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Publication numberUS1468165 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1923
Filing dateSep 19, 1918
Priority dateSep 19, 1918
Publication numberUS 1468165 A, US 1468165A, US-A-1468165, US1468165 A, US1468165A
InventorsMoore Charles A
Original AssigneeMoore Charles A
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Camp stove
US 1468165 A
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Patented ept. 18, 1923. v

untrue sra'rss earner @WME CHARLES a. aroonn, on ST. PAiIL, mmnnso'ra.


Application filed September To all whom it may concern:

' Be it knownr that '1, CHARLES A. Moo-Rn, a citizen of the United States, residing at St. Paul, in the county of Ramseyand State of Minnesota, have invented new and useful Improvements in Camp Stoves, of WhlCll the following is a specification.

This invention relates to combined camp stoves and ventilators; which are particularly adapted for heating and ventilating tents. The primary object of this invention is to provide eliicient means for the purpose stated, which can also be easily taken apart and assembled, and which reduces to a minimum the number of parts constituting the device.

' With these and other objects in view, my invention comprises the features of construction and combination of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawing,Fig. 1 is a typical diagrammatic view of a tent showing my improved heater and ventilator therein; Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical section of theheater, a portion only of the vent flue being illustrated; Fig. 3 is asection of a detail taken on the line X-X of Fig. 2; Fig; 4 is a vertical section of a deheater.

.poles of the tent and is preferably passed tail of an' alternativefconstruction of my invention, and Fig. 5 is a vertical section of another alternative construction.

In the drawing let A indicate a tent of usual construction which-is provided with a center tent pole B, said pole preferably being a hollow tube or pipe, which will act as the chimney for my improved stove or This pole may be any one of the cold and vitiated airin the tentis free to passupwardly through the chimney to the outer atmosphere, the egress of said air being regulated by thedamper F. Mounted upon said tent pole B is my improved hea er G, which is composed-of a pair of shell members 2 and '3 resembling hollow frustums of a cone, the lower section being inverted and forming a firepot in which a grate 4 is rotatably mounted. This grate is circular, and its periphery 5 is enlarged STG'VE.

19, 1918. Serial No. 254,870.

to provide a broad bearing surface rosting upon the inner and downwardly converging surface of the fire pot, so that the grate is free to turn or rotate above the floor 6. The grate is provided with a handle 7 projecting outwardly through a slot 8 in the wall of the fire pot for convenience in shaking the grate. The floor of the fire pot has an ash pit opening 9closed by the door 10 and through which the ashes can be easily removed. This door closes or regulates an opening by which air is admitted for combustion. The upper section of the stove is provided with afuel supply door 11 through which fuel can be placed in the stove above the fire grate. Said section is also provided with a smoke outlet 12 leading through duct 13 secured to the side wall of section 2 and formed with a hook 14 on its outer end which engages through and back of the edge of an opening 15 in the side of the tent pole above the damper F forthe purpose of assisting in supporting the stove on the side of said pole. Th sections are preferably provided Jith rolled edges or flanges 16, which are detachably secured together by studs 17 passing upwardly through slots 18 in one member. Thus by a short rotary movement of section 2 on section 3, the parts can easily be separated and nested together for packing. Placed in the rolled edge 16 of the lower section 3 is a wire 20, the ends of which project outwardly at the back portion of the stove and are adapted for wrapping over the surface of the tent pole to form a fastening means 21, which cooperates with the hook 1.4: in holding the stove firmly on the side of the tent pole, thus the stove can easily and quickly be as sembled and mounted upon the tent pole or removed and packed in 'asmall space in compact form for shipping. Fresh air is admitted into the tent through a duct in the form of a pipe 11 embedded in the. ground, one end 23 of which projects above the ground outside of the tent and the other end leads upwardly into the tent and terminates a short distance below or from the stove, said inner end being held by the fastener 24 on the stove, thus fresh pure cold air is admitted into the tent and warmed by the stove, and afte rising circulates throughout the interior of the tent and cold vitiated air from the floor of the tent and the ground is conducted through the vent openings E and forced outwardly '33 being provided for that purpose and a central opening 34 in the grate also admitting said pole. A shoulder 35 on'the tent pole supports the stove and perforations 3 6 in the pole within the stove above the grate serve as smoke outlets into thepole or chim ney. In use the stove can easily be placed over the pole when the tent is erected and whenthe tent is taken down, the stove can easily be removed from the pole and its parts nested together in compact form for shipping. The stove in both forms of my invention can be used for heating and cooking purposes, and provides an efiicient means forkeeping the tent warm and providing it with pure, warm air, thereby promoting healthitulness to the occupants.

InFig. 5 the stove is of single sectional form, the section 40 being provided with a cover ll and being supported on the pole 42 bya brace 42-3 and by the shoulder 44; on smoke pipe 46 engaged back of the opening in said pole. A slip collar 47 is also provided over a check draft opening 48 above the stove in the pole for checle ing the dr it in the stove.

{In accordance with the patent statutes.

I have described the Principles of operation of my invention, together with the apparatus wh ch Inow consider to represent the best embodiment thereof, but I desire to set forth within the scope of the following claim. 7 V 7 Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is A camp stove and Ventilator for'tents,

comprising, in combination, a tubular tent pole forming a chimney having an opening in its side, a stove detachably mounted upon said pole above the floor of the tent and having a vent for smoke and gases through a pipe 7 leading into said pole, saidstove comprising a pair of shell members resembling hollow frustums ot' a cone secured together, the lower section being inverted and forming a fire pot and a circular grate rotatably mountedin said lower section on' the side of its downwardly converging sur face d1stanced above'the bottom of said section also said lowersection having a slot in its side through which a handle is tree to move during the oscillating movement of the grate, and a duct for air'from outside said tent leading upwardly and terminating abovethe floor of the tent and in proximity to said stove, said pole having vent tion of its outer end adapted to 'detachably' engage through and back of the edge of the openingin said pole while the bedyor" the stove rests against the pole to support the stove.

name to this specification.


In testimony whereof, I have signed my

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