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Publication numberUS1466344 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1923
Filing dateMar 9, 1922
Priority dateMar 9, 1922
Publication numberUS 1466344 A, US 1466344A, US-A-1466344, US1466344 A, US1466344A
InventorsGeorge Sardou
Original AssigneeGeorge Sardou
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Folding box
US 1466344 A
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6. sARDo'u Aug. 28, 1923.

FOLDING BOX Filed March 9. 1922 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 /N|/E/VTOR GEORGE 5/14001/ BY may) 4% Aug. 28, 1923, 1,466,344 G. SARDOU FOLDING BOX Filed March 9, 1922 2 Sheet-Sheet 2 W/MESS v INVENTOR Gin/P65 5,4R00u' I BY A TTORNEYS v Patented Aug. 28, 1923.


roLnine" BOX.

Application filed March e, 1922'] Serial are. 542,241.

1 '0 all whom it may concern v Be it known that I, Gnonon SARooU, a citizenot' theUnited States of America, and resident of the borough of li Ianh'attan; city county and State of New York have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Folding Boxes, o't'which the following is a specification.

hly invention'relates to folding boxes generally constructed of cardboard or the like, and has for its object to provide a box of this type whiclriseconomical to clonstruct and, whichinay readily beset up to consti tute an efiicient and reliable container. A further object of my invention is to construct the box in a novel and special manner to serve as acontainer forpredetermined articles and to provide individual compartments forithe accommodation, of the articles in question. Other more specific objectsjot my invention will appear from the description hereinafter, and the features of novelty will be pointed out in the appended claims.

.In the accompanying drawings which illustrate an example of the in vention without defining: its limits, Figure 1 is a face \"iew oi the blank itrom'whicli the box is constructed; Fig. 2 a plan view of the boxset up and with the cover in an open position Fig. 3 isa longitudinal section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2', and Fig. 41 is a cross-section on the line 4i4.- of Fig. 2. v,

the purposes of illustration and description, l have chosen a folding box of distinctive form designed more particularly to conta in a plurality of approXimately cy;

l indrical articles such as the, collapsible tubes in which creams andv pastes are markcted. and adapted particularly toro ntaiiia set of tubes of face creams associated with one another. for instance, in thetrcatment of the human face. It will be understood that this is only an example which is not to be construed asdefining. the limits ot the invention or its field o'laisetulnessQ As shown in F g. 1, the blank trom which the box is constructed comprises .a cover panel 10 and a bottom panel 11 connected together inend-to-cnd relation by means of end panel 12 and 'loldablc relatively thereto on score lines 13 and 14 respectively. In the illustrated example, the panels and 11 taper toward the end panel 12 whereby the box, whensetu a for use, isg iven distinctiye shape and isot less width at one end than at the other; this,'or" course, is not 'will appear more; fully hereinafter.

an arbitrary requirement, as obviously the panels 10 and 11 may be otherwise shaped than as shown. The cover panel 10 provid d at its opposite longitudinal edges with side flaps15 and at its free end with "an end flap 16, said flaps being; toldable relatively to said panel on score lines 17 and 18 re speciively, which, with the score line 1?), definothe periphery o'ii'the cover panel 10.

At the end opposite to that atwhiclfthe end panel 12 is located, thebottom panel 11 visprovided with a second end panel 12 j'old able rela tbJcly to said bottom panel 111011 a score line 19 and itself pr vided with an auniliary end panel 20 foldable on a' score line 21;the auxiliary end panel 20, in turn. is continued in the form of a flap 22 foldable on a score line, 23. l w.

Bide tongues 24 and 25 project iii opposite directions from the end panels 12am 12 respectivelyyand are toldable on score lines 26, saidtongues Q 1 and 125. when the box is set up. extendingtoward each other in registry with the side edges of the panelll, as

The tongues 24 and 25 are preferably of such length as to overlap each other when the 1m is set up. or to abut, although it will be understood that the dimensions 0t said tongues as to length, are capable of variat ion within the limits oi the hon withoutdestroying their operative 'liinctions.

Main side panels 27 and, QS a're located along opposite longitudinal sides of the botthereto on score lines 29 which, with the score linics li an d 19, define the periphery of said bottom panel. 11; the side panels'Q'Z and 28. in mm; are contiiiued in the form tom panel 11 and are foldable relatively V oit' aux ili'ary side panelsBO and 31, foldable on score lines 32. The sidepanels 27.. and 31. ronstitutethe longitu'dinalside walls of the box when the latter is set up and serve "Further to lock the tongues 2 1" and 25 in place. vliercby the end panelsflQ and 1E2 are fined in. position to 'lormfthe opposite end walls of sand box. as will appear more '3 1 'lully hereinatter. The aux l ary side panel 30 is PTOV'idGd Wlth a flap 33' toldable on a score li'ne 34 and adapted to he insurface engagement with the bottom i anel 11 the operative condition of the box, as shown in Fig. 4. An auxiliary bottom panel 35 forms a continuation ofth'e auxiliary side panel 1 we e es ela ely t me: o sco reline 36, said auxiliary bottoin panel 35 being arranged, when the box is set up, to lie upon and over the bottom panel 11. One of the novel features of the improved box resides in the provision of means whereby individual compartments or recesses are defined in the body of the box, this result being attained by providing flaps capable of being brought to upright positions withrespect to the bottom of said box. drawings, by way of example, two such flaps 37 are shown, said flaps initially comprising parts of the auxiliary bottom panel 35 and being cut therefrom, as shown in Fig. 1; the flaps 37 remain in connection 'with said bottom panel 35 along one edge,

