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Publication numberUS1468198 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1923
Filing dateDec 23, 1921
Priority dateDec 23, 1921
Publication numberUS 1468198 A, US 1468198A, US-A-1468198, US1468198 A, US1468198A
InventorsDunn Jr Winslow W
Original AssigneeDunn Jr Winslow W
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Tag holder
US 1468198 A
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Sept" 1s 1923. Hmmm@ W. W. DUNN, JR

TAG HOLDER Filed Dec. 23. 1921 Patented Sept. 18, 1.923.

- U ITED L wiNsLoW-w. DUNN,V Jn., or sr. PAUL, MINNnsoTA.


Application i'led December 23, 1921. Serial No. 524,470.

I has forits object to provide a device adapted to be used in an exposed position which will prevent rain orvwat'er from .running down ,through the top of the device and along the tag and thereby obliterating the matter contained on said tag. Another Objectis to provide means for permitting of inserting the tag from the window of the same and for permitting said tag to be removed directly outwardly Vfrom said window. Y

Ay still further object is to provide means whereby thesaid holder can be readily attachedto a hooped lregor tub.` f

In carrying out my objects I provide a rectangular `iframe having a window `or opening through the same,which frame is formed on three sides: with rabbeted recesses.V In conjunction with this IV provideJ Ymy tags of aheightjust suiiicient to pass Ybetween the opening of saidwindow and arrange the upper portion of saidlframe in the form ofV a water table to shed o rain or water which 'may run down along the side of the tub or keg and prevent the same from flowingv directly over the `card and obliterating the matter contained thereon. .Y

The full objects and advantages of my invention will appear in -connection with the detailed description thereofand 'are particularly pointed out inthe c1aiins. j j In the drawings, `illustrating the applij cation of my invention in one forms#-` l Fig. 1 is aperspective view of a tuliy showing my applied invention thereto with one of the tags partly removed therefrom.

Fig. 2 is a fro-nt elevational Vview oi a portion of thetub shown in Figure 1 drawn to a larger scale indicating the position of the tag when theAsame isfcorrectly placed therein.A

bers are Fig. 3 is a rear View of the holder shown in Figure 2 detached from the tub.

Fig. t is a view similar to Figure 2 showing the method of inserting the tag into the holder.

Fig. 5 is a sectional view taken on line -5-5 of Fig. 4.

i Fig. 6 is a view similar to Figure 5 showing the position of the tag within the holder just prior to the same dropping into place.

Fig. 7 is a section on line 7-7 of Figure 2 and drawn to a larger scale showing the method of applying the linger to the tagto remove the same from the holder.

in Figure 1 I-have shown an ordinary tub 10 to which my invention may be attached. .This tub` may be made of a wooden stave construction held together by a number of hoopsll, 12, and 13, This tub may be 'of any suitable Vconstruction and; is merely illustrated to sho-w the application or" my invention thereto. My invention as best shown in Figure 2 comprises a holder indicated in its entirety at A, which comprises Vtwo uprights 14E and 15 connected at the top and bottom by an upper member 16 and lower member 17. The inner por tions of the uprights 14 and 15 are rabbeted inwardly at 18 and 19 leaving marginal strips 20 and 21 extending upwardly along the outer portion thereof. The exact shape of the iront of uprights 1li. and 15 does not aiiect the invention though the said mempreferably formed with slanting sides. Upper member 16 and lower niember 17 are formed curved to'f fit upon the exterior surface of the tub 10 onV which the device is applied. Lower memberl `17 is formed with a rabbeted recess 22 leaving a marginal strip 23, which recess connects with the recesses 18v and 19 in uprights 111 and liorming a three sided frame with these uprights and said lower member.

marginal strips and 21 of uprights 15 and 14 are cut away to form recesses 29 and to allow the device to be placed over the upper hoop 11 of the tub, which hoop when the device is securely screwed to the tub lies within the recesses 29 and 20. It will be noted from-Figures 3 and 5 that the inner surface 31 of the upper' member 16 and the inner surface of the marginal strips 20 and 21 and 23 are so formled as to lie flush against the surface of the body portion of the tub- 10 when the holder A is tightly screwed to the said tub. Y y.

