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Publication numberUS1466006 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1923
Filing dateSep 14, 1922
Priority dateSep 14, 1922
Publication numberUS 1466006 A, US 1466006A, US-A-1466006, US1466006 A, US1466006A
InventorsSamuel Trood
Original AssigneeSamuel Trood
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Apparatus for producing and utilizing combustible mixture
US 1466006 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Aug. 28, 1923.

' S. TROOD APPARATUSFOR PRODUCING AND UTILIZING GOMBUSTIBLE MIXTURE 1 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 ori inal Filed Se t. 14, 1920 XWFJ W W I o/q rogzm Aug.



Patented Aug. 28, i923.


Application filed. September 14, 1922, Serial 2E0. 410,350. Renewed June 16, 1923.

fuel and air or both gaseous and fiuid fuel;

and air and feeding the same to a point. of. combustion or to a heating chamber.

The object of the invention is to produce a device of this character. having means, including series of constricted passages for feeding gaseous or fluid fuel or both to a point of combustion by pressure or suction induced by air currents traversing said constricted passages.

Another object is to produce a unitary structure of this character in which a plurality of Venturi passages are termed, whereby combustible mixture traversingsaid passages is segregated or broken into separate and ii'idcpendent streams which intersect at the point of combustion or the point of entering the heating chamber and diverge or spread at such. point.

I accomplish these objects by means of the device hereinafter more specifically described, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part hereof, in which: i I

Fig. l is a plan view of the device.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation, partly in section.

Fig. 3 is an end view of the righthand side of the device.

Fig. 4: is an end view of the opposite end.

Fig. 5 is an end view of the plug.

Fig. 6 is a conventional view, showing the installation of the device.

Fig. 7 is a plan View, partly in section, of the structure shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 8 is a plan view, partly in section. of a modified form of my improved device.

9- is a side elevation, partly in section.

Fig. 10 is a side elevation or: another modification of my improved device.

Fig. 11 is a section on line l1 l 1 oi Fig. 12 is an end, view taken from the left of Fig. 10.

szid plug is securely fastened. to saic shell ;wl1ich the same passe. The mixture is thus formed n separate streams, intersecting to- Referring to said drawings, 1. is a shell or case enclosing a rectangular chamber or channel, 2. (I ne end of said shell is preferably tubular in form, enabling the same to tubular supply pipe. The top or upper side oi said shell is provided with an opening, 3, oi diamond shape or configuration, i nwhich a correspondingly shaped"obstructing 1 lug. i, is adapted to he inserted, the said lug;- extending' to and resting upon the bot- Lioin of said channel, andv having a sheet'o'l asbestos tiber, a, secured thereon, tor the purpose of forming indestructiblejoint at such point; the upper side or to 01'? said plug;- being provided with a laterally extend ing flange, Z), having threaded orifices, r. tor the reception of boltscl, whereby the for the purpose o'l or (use. An asbestos gasket, c, may be intel-posed between the surfaces oi? said tlanhe and the top of said case. The said chamber or channel, 2. obstructed'by said plug; i, forming dual'venturi, A, B, one at each side of said chamber, whereby fluid passing through said chamber is divided into two separate intersecting streams, tending to wards a common exit orifice. The said plug is provided with a centrally disposed chainbe connected to aco" her, 5, the top of whichis provided with a screw-threaded orifice to receive a gas supply pipe, 6, and'is' provided'with nu merous laterally projecting orifices, 7,7, extending therefrom towards the wall of the chamber at the most constricted portion of -the several venturi." Gas supplied by said supply pipe, 6, to said central Cl1L111l')C1', 5, is discharged through said small orifices. 'l, '4", at such point and oil charged into the vertically disposed chambers or channels, 8. is discharged through small openingin the wall of said channel, 8, into the constricted portion of said venturi, immediately opposite the said several small open ings, 7. 7. Airunder pressure, and, it dosirable, at a raised temperature, is admitted at the entrant of said shell. and nioets or contacts with the oil and gas admitted as heretofore described, breakingsaid oil and into infinitesimally small globules, vapor or gas, the nessureot the air being reduced and the velocity increased correspondingly with the relative areas of the orifices through wards the exit of the chamber or channel and tending to spread or widen at such point.

ings oi? the wall of the casting for the pur- V pose oi introducing fuel into said Venturi passages. Ti lie opc;ation of the apparatus of said that oil the structure shown in Fig.

