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Publication numberUS1466840 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1923
Filing dateJun 15, 1921
Priority dateJun 15, 1921
Publication numberUS 1466840 A, US 1466840A, US-A-1466840, US1466840 A, US1466840A
InventorsPeter Kucera
Original AssigneeCapstan Glass Company
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Packing jar or the like
US 1466840 A
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Sept. 4, 1923.

P. Ku/cERA PACKING JAR OR THE LIIKE my@ Jim@ 15 1921 A 3 hum/1to1,

5MM; l


I Patent-ed Sept. i923.



Application flied :rune 15,r

To all 'whom it Imay concern Y Be it known that l, P nrnn KUCERA, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of Connellsville7 inl the county of Fayette, State of Pennsylvania7 have invented new and useful improvements in Packing Jars or the like, of which the following is a specification. l Y

The present invention relates broadly to containers and more specially to containers adaptedto receive labels.

The'principal object of the present invention is 'the provisionfof'a labeling surface on an ornamented container. Y

Anotherr and more specifici object of th present invention is the provision of a smooth labeling surface on an ornamentecl container of glass or the like.

Still more specifically, the present invention contemplates the provision of a smooth surface for a label on a container having a substantially uniform ornamentation and with portions of the ornamentation car ried Vout adjacent the margin of the label surface. Y

Still further and more specifically the present invention contemplates providing a substantially cylindrical label surface on a fluted tumbler of glass or the like..

Another and further object of the present invention` is the provision of al substantially cylindrical surface on a partfof a iiuted tumblerwith the surface so arranged as to receive a label in such manner that the label will cover an area from one terminus of the fluted portionto the other terminus thereof whereby the label is laid smoothly and gives the effect of a package wherein the entire portion thereof is fluted.

Still yfurther and more specifically, the present invention comprises a jelly tumbler or the like having a portion of the surface substantially cylindrical'to receive alabel vand the remainder of the surface uted and with portions of the fluting "carried out above and below the label surface.

Other and further objects of the present invention will in part be obvious and will in part be pointed out inthe specification hereinafter by reference to the accompanying drawings forming a part Vtheile/ofan'd wherein like parts are represented by like Vcharacters throughout the several figures of thevdrawings. Y

Realizing the present invention may be on THE'LIKE.

1921. serial No. Masas.

Figure l is a perspective view illustratingY oneiembodiment of the present invention;

iligure 2 is a side elevational view of thel tumbler shown in Figure l;

liigure 3 is a front view illustrating a label 1n position on the tumbler.

Heretofore in the art of packages com' prising jelly'tumblers andthe like it has been customary to utilizetwo types of packages, one having the plane-cylindrical side walls and the Vother withY the side walls comprising the frustum of a cone. If straight labels were used on the conical walls the Ain ,the

label had the effect of being applied irregularly or askew. n To this end cylindrical type jelly tumblers were tried, but are found to be difficult in manufacture, because straight sides do not easily leave block molds i for glassware and furthermore the cylindrical tumbler is unsightly and= thus defeated the very end for, which it was designed.

vAnother wav which has been tried to overcome the label difculties was to cut the labelswith the edges thereof geometrically shaped so that'th'eflabel when applied would lay straight and fiat. Such labels are not straight edgedand thereforeldo not oper- 3 ate well with labelingmachines. Y Y

A typejof jelly tumbler which is in common use is the tumbler having fluted sides. i

rllhese flutes are usuallyarranged in the portion of the tumbler which? is the frustinn'of a cone in order to form an ornamented paolo beling isencountered in that the label mustl bend over the angular corners between flutes and there isa liability of labels being torn at these corners, unless the label is applied with exactly the right amountpf force and is of exactly theproper degreeof moisture.. This requires careful watching of labeling machines and introduces a serious element of trouble. Y i x The present invention overcomes; the diiculties of the prior art by providing a container which may comprise a glass elly tuin-- bler or the like and wherein a portion of the fluting on one side is displaced by a substantially cylindrical surface. This cylindrical surface comprises an ideal labeling'surface and extends from one edge of one flute to the edge of a flute on the opposite side of the label space so that a label may occupy substantially all of the cylindrical surface and be perfectly smooth and at the saine timeY all of the remainder of the package is lluted and 'consequently gives the effect of a completely tinted tumbler. Preferably'portions of the iiuting are carried out above and below the label space which further suggests theeffect of a completely fluted package. The ortions of the fluting above 'and below the label surface may constitute 'guides for setting labels on the package. This Work is usually done by cheap labor and it sometimes happens that labels are either placed too high or too lovv on the packages and thereby loses any artistic effect. With the guides of the present invention labels may be placed in the most effective positions Without any particular mental effort onthe part of the operator; further this cylindrical portion may be used for an etching surface or other type Vof ornament.

