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Publication numberUS1465786 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1923
Filing dateMar 12, 1920
Publication numberUS 1465786 A, US 1465786A, US-A-1465786, US1465786 A, US1465786A
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Securing the ends of bolls
US 1465786 A
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i 25 wherein:

Patent@ Aug. 2.1, '1923,

PATENT orifice.




Application led March 12, 1920. Serial No. 365,335.

To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM M. WHEIL- DON, a citizen of the United States, and :1

resident of Ashland, in the count of Middlesex and. Commonwealth ofassiachusetts, have invented an Improvement 1n Securing the Ends of Rolls, of which the following description, in connection w1th the l.accompanying drawings, is a specificatlon,

10 like characters on `the drawings representing like parts.

This invention'relates to the packaging of materials in roll form and has particularly to do with securing the end of the roll insuch manner that it may be readily separated when it is 'desiredfto use the matei rial. While not limited thereto the invention is more particularly designed for use with rolls of paper strip such, for'example, as those used inwrapping 'tires by machine. My invention will best be understood by reference to the following descriptlon of an illustrative embodiment thereof taken in connection with. the accompanying drawings F ig; 1 is a side elvation, of a roll of paper with its end secured in a manner illustrative of,` the principles of my invention; Eig. 2 is an edge view thereof; and F ig. 3 is a side elevation showing the end se arated.

ferring t@ the drawings I have there shown a roll 5 of paper strip mounted on a core 7. A ortion 9 of the outermost vturn of the rolled) up strip adjacent the end thereof may be turned outwardly. or folded back on itself more or less (without necessarily creasing the same) as illustrated in Figure 1, thus providing a projecting tab. In accordance with my invention this tab is sealed to the adjacent body portion of the roll and in the present example this is effected by a separate strip 11 which may consist of a piece of gummed pa er tape, preferably weaker and more rea ily rupturable than the paper which composes the roll This strip 11 may, as inthe present example, be folded, but not necessarily creased, so as to present its gummed face both to the inner face of the outermost turn of the material constituting the tab 9 and the outer face of the adjacent inner turn 13 of the roll. Obviously if the part 9 is folded back .break the more readily rupturable strip 11 sharply the strip 11 will lie substantially flat and vice versa.

The end of the rolled up material is thus securely fastened to the body of the roll and a portion adjacent the end, and conveniently `the end itself as here shown, is left free as a tab and may be seized by the fingers as in Fig. l when it is desired-to start unwinding the material. A pull on the strip will as indicated in Fig. 3, leaving the material7 free to be unrolled. The small portions of lthe strip 1l which are left adhering to the material may be easily removed, but in most instances they are unobjectionable for purposes to which the rolled material is applied.

Having thus described the embodiment of my( invention herein shown by way of-illustration, wherein a separate sealing strip is used to secure the end of the roll, the principles exemplified thereby which I claim as new and desire lto secure by Letters Patent v shall express in the `following claims.

1. A roll of material having its end portion turned, back and a separate strip of more` readily rupturable material sealed to said turned backV portion and the adjacent inner turn of the roll, the end portion of the roll beyond said strip, being` loosely related to the body of the roll and providing for ready grasping to apply a rupturing tension to said strip. f

2. A roll of material having a' projecting portion adjacent `its end and a folded connecting part relatively weaker than the main portion of the r\'ll sealed to the adjacent turn of` the roll and connecting said portion thereto, said projectingfportion being loosely related to the body of the vroll and providing for ready grasping to apply va rupturing tension to said part.

3. A dispensing package comprising a roll of relatively narrow strip material havthe roll closely adjacent said tab and connecting the same thereto whereby the end of the material is conveniently presented for grasping and, a natural. motion tending to unwind the roll serves to place a rupturing tension on said connection,

4. A dispensing package comprising a from the end of the tab, said connection beroll of relatively narrow strip material ling' constructed to break under a strain-less 10 4 having` the end thereof projecting as a loose than that which would rupture the material tab, a connectinfr meinber sealed to the inofthe roll.

5 nerl face of the outermost turn of the roll 1n testimony whereof, l have signed my` adjacent the end and to the outer face of name to this specification. the next inner turn and providing for said tab a connection to the body of the roll away YVllLLIAM M. VVHEILDON.

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U.S. Classification206/389, 242/580
Cooperative ClassificationB65D85/04