface of thestrips 2. The strips 2 are secured to the base plate l in any suitable manner, as by means of stove bolts 2b. Y

The guide strips 2 are provided with suitable guide grooves 6. These are preferably dovetail grooves. Y Each tray 3 preferably comprises a thin Y sheet-metal plate having itsV lateral edges curved upwardly and inwardly to a'ord guide flanges 3b. These iianges are inclined inwardly somewhat, so that the lateral edges ,covering the' lower-"side of said plate l; The

of the` trays serveas dovetail guides adapted to the dovetail grcoves. The flanges 3? af1 ford at their innersides` smallgrooves, or dovetail guides, 3; These guidesare adapted toV receive suitable memoranda cards 7.

`The bottom of the plate'l maybe of a character sothat itwill not mar thetop surface of the-deskgor,` if desired, a suitable or felt'strips may be applied to glass cover plate 4 rests on the felt strips 2&1'

'The chambersgwhich" receive' the trays 3 maybe very shallow'. 4They may," for examu plef-be from oneeeighth 'ofan inch to one! quarter of an inch in depth. The bottom plate l of the device need not exceed oneeighth of an inch in thickness,` if suitable material be employed. The cover plate 4 may be of any desired thickness.

ln the construction shown in Fig. l, the edges of the cover plate 4 are iush with the edges of the base plate l; and the outer spacing strips 2 are flush with the end edges of the plate l. The marginal strips 2 are provided with grooves at their inner edge.

In the modification shown in Fig. 5, the construction is as already described, except that the cover plate, designated 4a, is eX- tended to cover the whole top of the desk; and that portion of the cover plate which projects beyond the area of the base plate l and its attendant parts, is supported by felt disks 8, whose upper surfaces are flush Vwith the upper surfaces of the felt strips lpurpose either of discarding memoranda or ,introducing other memoranda cards.

The desk ile described is simple, may be cheaply manufactured, and is well adapted to its purpose. Its fiat shape and shallowness enables it to be readily substituted for an ordinary desk-pad, or to be employed in connection with the glass top of a desk, in which case the glass top of the desk takes Y f permissible lin view of the prior art.

, the pia@ o'f the glass mp 4 of theiingpad. Y

The glass top of the pad aiords a flat top surface, serving as a Writing surface, or a working surface, like the upper surface of an ordinary flat desk top.

been given for elearness of understanding Y only, and no unnecessary limitations shouldV Y `Vworkingsurfaoeat its upper side.

be understood therefrom, but the appended claims should be construed as broadly as What I regard as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, istl. A Ydesk-pad-ile comprising aiiat plate adapted .to rest on the top of a desk, parallel guidesfon the upper sideof said plate affording parallel chambers, and a plate surmountingpsaid guides and Vaffording a flatV 2. A desk-padile comprising a fiat plate adapted to rest on the top of a4 desk, parallel 'guides Aon the upper side of said plate affording parallel'ohambers, Vlille-trays', niount- Y 3'.V Adesk-pad-lile comprising" a series l series or" shallow file-trays mounted in said guides, and a transparent plate coveringV said trays. p l y '4. A desk-pad-ile comprising-a base plate equipped with a pluralityof parallel guides, a plurality of shallow file-trays mounted in said guides andrprovided 'with lateralV f grooves, cards adaptedto said grooves, and a glass cover plate supported on said guides.

5. A desk-pad-iile comprising a base plate Y i provided on its upper side witha series of parallel shallow chambers, a series of shal-V low 'trays withdrawably Vmounted 'within said'chambers, and a transparentfcovering Yfor said chambers.v -k f- I VTAIJBERT RfHAGER. Y

y shallow. Vchambers provided with guides, a. The foregoing detailed description has

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International ClassificationB42F17/18, B42F17/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42F17/18
European ClassificationB42F17/18