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Publication numberUS1467973 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1923
Filing dateSep 23, 1918
Priority dateDec 22, 1917
Publication numberUS 1467973 A, US 1467973A, US-A-1467973, US1467973 A, US1467973A
InventorsChryst William A, Hunt John H
Original AssigneeDayton Eng Lab Co
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Induction coil
US 1467973 A
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IAMWS Sept. 3.1 1923 1. H. HUNT ET A1.,

INDUCTION COIL Original Filed ecf 22 193.7


Patented Sept., 11, 1923. l

UNTED STATES retenir ePrice.


rnnocrron cono.

ongein applicaties ena member ze, nur, smal no. consce. inviate :mi out @puestos ered September 23, 1918. Serial No. 255;657.

To all w imm it may concern Be it known that we, JOHN H. HUNT- and Wimmer A. CHnYsT., citizens of the United States of America, residing et Dayton, county o1' lbontgomery, State of Chio, have invented certain new end useful Improvements in induction Coils, of which the oilowing is a full, clear, and exact description. n

This invention relates to ignition equipment for renin-cylinder engines, f-nd m.ore particularly, for engines used in aviation work where rnexirnuin eiiciency, lightness of Weight und cornpectnees oi' arrangement lare required. Among the objectsof invention, the. followin are enumerated.

To prot/'ice en improved ignition coil which is exceedingly simple and compact in design, light in Weight, ondrelialoie in op eration; and one wherein the various parte ere readily accessible for repairs or ndjustments., n l i It also en sim of the presen-t invention to concentrate the magnetic field of the coil to as greet :L degree as possible, and to prevent losses in the magnetic field.

Further objects Yand advantages of the present invention will be apparent from the :toilowing description, reference beingbsd to the accompanying drawings, wherein e preferred embodiment oi the present invenv tion i5 clearly shown.

The present invention has been described in our copending application Serial blo. 208,369. tiled December Qi., 191.1, of which the present application is zt division.

ln the drawings:

1 is :in end View oi the induction coil", thc distributor heed end related parts being .shown in section; l

191g. Si is e plan View or" tbc induction coil attached to its mounting; Y

Fig. 3 is n sectional View taken on the line 8-3 of Fig. 2;

Fig. f1 is e, perspective viewoi the braclo,

ets supporting the induction coil;

Fig. is a sectional View on line 5---5 of Fig. 2.

In `the drawings a bose of non-conducting materiel 10G, adapted to be secured in en annular recess formed in a distributor heed,- is secured thereto by means of bolts 107 and 168 which pass throi'lgh and make electrica connection with the coil brackets 109 and 110, and with the strips and 56 'up-'turned ends 111, and bracket 110 with 11p-turned ends 112. It will be upon reference to Fig. that bracket 11G vis shorter than bracket 109, so 'that the ends .112'moy be placed opposite ends 111, with spaces therebetween for the reception of insulation discs 113 (see Fig. E). 111 und 112 are provided with notches 111i for the reception of the coil assembly which will new be described. Seid notches 11e ere noch provided witbsn enlarged portion .spaced from the outer end of the notch.

The coilL assembly cons-ists of laminated. core 115 surrounding the bolt 115. Upon the core are mounted prirnnry windings 117. .indicated by large squares, and the secondary windings 118j indicated by the snieii sonores in Fig. 3. The ends ci" the coil provided with insulating cops 1.?0. carrying bushings 120, and outside of these cape are pieced three pairs of leinineted discs 121.12111, end 121 provided with. holes for the reception of the bush@v ings. `The purpose of these discs is to con fino the magnetic field to the coil windings es much as possible. Eecn disc is provided with o notch 122 extending from the periphery to the center to prevent 'formation of' eddy currents, 'and ,to permit of the posH sage of bolt 116. Since it is highly desirable in aviation Work Where this distribu- 4tor is adapted 'to be used, to keep down the weight so far es possible, it hes been found that the discs more distant from the ends or the ienimoted core may be less 1n. diameter "the/n those discs 'which are nearer7 Without any loss in efficiency in the provision against losses in the magnetic ed.

Insulation discs 113 centrally npertnred for the reception of insulntionspacers 123"p are centrally located with respect to the coil by means or' bushings 126 which pass through diametricollj opposite holes in seid discs after the discs 113 have been 4placed on the bushings With spaces between them and the laminated discs 1211 for the introduction of bracket ends 111 and 112. The brackets 109 and 11G-having beenessenibled onv the base 106, the coil assembly is lowered The ends into posiuion on the brackets, the bracket @ids 119 being inserted in e space between dif4 M3, and bracket ends Lili. be np; inserted in 5 ti f1 spares between the dises U3. lfnshings eooperuio viii; reresses lleio the bracket omis und iocnie the coil in proper posiiion with respeob io iin?. iilrzickets "with iioi: 11G im.. i eenirziiiy of rofesses @1i-i.. This oporaiion heilig; f oin'oieiefn on@ pintas i923 inning ffiisii i oorions 123 .around which ero giinfoii iiiion spacers i2; l", lwe pinceii one on oz. ii omi oi iioii i143, and ire pushed in iowarii iio -niis oi' the coiiA the portions 122i iriii sini-.minding simi-ers ib funding in iixi i he ond pinxis nini-ii onge "o upon i entire srm is damped together by nieuwe. of nuisooinierzitifis; with boif; HG.

