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Publication numberUS1467690 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1923
Filing dateNov 3, 1921
Priority dateNov 3, 1921
Publication numberUS 1467690 A, US 1467690A, US-A-1467690, US1467690 A, US1467690A
InventorsSchwarz Matilda C
Original AssigneeSchwarz Matilda C
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Foldable receptacle for games and other articles
US 1467690 A
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FOLDABLE RECEPTAGLE FOR GAMES AND OTHER ARTICLES Filed Nov. 5, A1921 l/:l::: tzzk 2/ ,55 d/ f 75 x /6 ljate'itedept. ll, i923.. i

. time stares earner eine rvia'frinne c.` soi-rvnaz, or riennroar, ILLINOIS.

sommets ancnrrecnn rcs. canins am) oriana iin-riches.

Application :flied November clear, and exact description.V

Y rlhis invention. relatesto foldable receptacles for gaines and other articles audits principal object is to provide al pleasing and attractive article of manufacture which may be used vas a game board and also as acontainer for the game, orit may be used as a containeror receptacle for other articles, as for instance, ladies toilet articles. `Another object is to provide a sheet of flat, stiifmaterial having displayed on one side a game or game board and divided into a rectangular central portion `and other portionseX- tendingaway from the four sides of the central portion, `and from the corners thereof, which are arrangedto be folded up to form a receptacle having Afour sides secured in such folded condition by a cord threaded in and out through eyesV located in theY projecting portions. Another object isto provide a foldable receptacle Vas above set forth, with a cover adapted to closeV the receptacle Vand hold .the-sides thereof in folded position.- WVith these and otherobjects in view, the invention consists in the several novel features hereinafter `fully set` forth and claimed. Y v v Y The invention is clearly illustrated in the drawing accompanyingthis specification, in which Fig. 1 is a face view of an unfolded receptacle, embodying a simple form of the present invention, showing the same laid out fiat for use in playingganies; Fig, 2 is a plan of thearticle, illustratinga` position occupied by Vitsparts Vwhen it Vis partially folded intoareceptacle; Fig-3 Visla view similar to Fig, 2, except that the parts are shown in position occupied when thel formationof the receptacle is almost completed; Fig. d is a perspectiveview of the completely folded receptacle, showing'the cover for the receptacle detached therefrom,.and Fig. 5 is aV diagrammatical view of a fragment of .the sheet from whichv Vthe receptacle is formed, the view being in section and the lineof section being `indicated at 5-5 in Fig. 1.

Referring to said drawings, which illuse, ieai. serial ivo. sienes.

`trate one embodiment of the invention, a sheet A of stiff, flat material is used, preferably made of card board or the like 6 (see Fig. 5) covered on one side with a flexible 60 material 7, such as cloth, canvas,`paper or the like, glued, pasted or otherwisesecured thereto. Un thesurface ofthe covering? is displayed a gaine or game board 8' of any suitable and desirable description, intended 1Q t raorqiise, in playing .gaines that employ men, tokens or the like, which are moved from one place to another in the course of the game. rlhe particular game displayed on the device is immaterial to thepresent invention, broadly considered, as the surface maybe printed to take the form of any Vgaine, which may be represented on a Hat surface.

l rl`he lsheet of material A is of rectangular form, and is made flexible along certain Vhereinafterv described lines, and is thereby divided into a centrally located rectangular portion 9, four otherrectangular portions 10, which project from the four sides of the rectangular portion 9 and four rectangular portions 11 which project from the corners of the central rectangular portion, and said several portions may be formed by scoring the material along the lines 12, 13, or the4 85 Acardboard body portion 6 of the sheet ma be made of separate pieces having the shapes shown, hingedly connected together by flexible hingelil e connections, which con-v nections may comprise the cloth, canvas, or

paper covering. llfhe corner portions 11 are each Vfurther divided int-o two triangular .portions 15 byY diagonal lines 14, which run from the corners ofthe central portion 9,

and'said corner portions 11 may jbe further 95 divided by lines 16, 17, into square portions 18, which square portions 18 may be still further divided by lines. 19, 20, into smaller square portions 2L The bodies of said dividedportions 15, 18, 21, may alsobe made of separate pieces of `cardboard, hingedly secured together by the flexible covering 7.

