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Publication numberUS1468143 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1923
Filing dateJun 21, 1921
Priority dateJun 21, 1921
Publication numberUS 1468143 A, US 1468143A, US-A-1468143, US1468143 A, US1468143A
InventorsLeonard C Eldridge
Original AssigneeLeonard C Eldridge
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Game counter
US 1468143 A
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Sept. 18,1923.

L. c. ELDRIDGE GAME COUNTER Filed June 21. 1921 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 TIE 2 GOLF STROKE RECORDER M H E V M I I dhif INVENTOR.



Patented Sept. 1-8, 1923.-



Application filed June 21, 1921. Burial 170. 479,180.

T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LEONARD C. ELnRmon, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Indianapolis, county of Marion, and State of Indiana. have invented a certain new and useful Game Counter; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which like numerals refer to like parts.

This invention relates to a game scoring device for indicating the count of the game as the same progresses.

The chief feature of the invention con sists in providing suitable scoring means and associating the same with other suitable means whereby the scoring means may be moved progressively to indicate the progress of the game as the same is being played.

Another feature of the invention consists in providing a plurality of parallel trackways or paths each of which is adapted to slidably support, an indicating counter whereby the counter may be adapted to the particular game and to any sub-division thereof, such as an'inning or a hole in base ball and golf respectively.

Still a further feature of the invention consists in the particular simplified construction and arrangement of the parts, whereby the same may be very cheaply, readily and economically manufactured and assembled.

The full nature of this invention will be understood from the accompanying drawings and the following description and claims.

In the drawings Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a .golf bag showing the invention detachably secured thereto. Fig. 2 is a front view of the invention showing the same substantially full size. Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view of the invention. Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional view showing the details of construction. Fig. 5 is a front view of a modification of the invention showing the same substantially full size. an end' elevational view of the same. Fig. 7 is a cross sectional view of the invention shown in Figs. 5 and 6 and shows the parts in open position. I

.In the drawings 10 indicates a golf bag and 11 indicates a pocket having an opening 12 and a flap 13 for closing the pocket, said flapbeing secured to the upper poris a scoring device or indicator 15.

tion of the bag b suitable means, such as the button 14. ositioned in the pocket, and exposed through the opening 12 thereof,

It will thus be understood that the indicator or scoring device can readily be slipped into thepocket upon the golf bag and be exposed for operation and'be' secured in said pocket and prevented from falling out of the same in the manner illustrated in Fig. 1. The advantage of this device is that either the player or his caddie can accurately score stroke for stroke the players game as the same progresses, without requiring the player to carry a pencil and paper around the course. It will, of course, be understood that the device can also be carried in the players coat or jacket pocket.

A detailed description of the construction of one form of the indicating device proper will now be given, reference being had to Figs. 2 to 4 inclusive. In said figures 20 indicates a top plate provided with a peripheral flange 21. Saidtop plate may be of square or rectangular form, or any other desired shape. A bottom plate 22 is associated with said top plate and is adapted to form an enclosing casing. While the peripheral flange 21 is shown integral with the top plate, the same may be secured to or integral with the bottom plate or both plates may carry peripheral flanges which abut each other or telescope, the particular arrangement of this construction being relatively unimportant. However, both of the plates carry integrally formed hinge portions 23 which are secured together by suitable hinge pin means 24.

The means for detachably. securing the two plates 20 and, 22 together comprise a latch and lock therefor. A suitable catch 25 is preferably formed integral with the top plate 20 and is a part of the peripheral flange. 21, and extends inwardly in parallel relation to the top plate 20. The bottom plate 22 carries a housing 26 which is suitably secured to said bottom plate or may be formed integral therewith and in said housing is rotatably supported a lock. cylinder 27. Said lock cylinder has a reduced portion 28 and concentric with said reduced portion is a spring 29 which maintains the bolt 30 in engagement with the projecting catch 25, when the same has been rotated into locking or latching position. The base plate 20 is provided with an opening 31 and the lock cylinder 27 is exposed through said opening and is provided with a suitable key receiving opening 32, whereby said locking cylinder 27 may be rotated to move the bolt 30 into and out of locking engagement with the catch 25. From the foregoing it will be understood that the lock herein described is but one form of lock which can 'be' used, and this form of look as well as any other which may be substituted therefor is Scalable by impressing suitable sealing means, such as wax in theopening 32. This. of course, can

with the game of golf and one axis serves to indicate the number of holes, while the other axis serves to indicate the strokes per hole. Also means is provided for receiving the players name, which is exposed through the opening '12 in the-pocket 11 hereinbefore described as secured to the golf bag 10. The I scoring device may be associated with other games, for instance one axis may be associated wlth the lnnlngs in base ball and the other axis may indicate the number of runs secured by the team then scoring.

The chief feature of the invention consists in roviding an indicating device. for each unit of the game, thus, in golf each hole, and in base ball, each inning. The chief idea is to move said indicating device progressively from unit to unit as the strokes or runs are secured by the player or players. It is true that somewhat similar devices have been provided which are adapted to move progressively from point to point, but no device has been adapted to move in a straight line and be secured while in said alignment at the desired position to indicate the score obtained. This is accomplished by providing the front cover plate with a plurality of parallel aligned slots or trackways 35. The cover plate carries suitable numeral indicating means which are thus used with the game to be scored. Positioned in each of the slots and slidably sup ported thereby is an indicating device, button or finger piece 36 having an inwardly extending stem 37. Positioned upon saidstem and upon the opposite side or the inner side of the front face 20 is a suitable retainer member such as a washer 38 secured to said slidably supported in a slot and is secured thereto against movement other than that longitudinally of said slot.

