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Publication numberUS1465497 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1923
Filing dateAug 24, 1921
Priority dateAug 24, 1921
Publication numberUS 1465497 A, US 1465497A, US-A-1465497, US1465497 A, US1465497A
InventorsTandy John L
Original AssigneeTandy John L
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Cooling device
US 1465497 A
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Aug. 21, 1923. A 1,465,497

J. L. vTANDY COOLING DEVICE Filed Aug. 24, 1921 [Iwan/07' JLTaI `Patented Aug. 2l, ,1923.

JOHN L. runny, or Kansascrrv, .iarssorrittV cocaine envien. j fr f Application filed August 24, 1921.' Serial No.j49',140.

To all fav/720m t may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN. L. Timone l tachmentto ordinary types'oic receptacles,

vsuch as pails, pans, crooks, andthe like,

or used, if preferred, as a directv container for the articles to bekept cool.'v l Y Accordingly, I havedevi'seda-cooling device inthe form of acovering creasing made of suitable Jfabric material having a 'water receptacle vor chamber associated therewith and adapted to feed this; vi/ater-,graduallyV throughthe fabric material vforming the cov-V ering or casingin'such a ina-nnerV that a wetor damp zone is lmaintained p substantially j surrounding they receptacle tov be cooled; .inv this way constant evaporationof thenioisture isipinaintained around Vthe ,outer Asurface ot thereceptacleyand hencethexusual cooling eiiect always attending such van evzqiorating process is causedto; take place.

, With the foregoing, general objectlin view, .the invention will now-,be described by reierenceto the. accompanyingl drawingillus- :trating the Vimprovedcooling device `las Aadapted to be applied iii its various-storms,

after which the novel features therein will bespeciically set forth and claimed.

Figure `l is a perspectiveview illustrating av pailhaving a cooling device embodying the present improvement. applied to the exterior thereof, a portion of said device being brokenv away;

Figure 2 isa similar view illustratingthe device in a modified form, and applied-to a y sli htly different form ofgreceptacle;

:igure 3 is perspectiveviewillustratly ing the cooling device as applied/t0 a common form of crock receptacle; z

Figure 4 is a sectional view of thecooling device as represented by the forni shown in Figure;

Figure 5 is aperspective view of a basket form of receptacle lhaving the present irnprovement applied thereto; A,

Figure 6 illustrates a perspective view of Y in a modified .required another forint. ofV cooling devices-embodying; 'V j the invention adapted, to be applied toa Figure ing aportionof' the improved cooling-device Y form v'of' water 'containing chamber; anda "1 Y Y Y Figures 8 and 9 are plan Aand side views showing ajmodilied formof top or cover 65l .structurel- Referring jnowf'to `the drawing in' detail,rvr this illustrates the improved'forni of cooling or refrigeratingV device as comprising a sheet of suitable fabricmateriahsuch as canvas or 70.

theihkez mail@ llPD the folmrof a casing of Govermg Wth'th@ bodyfportion 'i0 there-f? 'ot in therequired shape to conform'lto'an'd l producea Vcovering orenclosure for the receptacle, `as illustrated in .the various views of the drawing;.- in Figure l, the receptacle, l2 is oiesubstantialcylindricalffoini, Ytov which. the device is Jtted in therrnanner of an attachment'v'appli'edvto 'the-iV exterior ofY thev receptacle. The devicealsov includes Ywhat may be termed-ia'water receptacle-'or chamber Vwhich If have ioundit convenient 'to construct by producing a. rollrfl; extending A entirely around some portion of the covering or ,casing 10, as illustrated in Figures I to 3', 8o and 'of thedra-wing,I and-preferablyxaround Y the topV 'ofsaid easing or covering,gas illus`A` trated inFigures-l, .3 and'; This roll-14 i .maybe formedinL any preferredmanner; as Y Y by' rolling back Ythe fabric material. and 00 V stitching 'it in the form illustrated, orby-aiLJ-Y plying and -securingan` eXtra piece yofthe material in an` obvious, mannerwi'or producing the required annular water chariiber,y indicated by Ythe V'reference numeral 15in Fig# 95 4ure gfAjtsome point along the roll la' l alsoprovide a. iillingspout lGhaving a removable cap 17, whereby water may be introduced into ,the chai'nberV 15 as often" as ln eaclifcase, according to the typeofl receptacle involved whichis-torbecooled, the `covering1er-casing l0 isshaped to conform -to the receptacle,-Figure 2 of the Vdrawing l ',showinga plain cylindrical form of recep- 105 tacle. 12?-, in which case theY casing l() may(- .have its roll 14k -forptlie water chamber located somewhat below theftopo the recap-,- tjaclefas shown,and iii most casesitV is desirable to apply ay top Vor, closure,such-as illusv trated at 18,7to the top of the receptacle, the

closure4 18..A being of a type adapted to be se f" l is a detail perspective viewshow- 60,

' around beneath the bead or rim` of the receptacle in an obvious manner. the dra-Wing shows the device as adapted to conform to the shape 'of a crock 12", with the roll 14 of the device fitted snugly vbeneath the iiange portion forming the rim ofthe receptacle. In Figure 'of the drawing, I

illustrate the improved cooling device as' adapted' for use in connection with a basketL such as anyordinary form of market basket 20, in which case the'device may bey made'ln theiorm of a receptacle adapted to be lfitted inside the basket or basket trame 20, .and

provided with av roll 14 for thewater chamber around the upper margin .of thefbasket, las-shown.