and are foldable relatively thereto on score lines 38 which define said edge. 7

In setting up the box for use, the end panels 12 and 12 are folded upon the lines 14 and 19 respectively, to upright positions with respect to the bottom panel 11, and the auxiliary end panel 20 is folded downwardly and inwardly on the line 21 into surface engagement with the inner surface of the end panel 12 the flap 22 being folded on the line 23 to lie in surface engagement with the bottom panel 11. The side tongues 24; and 25 are now folded inwardly on the lines 26 into registry with the score lines 29 and so as to project toward each other in pairs from the opposite end panels 12 and 12 as previously stated, the tongues 24 and 25 preferably arev long enough to overlap and thereby become locked in surface engagement with each other, or they may terminate at a distance from each other or abut, the

dimensions of said tongues being capable of variation without destroying the functional operation thereof.

The main side panel 27 is now folded upwardly on the line 29 into surface engagement with the outer surfaces of the tongues 24 and 25 onthat sideof the box. and the auxiliary side panel 30 is folded downwardly on the line 32 over and into surface engagement with the inner surfaces of said tongues 24 and 25; the flap'33 is folded on 'the line 341 into contact with the bottom panel 11 and preferably. at its one end. lies over and in contact with the flap 22. The main side flap 28 is now similarly folded on the line 29 into an upright position in en gagement with the outer surfaces of the tongues 24 and 25 and the auxiliary side In the thereby fix the end panels 12 and 12 -2U firmly in upright positions. At the same time, the auxiliary bottom panel 35 maintains the side panels 2S3l in an upright position and bypressure upon. the flap 33, fixes the side panels 2Y30 in place, the action of said auxiliary bottom panel 35 upon the flap 22 serving also to maintain the auxiliary end panel. 20 in its intended position. The end and side walls of the box defined by the panels 121 '-20 and 27-3U and 2831 respectively, are thus of the rigidity required in a box of the type in question andtogether with the bottom panelsl]. and 35 constitute the body of said box. The weight. of the contents of the box exerted upon the auxiliary bottom panel 35 prevents anydistortion of thebox by clampingthe flaps 22 and 33 beneath said auxiliary bottom. By folding the flaps 37 up wardly on the lines 38 to upright positions,

upin advantageous display positions with out'danger of the artic es falling therefrom,

and at the same time provides for the indi- 17 and 13 respectively, and inserted into said body inside of the side walls and one end wall thereof. It will be understood that the location and'arrangement of the various panels with respect to each other and relativelyto the main bottom panel may be different from that illustrated, without affect.- ino the iiiciency of the .box;

The box provides an efficient and attractive container which may be constructed in variety of distinctive shapes and which is economical to produce and easily set up for use. Because of its foldability, the box may be stored and'shipped in large quantities in a minimum of space. and is also capable of being printed upon and mechanically embellished without difficulty. While I have shown and described the box as being specially adapted for containingarticles in the I form of tubes, it will be understood that this.

is only an example, and that said box is capable of use with equal efliciency in connec tion with other merchandise.

Various modifications in the specific form shown and described may be made within the scope of the claims without departing from the spirit of my invention.

I claim:

l. A folding box consisting of a body hav ing a main bottom, a single ply end wall, a double ply end wall, double ply' side walls all folded relatively to said bottom to operative positions, an auxiliary bottom foldably connected with one side wall and lying over said main body to lock saidend and side walls in operative position, a pair of flaps comprising integral parts of said auxiliary bottom and :toldable relatively thereto to spaced perpendicular positions tofdivide said body into a plurality of individual compartments, a cover foldably connected. with said single ply end wall and movable to open and closed positions and end and side flaps foldably connected with said cover and adapted in the closed position of the lat-- ter, to extend into said body.

2. A folding box comprising a main bot tom panel, end panels foldably connected therewith to form the ends of the box,

tongues toldably connected with said end panels and extending toward each other in.

pairs, main side panels foldably connected with said main bottom panel and arranged to lie against said tongues on the outside, auxiliary side panels foldably connected on said auxiliary end panel and oneof said auxiliary side panels adapted to lie against aid bottom panel, an auxil ary bottom panel foldablv connected with. the other auxiliary side panel and arranged to lie upon said mam bottom panel and over said flaps,

a cover foldably connected with the other end panel, end and side flaps foldably conneeted with said cover and arranged, inthe closed position of the latter, to extend into said box, and flaps comprisingintegral parts of said auxiliary bottom panel and foldable relatively thereto to spaced, perpendicular positions to divide said box into a plurality of individual compartments.

, In testimony whereof I have hereunto set In hand. i


a with said main side panels and arranged to

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