In Zthe rectangular portions 10, 11, adja cent the hinge lines 13 are holes or eyes 22 through ends of which pass in opposite directions through an eye member 24, 'and are formed with knots at their extreme ends, or they may be provided with other knobs or protuberances 9.5,whereby they are prevented 110 from being pulled out ofthe eye meinberet. Said cord 23 is threaded upwardly through which is threaded a cord 23, the

the eyes in the portions 10 of the sheet and down through the eyes in the portions 11, whereby the greater part of thev cord is placed on the underside of the sheetwhen laid out flat, as shown in Fig. 1. Said cord may be secured to the sheet at a to prevent it from being displaced. y

W'hen the sheet A is laid out at, the game or game board displayed on the sheet may be used for playing the game, and when Vit is desired to Afold the sheet into the form of a receptacle, the extreme ends of the cord are taken hold of` and drawn through the When the coro 'eye member 24. This has the effect of folding up the rectangular portions 10 along lines 12, 13, at the sides of the central por- Ition 9 and at the sametime has the effect of bucking the corner portions 11 in towards the center of the structure, asis clearly indicated 1n Fig. 2.

the eye member 24- a lcertain dista-nce, the extremeyfolded'corner `members 21 strike against the inner faces ot the adjacent corner members 11, as seen in Fig. 3, whereupon 'saidextreme small corner members 21 are folded upon the lines 19, 20, (see Fig. 3). By drnuf'i'ng the cords tightly around the article', zthe rectangular members 10 are drawn into the position shown in Fig. 4E, thus forini'ng a rectangular receptacle with thefcorner members 11 tucked into the hollow formed by the sides of the receptacle.V Allanged "cover B may then be placed upon the open end of Vthe receptacle, thereby closing the vsame and securingrthe portions'lt) thereof in place Vto act as the side walls `of the'recep- The "fmenff tokens, or other articles used in playing theV gaine may be left on the l flat Asheet When'folding the same up into a receptacle and in this way all of` said mem tokens or other articles will be retaine'd'in the receptacle when the sheet has been folded up.

lnstead of 'using the article as a game board, it may be suitably finished and ornament-ed, 'and may act a receptacle for other articles,.such asladies toilet articles.

It is to beobserved that the extreme end f portions 21 of saidintuclred corner portion `11engage,withand bear against the inner y faces/of vadjacent 'corner portions 11. As aV result, the sides ofthe receptacle are braced.

from the inside ofthe receptacle and may be has been mlled throufh` cord to form ai substantial ,receptacle Vof neat and symmetrical shape. ,5 y g Y 'More or less variation of the exact details of constructionis possible Without departing from the spirit of this inrention; I desire, therefore, not to limit myself to the Vdrawn tightly against said Vbraces Vby the i exact form of the construction shown and de-V scribed, but intend, in the followingclaims,

to point out all of the invention disclosed herein. V

I- claim as new and 'desire to secure by Letters Patent t A 1. A foldabl'e game receptacle comprising a sheet of stiff, flat material having `:on one face a game board displayed thereom and consisting of a central, rectangular.portion, lateral rectangular 'portions projecting from all four sides thereof, and Vintermediate rec tangular portions joining said lateral lportions, said central portion and the other portions having` hinge like connections with one another, a cord threaded in through eyes locatedin 5 said lateral' portions and o 'ut through eyes in said intermediate portions at places adjacent the'hinge like connections therebetween and an eye 'member through which the ends of said cordjextend in `opposite directions, said cordjacting, V'when its ends are drawn through said eye member, to fold said lat-eral vportions 4of.-thesheet up- 'wardinto a four Vsided 'receptucleavitlr'the intermediate portions tucked into -the hollow of the receptacle. Y Y Y y a A 2. A foldable receptacle comprising asheet of stiff, fiat material and 'consisting 'of lacentral, rectangular portion, lateral ieetang-ular portions projecting' from ,all four sides thereof, and intermediate` rectangular por-- tions joining said lat-eral portions, said cen- 'tral portion andthe other portions having hin-ge like connections withone another, a ycord threaded in throi-igh eyes loe-ated in said lateral portions and out through eyes in Y Mirrnjna' ojsonuoina

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International ClassificationB65D5/42
Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/4287
European ClassificationB65D5/42J1A