The means for permitting the indicating device to move longitudinally of the slot and yet be in alignment with its prior and future positions, and which will maintain said indicating device in the desired posi tion, consists of suitable rack means 40, which in the present invention is preferably formed integral with and constitutes part of the back plate 22. This rack or ratchet construction preferably extends across the plate so that the teeth of said rack extend transversely of the slot 35 and in such a manner that said teeth permit progressive movement of the indicating device in one direction, but prevent returnmovement thereof. The means associated with the scoring or rack-formed back comprises a plunger which is provided with an inclined face 46 in contact with the rigid teeth or rack teeth 40. Each of the stems 37 of the indicating device 36 is hollowed out or recessed at 47 to slidably support the plunger 45. The plunger is yieldingly forced outward from the recess 47 by a coil spring 48. Thus, the plunger 45 is maintained in yielding.engagement with the teeth 40 and prevents return movement of the indicating device 36 and permits progressive movement thereof in the forwarddirectiou. In order to prevent the indicating device from being casually moved and to lock the same in the desired position yet permit the forcible movement thereor into a new position, the spring 49 is rovided. In the present invention the pen heral flange 21 is struck out at 50 to provide a means for securing one end 51 of the spring 49. Each of the stems 37, see Fig. 4, is perforated at 52 and the other end 53 of the spring 49 extends through said aligned perforations and through an elongated slot 54 in the plunger 45 after which the free end partially encircles the stem 37. Thus, the spring 49 'is not onl secured to the indicating device 36 to yie dingly retain the indicatlng device in the retracted position and the plunger in engagement with the perpendicular faces of the teeth 40 to prevent casual movement of the indicating device, but the end of the spring 49 also prevents outward movement of the plun er 45 beyond a predetermined point as wel as maintains the plunger in ali nment.

rom the foregoing it will be very evident that when the lock is opened and the two halves of the container or housing are separated, the springs 49 will return all of the indlcating devices to the position shown in Fig. 2, since when the cover is opened the rack 40 is removed, from engagement with the plunger 45 of the indicating device. Reference will now be had-to Figs. 5, 6 and 7 wherein a modified form of the invention is shown, and said modification embodies substantially all the features illustrated in the previous figures. This modification, however, is a dual register and is adapted to register the results scored in golf, baseball or other similar games. Herein the legend means is shown to correspond with the baseball nomenclature, to show its adaptability to baseball as well as golf.

In this modification. there is provided a pair of cover plates 120, each having a peripheral flange 121. Upon one edge of the peripheral flange is provided the integral hinge means 123 and upon the opposite side of the plate the peripheral flange is provided with a latch portion 125, herein shown in the form of a spring formation. Each of the plates is rovided with a plurality of parallel longitudinally extending slots 135, and slidably supported in each slot is an indicating device 136 having the usual plunger 145 and having the usual spring 149 associated therewith, which spring is suitably secured to the plunger or the indicating device and to the plate 120 by means of the struck portion 150 adjacent the hinge 123. The details of said construction "are substantially similar to and may be identical with that disclosed in detail in Fig. 4, although the same may be modified within the scope of the invention.

Associated with each of the hinge portions of the two oppositely positioned cover plates 120 is a back plate which back plate serves to cooperate with both cover plates, and said back plate is herein indicated by the numeral 140 and is provided with a plurality of staggered ledges which extend transversely of the longitudinal slots 135 and substantially across said plate, thereby form? ing a rack upon each side of the plate, with which are associated the indicating devices 136. As shown clearly in Fig. 7 the cover plate 120 is hingedly supported at one end to one end of the back plate 140 and the op- "posite end of said cover plate is yieldingly secured to said back plate by having the latch portion 125 enga e the hinge upon the opposite end of the ack late and thus yieldingly secure the front p ate to the back plate in closed position.

The operation of the several indicating devices and their return to their original positions, is substantiallythe same as that hereinbefore describd, and need not be repeated here. It is to be noted that two opponent scores may be registered simultaneously on the modification illustrated in Figs 5 to 7 inclusive and after the game or contest is completed the two cover plates 120 may be disengaged from the hinge means 123 and upon opening, permit the indicating devices 136 to be returned by the springs 149, whereupon the counter is ready for subsequent use after the cover plates have been returned to their closed position.

While the invention has been described in great detail in the aforesaid specifications, the same are 'to be considered illustrative rather than restrictive in character and while the preferred form of the invention has been described other modifications of the invention embodying the generic and specific features thereof will doubtless suggest themselves to those skilled in the art to which this invention applies, but these modifications are all considered to be within the broad purview of this invention as outlined by the appended claims.

The invention claimed is:

1. In a counter, the combination of a slid ably supported indicator, a plunger slidably supported by said indicator, a rack, means yieldingly forcing said plunger into engagement with said rack to permit forcible move ment of said indicator upon said rack in one direction and prevent the return thereof in the opposite direction, and means limiting the sliding movement of said plunger.

2. A counter including two hinged parts, and an indicator slidabl supported upon one part and engaging the other part and cooperating therewith.

3. A counter including a pair of plates, an intermediate rack plate hingedly secured to said plates to form a hinged construction, an indicator on each of said pair of plates cooperating with the rack plate, and yielding means for maintaining the indicators in position on the rack plate and prevent return movement thereof but permitting forcible progressive movement.

4. In a counter, a pair of plates hinged to opposite ends of an intermediate plate, said intermediate plate having a rack bar on each face for cooperation with the scoring means on the corresponding plate.

In witness whereof I have hereunto afiixed my signature.


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