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Publication numberUS1467293 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1923
Filing dateJun 2, 1923
Priority dateJun 2, 1923
Publication numberUS 1467293 A, US 1467293A, US-A-1467293, US1467293 A, US1467293A
InventorsEuichin Matheson Ian
Original AssigneeEuichin Matheson Ian
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Toboggan slide
US 1467293 A
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Patented sept. a, i923.

` tierna narran sra-rias TOBOGGAN SLIDE.

Application led .Tune 2, v1923.

To a-ZZ whom t may concern:

Be it known that l, IAN EUIcnrN MarniesoN, a subject of the King of Great Britain, and resident of the town of Radville, in the Province of Saskatchewan and Dominion of Canada, have invented certain new and use.- ful Improvements in Toboggan Slides', of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in toboggan slides and more particularly to water toboggan slides, and the objects of the invention are to provide a slide of this kind specially adapted for imparting speed to the travel of a toboggan while at the same time providing means for securing the toboggan against accident by falling off the slide.

Still further objects are the provision of a slide of this character provided with an extension adapted to float or rest upon water and to receive the toboggan after it leaves the runway or slide and direct its course as nearly parallel to the water as possible.

lVith the foregoing and other objects in view the invention consists essentially inthe novel construction and arrangement of parts described in the present specification and illustrated in the accompanying drawings` whole constructed of any suitable materialV and comprising a platform 10 suitably joined to an inclined plane or runway 11, the platform and runway being supported by a plurality of suitable uprights 13 provided with braces 14 and the platform being further protected by a guard railing 15.

Hingedly connected to the lower end of the runway 11 is an extension `16 designed to iioat, as here shown, on the water. This Serial No. 643,099.

extension is preferably built of light material and is made water-tight to catch a toboggan after it leaves the runway.

17 are flanges on each side of the runway 11 designed to prevent a toboggan in its travel from falling ofl". i

18 are a plurality of transversely extending rollers arranged at spaced intervalsin the runway 11 and platform 10. These rollers are preferably constructed of wood with iron collars 19 on each end and an iron rod 20 running through the cent-re and adapted to operatively engage the sides 21 of the runway.

Alternately mounted between the rollers 18 are a plurality of grooved wheels 22 at opposite sides on the runway.

This combination of wheels and rollers is to assist the downward travel of the toboggan and the arrangement of the wheels is as follows:

A suitable rod 28 connects both sides of the runway and on it is mounted a grooved wheel at each end and adapted to hold the runners of the toboggan and, like the rollers, to add to the downward speed of the toboggan.

As many changes could be madein the above construction and many apparently widely different embodiments of my lnvention within the scope of the claims, constructed without departing from the spirit or scope thereof, it is intended that all matter contained in the accompanying specifi' a plurality of grooved wheels operatively and alternately mounted between said rollers in the runway and adapted to rotatably engage with the toboggan runners whereby in combination with said rollers the speed eol of the toboggan is increased and guard on the runway and a guard rail for the plat- 10 means on the runway Sides. form.

2. In a device of the character described In witness whereof I have hereunto set and in combination with .a suitably supmy handin the presence of two witnesses. ported platform and a runway, a pivotally Y IAN EUICHIN MATHESON. mounted extension for the runway and roller and guide wheel means carried by the l/Vitnesses:

runway for increasing the speed of a tobog- M. L. M. SKELToN,

gan, guard means for holding the toboggan U. ANDERSON.

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U.S. Classification104/70, 104/135, 193/35.00R
International ClassificationA63G21/18, A63G21/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63G21/18
European ClassificationA63G21/18