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Publication numberUS1468098 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1923
Filing dateSep 19, 1919
Priority dateSep 19, 1919
Publication numberUS 1468098 A, US 1468098A, US-A-1468098, US1468098 A, US1468098A
InventorsViola Bauer Martha
Original AssigneeViola Bauer Martha
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US 1468098 A
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Filed Sept, 19, 1919 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 1 haven/f Sept. '18 1923.

M. V. BAUER REFRIGERATOR Filed Sm. 19, 1919 2 Sheets-@heet 2 \Q s a fia/elavfoi. 2% Bazaar I Patented Sept. 18, 1923.

Unit-Eb stares MARTHA VIOLABAU'ER, or wAsHInGron, riIs'rnIc'r or COLUMBIA.

ToiaZZ whom it may concerns r .:Be it known that I, MARTHA VIoLABAUnR,

' acitizen f the United States, residing at Washington; District of Columbia, have in vented certain new and useful Improvements in Befrigeratoraiof which the following is a specification, U o N This invention relates to improvements in refrigerators. i

In ordinary refrigerator construction, a drain pipe is led;fron'i ,the ice compartment downwardly within the food compartment of the. ,refrigerator at the rear thereof andextendsat its; lowernend through the bottom of the food :compartmentwhere it may discharge intoa drip pan. These'pans are frequently permitted to overflow through neglect, and when quite full their withdrawal fromibeneat-h the refrigerator ,is an inconvenient and laborious .task. Itisa well recognized fact that notwithstanding the precautions taken, the drainpipe extending downwardly within thefood compartment is-an unsanitary arrangement. V a ()ne ofrthe primary objects of the-present invention is to construct arefriger'ator in' 'which theiemployment ofthe usual drain pipe Lthro'ugh ,the'wfood compartment is eliminated. h i

Another object, of the present I invention is to provide a refrigerator or ice chest; in which the necessity for a drip pan .is obviat ed. V V i A furtherobjectgofthe present invention is to constr-uctfa refrigerator orice chest in which means are "provided for disposing of the drippings. in a sanitary and convenient.

manner, which means preclude all possibility of the.drippingsroverflowing in case they should be forgotten. T

- .Another objectaofthe present invention is to construct a refrigerator or icechestprovicled with a drain receptacle in water-tight communication with the ice compartment which receptacle is provided with removable means whereby the inner surface thereof is readily accessible for cleanin'gpurposes.

A further object of the present invention is to onst-ructa refrigerator whichis provided with a drainzreceptacle located outside'fo'f thefood and ticej'compartments, said drain receptacle having water-tight, commu nication with.theicecompfltment..

"The presentinvention accomplishes thes and other objects and provrdesa refriger- REFRIGERATOR.

Application filed September 19,1919. Serial No. 324,860.-

ator or ice chest which can easily be kept in an absolutely sanitary condition throughout as every portion thereof is readily accessible for cleaning purposes.

In the accompanying drawings:

Figure 1 is aperspective view of a refrigerator constructed in accordance .with the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a vertical front to'rear section therethrough d Fig. 3 is a rear elevation of the refrigerator. I I I In many respects the refrigerator or ice chest proper does not differ fromthe ordinary refrigerator, comprising a casing-indicated in general by the numeral 1 and consisting of a front wall 2, side walls 8, atop 4, a bottom 5, ancla backer rear wall 6. Fora purpose to be presently explained, the side walls 3 and top 4; areextendedrearwardly as indicated respectively by the numerals 7 and 8 so asto provide a; housing 9 at the rear side of the refrigerator. V The usual partition 10 divides the refrigerator into an upper ice compartment indicated in general by the numeral 11, and a lower food compartment 7 indicated in general by the numeral '12, the former opening through the top of the refrigerator and being-.ada-ptedto be closed bya hingedlid 13, and the, latter opening through the front of the refrigerator and being adapted to be closed by a hinged door 14. ,The ice compartment is so lined and partitioned as to provide an ice receiving chamber indicated by the numeral 15 and water and milk tanks indicated respectively by the numerals l6 and 17. The ice chamber'15 and the tanks 16 andl'f are provided respectively with hinged lids 18, 19v and 20. Faucets 21 and22 are preferably provided leading from the tanks 16 and 17 respectively, so that the contents of the tanks may be drawn off as desired.

The ice chamber 15 is provided with a downwardly and rearwardly inclined bottom indicated by the numeral 23, and a short drain. pipe or conduit-24 leads from the rearof theice chamber at the rear or lower side of the'bottomf 23 and through the rear wall 6 of the refrigerator casing,lthis drain pipe being. preferably inclined downwardly at a slightangle. A-suitable strainer 25 is preferablyprovided at the intake or forward end ofthe pipe 24L so as to prevent the passage of solid particles from the ice chamber into the said pipe. At its rear end the pipe communicates with the upper side of they drain receptacle which 'isiindicated in general by the numeral 26. This receptacle is mounted upon therear side of the rear wall 6 and is housed within the hous ing .9 heretofore referred to.

