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Publication numberUS146805 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1874
Publication numberUS 146805 A, US 146805A, US-A-146805, US146805 A, US146805A
InventorsFeedebick Cox
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Improvement in breast-pads
US 146805 A
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F. cx. Breast-Pads.

Patented Ja`n. 27. 187.*4.


|MPRovEMENT IN el-'niAsr-PADS.v

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No.A 146,805, dated January 27, 1574; aulicatior tiled December 20, 1873.

To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, FREDERICK Cox, of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Breast-Pad, of which the following is a specification: v

My invention consists of iniiatable in dia-rubber breast-pads so construct-ed as to form a cavity in the base to it over the natural breast and not bear directly upon it; also, having an annular cushion to bear around the base of the natural breast, and also having a ventilating opening or passage from the cavity for ventilation, by which they are much more comfortable tothe wearer, and more easily kept in postion. They also improve the torni of the natural breasts by keeping them in the natural shape, instead of tlattenin g and depressing them, as the common pads do; and they are more healthful, and retain their own proper shape bet-ter.

ln Figure l of the accompanying drawing my improved pads are represented on the iigure of a person as in use. Fie". 2 represents one of a pair in front view, with a part seetioned and the other in reverse; and Fig. 3 is a section on the line m Fig. 2.

My improved pad is constructed in the form ot a flat round sack, of which A may be supposed to be the upper sheet, and B the lower one, with tive, more or less, radial and vertical partitions at C; also, with a hole through the center of each sheet, and one-say, the bottom onestretched through the hole of the other, and connected as at D, and also with one a1:- nular hollow base, E, nearly tubular, and uniting the outer edge of the bottom sheet B with the outer edge of the top sheet A, one of its edges being joined to B at E, and the other to A at F, and the bottom sheet being not so large as the top sheet, so that when inila-t-ed the top sheet swells out in the full round form represented in the drawing, and the base comes nearly under or back ot' it, and a large cavity v thus protecting the natura-l breast from any` pressure, and holding it in good shape, and the hole at D aifords good ventilation for it.A

A very good pad can be formed in this way without the base E, but not so good as with it, as the concavity is largely due to the partitions C and the smaller bottom sheet and larger top one. rl`he partitions F serve to impart the proper rigidity to the pad, and to hold the same in a distended state, in oase the air should from any ea-use esca-pe from the pad.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters latent- 1. A breast-pad formed ot' the sheets A l-l, connected central] y to ca ch other, and having their edges scoured to an inflatable annular base ring or cushion, ll, as herein shomi and described.

2. An inflatable breastpad having a cavity for the reception ot' the natural breast,'and

a veritilating-opening, D, through the center ol' the pad, as herein shown and described.

3. The combination. of upper sheet A, lower` sheet D, and partitions C, s1 ibstantiall y as speer iiied.

4. The combination of base E with sheets A B and partitions C, substantially' as specified.

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