The shape of the tag used with this holder can bestbe seen in Figures I and 5. In these figures Va tag 32 is shown having the necessary information indicated at 33 thereon. This tag is of a height slightly less than the distance between the upper and lower members 16 and 17 of the holder A, and of a width just equal to the circumferential distance around the tub 10 between the ex# vtreme corners of the rabbeted recesses 18 and 19. In mounting the tag in the holder the tag is grasped by one hand and placedI between the upper and lower framemembers 16 and 17 and one edge of the same is slid inwardly within one of the rabbeted recessesAlS or 19 as the case may be. The

tagthen occupies apposition shown in Figures 4 and 5 with the other edge protruding outwardly beyond one'or the otherof the uprights of said holder. The next step fin inserting the tag into the holder consists of' catching the protruding end of the ,l tag with the extreme end of the finger and buckling the tag towards the inserted end as shown in Figure 6. Y After this position has been taken a slight pressure inwardly of the tadfdisengages the same from the other upright andthe second edge of said 'tagv slides "inwardly into the other of the recesses 18 and 19. This leaves the tag with its right and left edges positioned within the appropriate recesses and the remainder of the tag positioned midway between the Vtwo upper and `lower members 16 and 17. 'By catching the extreme upper corner of the tag 32V with the fingernail as clearly shownin Figure 7 the entire tag may be slid downwardly until the lowermost edge thereo rests in the recess '22"as clearly brought out in ythis igure It can be noted that'the depth' of thefrecesses 185 V19 and 22 is slightly greater than the combined width of the hoops- 11 and the tag 32 so that the said tag slides easily into place without interfering with said hoop.

' 4Forshedding the water which may spill over Vthe topof tub 10 and directly down the sides, and for shedding any rain which may drain along the side of said keg away from the tag 33 AI form upper4 member 16 in the shape of a water table which as be*v against the body portion of the tub 10. The exact construction of this member is bestshown Ain Figure 7 where it will be towards the tub 10.` In like manner member17 is formed with an outwardly'slop.` ing surface 37 and a sloping rear surface 3S which lserve to. direct the water away from the tag thereby preserving the said tag and the written matter thereon.V v

In removing the tag from the holder the finger is inserted as shown in Figure 7 `with the nail engagingthe upper portion of the tag. By drawing the central; part of the upper portion ofthe tag by means thereof outwardly as shown inA Figure 1 the entire taff is quickly pulled outof the holder. f

t can readily be seen with my invention that a tag may bel easily inserted into'the holder or removed therefrom, that when in,

place' the upper member or water' table serves to shed `any waterwhich may come from the spilling of thev contents of the tub 10 over the edge thereof or', from any other source away from the positioned within the holder so -that the same is kept clean and legible. Y

In accordance with the-patent statutesI Y have described the principles of operationY of my inventionV together with the apparatus which I now considertoj represent *the best embodimentthereofybutV I desire to inve 'it understood that the construction shown Yis only illustrative vand Ythat the invention can he carried out by other means and applied to'uses otherthanthose above set forth within the scope of the following claims. f Y A I claim v1.v A tag holder including a `horizontal Y upper member. adaptedV to formV a water shed, an under surface formed on said horizontal member adapted to extend flushwith 'the front opening of said tag'holder,V side and `bottom members'connected with `said Y horizontal member and a marginal recess formedon tliein'ner sideof said side "and bott-omlmembers adapted 'to' receive a tag. 2. A tag holder comprising upper Vand 'lowerhorizontal members,g 'a pair of-uprights. connecting. saidf horizontal members,

rabbeted recesses formed alongythe backs of the lower horizontal andv side members, a downwardlyinclined surfaceformed on upper horizontal memberA and a downwardly. inclined'` surface formed on Vsaid lowerV horizontal Ymember commencing at p the recess within the salme; fore stated'lhas its face .lying snug up 3. A card holder.Y.,includingigj members joined together to form a rectangular frame7 4 a marginal engaging recess formed in the back face of threeof the sides of Said frame, and a smooth slightly inwardly beveled un- 5 der surface formed along the edge of the other of Said members to form a water shed and closure for the upper Side of said holder which is adapted to lie closely against the holder support and to prevent the upper edge of the card from entering below said upper member.

In testimony whereof I afix my signature. Y


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