`Figure 6 illustrates amodiied form of device, in which the same is provided With an outwardly flared portion, asindicated at 22 at its upper edge, for forming a vWater chamber 23 between this flared portion and the upper edge of thebody portion 10, Vthus 'dispensing with the use of the rolls-illustrated at lain theother views of the drawing, and providing'such rolls Aonly as they may be required Yfor the formation of branch channels to facilitatethe spread of the 'Water from the chamber 23 to all parts of the fabric materiali()v forming 'the casing or covering for the receptacle. In lthe view l shown inVF-igure 6, I illustrate a plurality of vertical roll portions 14 vfor providing as many vertical branch channels rfor the distribution of the Water from the chamber as may be desired. This type may be used to advantage in the basket'form "Figure 5. In Figure 7 is illustrated a modified/form of construction for the 'Water chamber, in which a tubular member 25 of suitable material (such as sheet metal or rubber), and having a set of openings or p'erlforations'26, is'inserted Within the roll 140i the device, thus providing a more rigid construction which may be preferred in some conditions. Theoperation is substantially the same, of course thev water simply percolating through the perforations 26 and'out through the vfabric material of the device, as with the other orm'of'construction shown.

It is thus apparent that I have devised a simple and practical formof device 'for icarrying out the desired objects of theinvention, and the operation of Which Vwill be readily understood -Without 'any extended erplanation` since it is of course obvious' that the fabric materiallO, 'forming` the covering or casing for the receptacle, or'a lining for theV same as inthe case'ot the form of receptacle shown in Figure 5, Will be maintained in a Wet or damp' condition throughout, so that the evaporationof the moisture Which'will constantlyF take place will ynecessarily produce a relatively lower temperature throughout'the zone enclosed by said covering `or casing; this yconsequently produces the desired refrigerating effect, so

longhas the required supply of water is device or attachment isV desired, as, torae'aample, for keeping liquids :at .a moderately vlovv.,temperatura for for marketing 'pun poses as representedby the type or" recep-V tacle shown in Figure 5, whereby thevartic'les placed in the basket vvill be kept both moist,

freshy and cool andthe yimproved device -is one which Willbeftoundespecially'useful to touring or picnicking parties, as will bevery readily understood.A It is furthermore conp templated that. the `device itself may serve asthe receptacle for the articles to be kept" cool, since it would' be convenient for yuse as la container lfor fruit and produce, 'and l' may be made 'insuitable' portable form for Y the use of fruit and berry pickers for jreceiving the" fruit rand berries asthey are gathered and preserving lthe same in a moist and fresh condition. i

In Figuresy 8 and 9-Iillustratea modified form' of top or closure Vconstruction 18 ceiving'a supply of Water, and having channels29 radiating from saidk chamber tordistributingY the Water throughout theY fabric `within which is provided a Vchamber T28 .(equipped ivi-tha removable cap 17) for re lo, i

material vof'vvhich the vclosure or top 18 'is`r r made, thusfproviding'for a more efiectivecoolingraction'over the top of the receptacleor the needed where largecontainers or receptacles fare to be equipped with the improveddei vice. This modified form oftop is adapted illustrated in Figure 2.

arti-clessto'be cooled; thisr is more Vespecially While I .have unarmed and described" what I now regardais'A practical and Npreerred forms of the invention, I desire to reserve the right `to make such" changesas 'mayfairly fall within the scope of the tolloyving claims.

What I claim is#- Y y 1. A portable lcooling device comprising a casing' composed of fabric material adapted to receivethe article or articles to' lie v cooled, apart ofthe'fabric'material-compos i ing said casing being formedas a closedi'fW-a- Y ter chamber adapted to receive a supply of Water 'and feed Athe same"graduallyto vthe remainder'of said material. 'i i 2. A portable'coolingdevice comprising 'V a receptacle composed'of'fabric material, a

. receive a supply of Water and feed the same gradually to the remainder of said material,

3. A portable cooling device comprising Va casing composed of fabric material adapted to receive the article or articles to be in cooled, a part of the fabric material composrigidity thereto.

ing said casing being formed asa closed Water chamber adapted to receive a supply of Water'and feed the same gradiially to the remainder of said material, and means Within said closed Water chamber for imparting Inv Witness whereof I hereunto signature.


aiiix vmy

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