' In Figs. 10, ill and i2 is shown anotherniodilicatiou or my improved device. The device'her in shown includes a casting, l3, pr rioed with a channel therethrough. R plug or. obstructing. me ber, is, of the form of a truncated cone is disposed in said chanuel, forming a constricted area or peripheral channel between the obstructing member and theinnenwalls of the shell, a numl er of spirally disposed vanes or blades, 15, 16, being secured in notches, 70, formed in the enlarged portion of said truncated cone, the iree ends of said vanes or blades being suitably secured in the ends, respectively, oi t recasting; intcriorly. The said obstructing member adapted to be adjustably positioned in said channel, for the purpose of varying the suction effect at the point of fuel dmission to said constricted area, j

Having described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patont is:

l. A device for producing and utilizing; combustible mixture, which includes a shell having;' a channel therethrough, a plug or abutment secured in said shell, the side wads of said plug and the walls of said channel cooperating to form a plurality of Venturi passages, in combination with means for feeding a combustible substance into said channel at the most constricted portion o'l said Venturi passages.

2. iirlcvice for producing and utilizing combustible n'iixture, which includes a shell having a channel longitudinally thereof, the said channel being provided with means for attachment tov an air supply pipe, a plug; obstructing said channel, the walls of said plug and the walls of said channel co-operating to form dual Venturi passages, the

said plug having a centrally disposed chamberand a plurality ofminute open ngs extending from said chamber towards the walls or" said channel, and means to supply said chamber with a combustible substance.

3. A device for'producing andutili'zing in Fi 's. 8 andtl' show a i'nodilied form 7 t) 7 I H In said ti ures,

8 and 9' is similar to comhusti ing has and a said pas, ar in said pas thereof and the sides of said plug adjacent, means to introduce acombustiblc mixture i to said passage in the --sicinit of the constricted a ea and means to carry the said. nixture towards the exit by suction ii'iduced bv all (,llllGllLl': a. QLSULQ se u passage.

al. A device for producing and utilizing c mbuut mixture, which includes a cast- F iavi a passage provided Vih an ill. take am a discharge opening, :Y'Clltiifibfil? rommunir .tll withsaid issagc, a plug.

disposed said passage, adapted to form $9 constricted area in said passage between the inner r all thereof and the sidesol aid plug adacent, the said plug having; a 'chamliier with said passag in'the aid constricted area, means to vici, 1 or s introduce a fluid fuel to the chamber in said and means to introduce gaseous 'l uel to the chamber in said plug, and means to carry thesaid mixture, gaseous and fluid fuel, towards the exit of saidpassage by fi suction induced by air currents traversing saidpassage. K

A device for producing and utilizing con'ibustibie mixture, which includes a casing having a passage provided-with an intake and discharge opening, a plug disposed in said passage adapted to form a constricted area insaid passage between the inner wall; thereof and the sides of said plug adjacent, means to introduce a combustible mixture into said passage in the vicinity of the constricted area, and means to carry the said mixture towards the exit. 7 6. A device for'producing and utilizing a combustible-IniXture, which includes a casin having a passao e provided with an intaire and discharge opening, a chamber coinmunicatingwith said passage, a plug dis posed in said passage adapted to form a constricted area in said passage hetween the o inner wall thereof and the sides of said plug adjacent, the said plug having a chamber communicating with said passage: in c the vicinity of said constricted area, means to introduce a fluid fuel to the cliainber in said casing, means to introduce gaseous fuel to the chamber in said plug, and means to carry the said mixture, gaseous and fluid fuel, towards the exit-of said passage. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto l2 signed my name in the presence of two sub scribing witnesses.

SAMUEL T3001). 7 In the presence of- Jonn HaRoNnY, CLARENCE A. VVILLIAMs.


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