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Publication numberUS1468372 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1923
Filing dateApr 18, 1922
Priority dateApr 18, 1922
Publication numberUS 1468372 A, US 1468372A, US-A-1468372, US1468372 A, US1468372A
InventorsBendlin Alfred W
Original AssigneeBendlin Alfred W
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Ash receiver
US 1468372 A
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Sept. 18, E923.

A. W. BENDLIN ASH RECEIVER Filed April 18, 1922 a citizen of the has for its primary 'Patented'Sept. 18 1923.

,aaaaa arnr ,aaica.


To all whom it may concem:

Be it known that I, ALFRED W.- BENDLIN, United States, and resident of Milwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ash Receivers; and I do hereby declare that the following 'is a full,

'tion thereof.

clear, and exact descripto ash receivers, and ob ect to provide a economical and effect ve means for My invention refers slmple,

firmly attaching an ash receiver toany fixwhich the receiver is attached.

With the above and other minor objects in view, the invention consists in certain peclaimed.

culiarities of construction and combination of parts as are hereinafter descrlbed in and nection with the drawing and subsequently In. the drawing,- a V Figure 1 represents a plan view of an ash receiver embodying the features of: my in vention, and I L Figure 2, a longitudinalsection of the same, the section being indicated by line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Referring by characters to the drawing, 1

represents an ash receiver of any desired shape and size, having a slip cover 2, which cover is conical in shape with an ash discharge opening 2' therein; The cover may also be provided with one or more receiving shells3 for'supporting a cigarette or cigar. The receiver 1 is alsoprovided with a pocket 4;.for the reception of matches.

Secured in any suitable manner to the wall of the receiver, is a vertioallydisposed tube 5, opened at its upper end and having a closed bottom-5. The outer face or wall of the tube is slotted from the bottom 5" to a point near the fulcrumed mouth of thetube, andthe material is folded outwardly to form guide beads 6-6 for the. reception Application filed April 18, 1922. Serial N0. 554,862.

adjusted to fixtures varying in propor- ASH RECEIVER.

of a slidable back-bone a The back-bone is.

grooved to conform to the beads 6, whereby relative movement between the back-bone and receiver lis permitted in a longitudinal direction, while lateral play is thus avoided. Near its upper end the back-bone 7 is rovided withia slot 8, thru which exten s a threaded shank 9 of an adjustable stem 9, which stem is formed at its base to the flange 12; and abuts the outer'face of the back- The inner threaded end of the shank 9 is,

in threaded union with a head 10, between which head and tube bottoma5 there-is interposed a coil spring 11. The head and stem when a locked.

When it is desired to attach the receiver to a table top or to the fixture A, the downward pressure upon the stem with relation to the receiver 1, will cause the backbone to be distended in opposition to the coil spring. This action causes a, gripping jaw 7, that constitutes part of the back-bone, to spread with relation to the bottom of the receiver,

a whole, can be con- 5 the edgeof the table whereby the device, as 'veniently slipped over.

top, as shown in Figure 2. Upon manual release of the back-bone, the spring will exert its pressure to cause the bottom 1' of the receiver tofrictionally engage the top of the table A and the jaw 7 will exertprwsure upon the bottom of said table, whereby this frictional grip will firmly hold the ash receiver in position, v

Obviously either the gripping jaw 7, as well as the bottom of the receiver, may be provided with a suitable felt lining to prevent abrasion of highly polished furniture. While I have shown and described one simple method of manufacturing my portable ash receiver, it is understood that I may vary the structural features of it with c in the scope of the claim Ifclaim:

1. A portable ash tray comprising a closed bottom receiver, having a tubular extension projecting therefrom, provided with a longitudinal slot, a channeled back-bone reciprocably mounted in the slot, the backbone being provided with an inwardly 0& set gripping jaw associated with the bottom of the receiver, therein near its upper end, an adjustable stem extendin by the stem a apted to have sliding movejusted in the slot 8 are firmly said back-bone having a slot! thru the slot, a head carried ment in the tube, and a coil spring mountt ed in the tube and interposed between the head and bottom of said tube.

2. A portable ash tray comprising a 5 closed bottom receiver, havlng a, tubular exceiver, and a coil spring mounted in the tube 10, and exertlng pressure in one direct on upon the back-bone.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand at Milwaukee, in

the county of Milwaukee and State of Wis- 15 \consin.


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U.S. Classification248/689, 131/241, 206/135, 131/239
International ClassificationA24F19/00
Cooperative ClassificationA24F19/00
European ClassificationA24F19/00