Referring now to the drawings, which illustrate a preferred embodiment of the presen-t invention, the jelly tumbler A is provided With'a substantially cylindrical cap sealing'portion l and with a downwardly inclined portion comprising the frustum of a cone which is iiuted as at 2, The flutes 2 are displaced over thelabel area by a portion of fa cylindrical Asurface a. The area above the cylindricalportion is provided with short flutes'"vvhiehterminate in shoulders l(i that may constitute guides for the upper edge of a suitable label. The cylindrical surface adjacent the base of the jar is indented with vflutes or faucets Tin view of the fact it is desirable that the lower portion of the jar be substantially a symmetrical polygon, for example, a decagonal ligure and in view of the 'fact that the straight cylindrical Wall slightly overhangs the base at the lower part thereof. l

' Figure 3 illustrates a label B in place on the arand shows the manner in Which the upper `shoulders 6 comprise guides for positioning the label in place.

\T-heabove invention secures the advantages off both the fluted type and the cylind'ric'al type and overcomes'the disadvantages inherent in each of these types of packages.

Having thus described my invention, what I vclaim is: i

l. As an article 4of manufacture,a container having a 'body portion of noncylin- -drical-contour and a label area on said body portion With the surface thereof being Vsubstantially cylindrical, and `on the same circumference as the non-cylindricall portion.

2. As an article of manufacture, a container having a circular mouth With a cylindrical sealing zone adjacent thereto, a body portion of non-cylindrical vcontour and a label area on said body portion with the sur-V face thereof being substantially cylindrical, the non-cylindrical portion and label area being on substantially the same circumference.

3. A container comprising a glass jar or the like having a roughened 'tapered body portion and a substantially cylindrical vlabel surface on substantially the same circumferf ence as the roughened portion.

Ll. A container comprisingl a glass jar or the like having a 'partially ornamented tapered body portion, said ornamentation being raisedportion A'and a substantially smooth vcylindrical label surface on 'the remainder of the body portion and 'on substantially the same circumference.

5. As an article of manufacture, a jelly jar or glass or the like having a body portion comprising a frus'tum o'f a cone and With a portion of said body portion comprising a portion of a cylindrical surface.

6. As an article of manufacture, a jelly jar 0f glass or the like having a part of the body portion comprising a frustum of a cone and with the remaining part of said body portion on the same circumference coinprising a portion of a cylindrical surface.

7. As an article of manufacture comprising a jelly jar of lass or the like having the maj or portion o the body Walls comprising a fiuted frus'tum of a cone andwith the remaining Yportionof said body Wall omprisi-ng a portion of a .cylindrical surace.Y

8. As an article of manufacture comprising a jelly jar of glass or the like having the major portion of the-.body Walls comprising a fluted frus'tum of a cone and With theVH remaining portion of Vsaid body Wall com-N prisinga portion of a `cylindrical surface, and a lluted varea above said cylindrical surface.

9. An article of manufacture comprising.

, a jelly jar of .glass or the like having a substantially circular mouth and the base comprising a substantially symmetrical polygonal figure with .aportion of the side Wall of the body being a substantially tinted frustum of a .cone and the remaining portion `120 of the side Wall being smooth.

l0. An article of manufacture comprising a. jelly jar of Vglass or the-like having Va subystantially circular mouth and the base comprising a substantially symmetrical :polygnal figur-e with a portion ofthe side Wall of the body beinga substantiallyfluted frustum 0f a cone and the remaining portion of vthe sidewall bein-g substantially cylindrical. i

11. An article of manufacture comprisingwl-'SO a jelly j ar of glass or the like having a sub-i drical, and With luting above the cylindrical portion. Y il y 12. An article of manufacture'comprising a glass jelly Jar having aY portion of the body Wall uted and another portion of the body Wall comprisingthe portion of a cylinderwith tops of the uting carried out over thecylindrical enr-face and With faucets corresponding to nting beneath the ,057mb drical Surface. l Y

13. A glass jelly jar or the like having aV 'cylindrical portion adjacent ythe mouth and a downwardly inclined portion beneath the cylindrical portionwith a part of the inclined portion tinted and another part arranged'to compriseV a substantially smooth Y portion of a cylindrical surface to receive a label and with a simulation of'fluting arranged above and below' theY cylindrical surface. v


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