'no omi oi me prima-iff; xi'ii'ifiing is oonneiioii in' s. .if io bi'neiei; 110. The oiiier end of y winding 125 und :im prima one end oi." iiio second winding l2? im The other end con eoted o iii@ omni of the seconde j' winding '1,28 is conneoed. ro o me'toliio initon 3&2?? mounted upon the eener of the [mso LUS. Q'nfion 129 is axiziiiy ziiigg'nod with the inior Siniii; sind beurs at nii t" i; noon no ich@ distributor roior 9S.

From i". 'omgv firsoripiion 1i, 1s op* ni muy be romiiiy removed.

g; brackets without reino` roni the base. This fen.-` nio miv. :ins iiio ofi the coil on 1.35 )use during the process of .manufacture is feciiitateii, and it is o Very' sinipio mutter io remove the eoii for repairs or' replacement, The invention possesses the nded feainre oi being adapted to be se- Pureiiin position within e distributor heed or other housing without the necessity of milking any oieiiriciiY pigmii connection between the coil iis 'terminals located on the exterior of die heini or housing.

Thilo the forni of mechanisms herein shown .und desoribeii constitutes e. preferred forni oi emboiiiinoni; 'sho inifenion, it is i'jo bo ni'iiiersiood that einer forms might bo minimizes". :iii corni o kWiiiin ine scope of Hw riiiiins iriii;7 'FoiioL Vi'iia. we cisne es oiimrs:

1. in un iminetion eoii. i combination with :i i'oii :i lilly einriingg :i core; of L siipoori. thermen. inoiudmg brackets of coniinring nniizerizi'l, esoii haring means for snpporing nn end of the com of the coil assembly; and means for mechanically no 'turning said core to seni brackets Wiiiie insiiiziiingg the iirnriceigs Viron] one another.

.in in infinotion coil. iie combination with :i ooii nsseiniiiy. of ai.. support therefor, Consisting; oi" two iniim'zots, efmii Comprising o centrali portion for mounting upon uy bose;

s ilb und iiie adjacent insulation discs` `inves in 'ine oiookoi; @nii portier serine' cnrried bi l i; .l

'common bese, sind providing; emi supports movers and uistenfinfz' end )orions inwinir Li s# i) be brought'. info aiioomen, seid end ooi being provided with gaps bein/en portions; :and fastening niei'nbors eo-opoi ig niiii iio coii fisso lily und the operiamo ond, poriions iin' securing iiiio coii assembly in posiion upon i'no vini B. fin an induction eo' wiiii. :i eoii z inhiy Lonsi.c v windings; oi' :i ssii-niort iiioroior. ooit-si o'i two inzifiiris eznii coinprisinfi' U, :"5 portion for nionningg upon n sifiiidiiA "nai poriions 'mif'ing boil; eide. dino; iiironffh und im yoniitiie haring porons cooperano@ W Lilo eni iiie boi. for o7 inni nfsenibiy, i Loire/Lis, and emi. pi: L with the .orifirw @nii poriions in but noiei. ieaiiy connected, inni, ivi i bracket ceniroi poriions in rho sinne for monnziog upon bose.

1. In en induction co.. the rombiiwiiion with o ooii zissenibiy; o support lh imxininigl two brackets nionnefi 'nin common rinse, prow.. ,ing end su for h@ Coii, e o. end siippoi'ijof.' oi? insiiiziied poriions, one o i? formed inioligiuiiy 'Vfiiii one of limi the other formed with ilet; :md ineens ior io the end snp-portie.

5. In an induction coil, t-iio combination with i ooii ossemoy; of s. snpporil therefor ineiuding wo brackets mounted upon o.

for 'the coil, each ronsisting of insniaeci porftii'ins, one of which is 'formed iniogrfiiiy "ith one of the brackets, und tie other formed with cho other brneket; oiineci "eures in the end supporte; end oooperating with iio apertures bui: insniiizeci from the end supports; und Common fnstelling means for securing ine eoii .fisseniiiiy upon eine end snp'pori-f; with the end nimes seating within the eperlnr '5. In on induction ooii, the combi wiinii o, ooii zissenibiy having e con. windings; of laminated discs (to-"g magnetically with the core, sind. d" CrossingO .'.n diomeier oniiwurdly from the 120 7'. iin on induction coii, the eoiniiiiniili-on with :i coii nssomiiiy haring si. core and windings; of imniniiied diseseoopers%ing a plurality of induction coil supporting brackets each having opstanding portions spaced apart substantially the length of an induction coil, and adapted to be assembled with the said portions on the brackets in aligned positions with the portions at one end of the brackets in spaced relation.l

9. In an induction Coil assembly, the com.- bination with an induction coil; of insulatingl plates; coil supporting members spaced apart substantially the length of the coil with. the insulatin` plates between the mein bers and coil; an means for clamping the plates and members against the ends of the coil. i

10. In an induction coilassembly, the combination with an induction coil; of sup port-ing means on the ends of the coil; in sulatingf plates on the ends of the coil; and

a bracket having laterally projecting aper tured portions receiving the supporting means and adapted to embrace the coil and insulating plates.

11.4In an Ainduction coil assembly, the

combination with an induction coil having` a centrally located through bolt; of insulating plates on the ends of the coil; and

a bracket having laterally projecting' apes-- tured portions receiving the ends of theA through bolt and clamped by the latter against the insulating plates and ends thecoil.

12. In an inflnction coil, the with a supporting base; of a. pair coil brackets having V-sliapeci base portions cured to said supporting base; loavi npturned end portions; and a coil assembl including; a core having each. e' they' mounted upon two opstanding; tions but insulated thereif/ront.`

i3. ln an induction coil7 the combi with a coil assembly windings; gli laminated discs' magnetically with the core, s e l ting aligned slots extending from t riphery tliereoi fn testimony whereof we alibi: our signatures.




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