The drain receptacle comprises a flat or plane front wall 27 of substantially circular outline which wall rests flat agalnst the rear face'olf the wall6 as clearly shown in Fig. I 2 of the drawings and may be provided with attaching cars 28 for the passage of screws.

' adapted to be remov'ably fitted into position closing the opening 81'. The closure head 33 may be provided'with a marginal flange 34c't o bear agamst a gasket 35 disposed against the edge of the wall 30 so as to provide a water-tight closure between the parts, and it is preferablethat the said head be provided upon its outer side with projections 36 or any other suitable elements which may be conveniently grasped by hand, i OI' which will permit of the application' of a"tool,'for the purpose of removing and replacing the closure head. The drain receptacle is provided with this removable section in order that the interior of the receptacle may be readily accessible for cleaning purposes. 'Infact the head; 33- constitutes the major portion of the rear-wall of the said receptacle and asa result when the head is re 7 moved access may be had to all portions of the interior of the receptacle and even to thedrain pipe or conduit'2et and a drainage outlet pipe which will now be described. This voutletpipe is indicated in general by the numeral 37 and the same has aflared or funnel e'nd38 which communi- 'cateswith the'interior of the receptacle 26 at the bottom thereof. The pipe 37 is led downwardly and laterally at a slight'an'gle of inclination and through the extension 9 of one of the side walls of the refrigerator casing. The outer end of the pipe may be provided with a suitable faucet 39 by opening the valve of which water within thereceptacle 26 may be drawn ofl as do sired; I c

From theforegoing description of the invention it "will beevident that water resulting from the meltingof the ice within the ice chamber 15 will flow out through the drain pipe or conduit 24 into the drain receptacle 26 where it will accumulate, th 1 valve of the faucet 39 beingclosed;

It is preferable that'the drain receptacle '26 be of a capacity to contain all of the water resulting from themelting of a quantity of ice sufficientlylarge to substantially fill the ice chamber 15.

It is evident that even should the water be allowed to ac- V cumulate in the drain receptacle longer than usual, it cannot overflow, since the drain receptacle and 'theice COIIlPtlItIDBIlhWlth whichit has water tightcommunication, V 7 form a continuous conta ner and the water must necessarily rise in the ice 5 chamber when the drain receptacle becomes filled.

Having thus explained the nature of invention and described an operative man-V ner of constructing and using the same, althoughwithout attempting to set forth all of the forms in which itmay be made,-or all of thepositions in which it may be applied, what I claim as; new is i 1. Ina refrigeratoig an ice compartment, a food compartment, and a drainrecept'acle in water-tight receiving communication with the ice compartment :and' having one of its walls contiguous to one wall of the food compartment, another wall of thedrainreceptacle having aremovable section whereby accessmay be had to the interior of said receptacle for cleaning the same.- 2. In a refrigerator, an ice compartment, afoodcompartment, and a drain receptacle in receiving communication with: the ice compartment and of substantially conoidal form, the plane wall of the said receptacle being conti'g'uous to one wall'of the-food compartment, the curvilinearlwallof the receptacle having an opening therein concentric thereto, and iaclosure head removably' fitted in said opening. 7 i V V 3. In arefrigerator, anice :compartfnent, a food compartment, a drain receptacle having' water tight communication with said ice compartment and located without both said compartments, 'and removable means wherebyaccessmay be had'to the interior of said receptacle-for cleaning the same.

4:. In a refrigerator, a casing, an ice com partment within the casing,{a drain receptacle upon the exterior' of'the casing, means establishing 'awater tight communication be-' tween the ice compartment and :drain .re-

ceptacle, andlremovableimeans whereby access may be had to the interior of said receptacle for cleaning thesamei I partment, of a receptacle located without both said compartments having water tight communication with": said ice compartment and constituting with the ice compartment" a continuous container for holding the water resulting fromthe melting of the ice,'the said receptacle being provided with separate 5. The combination with-"a refrigerator having an icevcompartment and a food comopenings for cleaning and draining the same,

and means fornormally closing the openings to prevent the escape of Water.

6. In a refrigerator, a casing, an ice compartment Within the casing, a drain receptacle upon the exterior of the casing, an outlet in said drain receptacle, a conduit lead ing from the ice compartment through a all of the easing into the drain receptacle establishing Water tight communication be- 10 In testimony whereof I aflix my signa- 16 ture.


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