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Publication numberUS1466084 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1923
Filing dateNov 21, 1919
Priority dateNov 21, 1919
Publication numberUS 1466084 A, US 1466084A, US-A-1466084, US1466084 A, US1466084A
InventorsBurrows Edwin N
Original AssigneeBurrows Edwin N
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US 1466084 A
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. E. N. BURROWS RECEPTACLE ed NV- 21, 1919 Original F11 ATTO Patented Aug. ze, 41923..



Application led November 21, 1919, Serial No. 339,627. Renewed January 17, k1923.

To all whom t may concern? Be it known that I, EDWIN N. BURRoWs a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Highland Park, in the county of vWayne and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Receptacles, of which the following is a speciication, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.

This invention relates to receptacles, and has special reference to paint receptacle as used by painters for holding various kinds of paint, particularly when decorating `a house. It is an established practice for painters to burn out or otherwise clean paint buckets or receptacles so that the same may be used for holding a paint other than that originally therein, and as an instance of such bucket or receptacle are the cans containing white lead, such cans, due to the weight of the white lead being durable and suitable for other purposes.. However, the practice of burning out of such cans or receptacles, in order to cleanse the same, is very dangerous about a dwelling and requires some time.

My invention aims to provide receptacles that may be used as liners for cans and buckets so that a fresh batch of paint may be mixed without any danger of it commingling with the paint residue in a can or bucket, and with my receptacles made of an oil, water or liquid proof material, for instance especially prepared paper, the receptacles can be used without any great expense being incurred and the work of the painter facilitated by such use.

My invention further aims to provide a paper receptacle having a pouring spout and a reinforced upper edge, the reinforcement of the edge extending into the pouring spout so that the exposed portion of the receptacle, relative to a paint can or bucket, will possess suiiicient rigidity so that paint may be safely poured and brushes worked over the edges of the paper receptacles.

My invention possesses other advantages which will be apparent to painters and reference will now be had to the drawing, wherein- Figure 1 is a side elevation of an ordinary paint can or bucket, partly broken away and partly 1n section, showing. one of my receptacles therein; and

F ig. 2 is a plan of the same, partly broken away and partly in horizontal section.

In the drawing, the reference numeral 1 denotes a can yor bucket having a rim 2, and this can or bucket is of that form usually employed for holding white lead. ln the can 1 is placed my paper receptacle 3, which 1s of a greater depth than the can 1 so that the upper edges 4 of the receptacle will protrude above the rim 2 of the can.. The receptacle 3 may be made of an impervious material molded or otherwise formed to snugly fit within the can 1 and the upper edges of the receptacle are rolled, pressed or otherwise treated to form a case 5 for a metallic reinforcing member 6, preferably a piece of wire, which will stiften and add rigidity to the upper edges 4 of the receptacle.

rThe upper edges of the receptacle are also' formed to provide a pouring spout 7 and the case 5 and the member 6 are carried around the edges of said spout, as best shown in Fig. 2. The spout cannot readily collapse when paint is being poured from the receptacle 2 and the edges 4 thereof are sufficiently protected against pressure of a paint brush when working the brush over the upper edges of the receptacle.

The shape of the receptacle 3 is such that a plurality of the receptacles may be readily nested, and it is apparent that one ofthe receptacles can be easily fitted in the can as a liner therefor, and in this manner it is possible to repeatedly use the can 1 with different liners therein. ln order that the recentacle 3 may be readily removed from the can, the upper edges 4 of the receptacle 3 may be formed with bail or hand grip portions. rlhe paper at the upper edges of the receptacle may be cut away, as at 9, at diametrically opposed points, and the metallic reinforcing member 6 bent so that the fingers may readily grip the sameor the ends of the bail may be placed in engagement thereith.

1t is thought that the utility of my invention-will be apparent without further description, and While in the drawing there is illustrated a preferred embodiment of the same, it is to be understood that the struetural elements are susceptible to such variations and modifications as fall Within the scope of the appended claim.

What l claim is The 'combination with a receptacle for liquids, or' a liner made of paper having its upper edge reinforced by a metallic member bent outward in substantially the plane of the upper edge of the liner to form a pour- Leeeoee ing spout, and having the reinforcing member at opposite sides exposed at cut away portions of the liner to form handles by which the liner may be removed from the receptacle.

lln testimony whereof l aiix my signature in the presence of tWo Witnesses.


Witnesses KARL H. BUTLER,

ANNA M. Donn.

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U.S. Classification220/495.2, 220/773, 220/758
International ClassificationB44D3/12
Cooperative ClassificationB44D3/12
European ClassificationB44D3/12