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Publication numberUS1465576 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1923
Filing dateSep 29, 1922
Priority dateSep 29, 1922
Publication numberUS 1465576 A, US 1465576A, US-A-1465576, US1465576 A, US1465576A
InventorsThomas G Biggs
Original AssigneeThomas G Biggs
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Index tag
US 1465576 A
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Aug; 21, 1923.

3,465,576 T. G. BIGGS y INDEX TAG Filed sent. 29, '1922 members 3 and 4 of the head 1 Patented Aug. 21 1923.


AppricatienY file-d September To @ZZ whom t may concern Be it known thatY I, THOMAS G. B iees, a citizen of the United States, residing at Lake rovidence, in the parish of East Carroll and State of Louisiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements 1n ndex Tags, of which the following is a` specification.

This invention relates to index tags and has as its general object to provide a tag which may be readily applied to a book leaf and which will be securelyretained in anchored position upon the marginY of the leaf and will yet not be liable tortear the leaf.

Another object of the invention is tol provide an index tag which may be manufactured at al low oost and readily formed up from a single sheet metal blank andapplied to the selected leaf without the necessity of resorting to the use of fastening devices.

Another object of the invention is to so construct the tag that when applied to the leaf it will'be held edgewise to the leaf in,

position to extend at right angles from said edge and will maintain this position.

In the accompanying drawings:v

Figure l s a detail perspective view of the tag embodying the invention;

Figure 2 is a perspectiveview of the tag applied to the leaf of a book;

taken substantially on the vline 3-3 of'Fig-V ure 2; V

Figure 4is a plan view of the blank from which the tag is formed.

The index tag embodying the invention is Vdesigned for employment in connection with loose leaf binders1 note books, account books, and in fact books of all types where it is desired to index or otherwise indicate or mark the pages of the same, and the said tag is formed from a sheet metal blank having substantially the shape shownY in Figure 4 and comprises a body which is indicated in general by the numeral ,l and which is formed by folding the blank upon itself along a transverse line as indicated bythe numeral 2 so as to provide portions 8 andY 4 which are thus brought into facial Contact; The portion 4 is provided at its outer corners with ears 5 which are located in spaced relation and are bent back about the end edge of the portion 3 and against the'outer face of said portion. In this manner the are held in ee, i922. sriain, 591,341. 1

their contacting Arelation and a head oftheY A proper thickness is th`us provided. Also-'the ears' 5 serve a further purposel whichVV willV .-A' Y Vpresently be explained.

ATo Yadapt the head l for.y attachment to a book leaf, the portions 3 and 4 are provided respectively with fingers 6 and-7 which are integral with and Vproject from the'end edgesof the said portions 3 and'4 between the ears 65k 5. The fingers are initially slightly spread apart so as to adapt them to be readily engaged with the marginal portion of a leaf to which the tag is to beV applied,.and the finger 7 is provided with a terminal spur 8.170 Y' rThel fingers 6 and 7 are of equal length vand the spur 8 is located at the extreme end of the finger 7 so that when the fingers are brought together it will project besidevth'e end of the yfinger 6. As stated thelfingers 75 are initially spaced apart. slightly so ,as tov Vadapt them to readily receive. between them a margin of the leaf to which the taggis to be clipped, and after the tag has beenl applied as stated, the fingers are brought tor8Ul gether to engage the opposite faces' of the Y leaf and force the spur 8 through the said leaf after which the spur is bent overy as in' 1 Y dicated bythe numeralv 9 and as 4shown in Figure 3 of the drawings so as to engage l85 over the end of the finger 6 and thus secure the fingers in clamping engagement with the Figure 3 is a Ytransverse sectional viewV leaf. By reference .to Figures 2 and 3 of the drawings it. will be observed that when the ta-gis applied -to the margin ofthe 90V leaf, the shoulders provided by the overturned ears 5 will abut against the edge of4 the leaf thus exactly squaring thel .tag with the leaf and bracing its connection with said leaf in addition to the'clamping action eX- 95 site and Vclose to the end of the other finger, V105 and means at opposite sidesof. the fingers restraining the folded portions of the head from separation. Y 2. An index tag comprising' a blank Y folded upon itself to provide a head, spaced 11'0 i ears upon the outer-edge o-f one ofthe folded. if portions overturned about theV correspond- 5 ing from the said edge of the o 2i A Y 1,465,576

ing edge of the other folded portion, a said fingers, the vsziidezirs -oonstituting leaf 'clamping fingerv projecting Vfrom the means for holding the said folded portions edge of the first-mentioned portion beagainst spreading and also constituting 10 tween the said ears, a similar finder projeot shoulders for engagement bythe edge of a.

tier portion leaf inserted between Ithe said fingers. i and extending opposite the first-mentioned In testimony whereof I affix my signature.v

n finger, and anchoring means upon one of` K Y VlHOlllAS Gr. BGGS. [L 5.]

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U.S. Classification40/641, 24/703.3
International ClassificationB42F21/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42F21/00
European ClassificationB42F21/00