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Publication numberUS1468379 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1923
Filing dateJun 2, 1920
Priority dateJun 2, 1920
Publication numberUS 1468379 A, US 1468379A, US-A-1468379, US1468379 A, US1468379A
InventorsEaston Rowland William
Original AssigneeJohn Leslie Cloudsley, Oswald Cloudesley
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Screw conveyer
US 1468379 A
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Sep. 18 i i923,

. R. W. EASTGN SCREW CONVEYER Filed June 2. 1920 2 Sheets-Sneet l Y lywcmr (/fww/ MMM" Sept. 18 1923. lg@

R, W. EASTON SCREW CONVEYER Filed June 2.l 1920 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patentes Sept.. is, teas.



Application filed June 2. .1920. Serial No. 385,952.



7 Yo all Iifi/'tom it may concern.'

Be it known that 1, RowiiANn VILLIAM EAsToN, a subject. ot the .King of England, residing at London, England, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Screw (.'onveyers (for which 1 have filed applications dated Mar. 3, 1919; Spain, Patent 69,264, dated Apr, 29, 1919; india, Patent 41,258, (lated Mar. 3, 1919; (ireatvBritain, Patent 109,663 (13603/16), filed Sep. 25, 1916; (irreat Britain, Patent 116,873 (45251/18), tiled Mar. 14, 1918; Belgium, application 112155,ti1ed Mar. 7, 1919; Australia, application 10623, filed Mar. 31, 1919; South Africa, Patent 193/19. dated Mar. 19, 1919; and Canada, application 227,613, tiled Mar. 12, 1919), of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in screw conveyers for lifting liquids and for use iii retorts, coke ovens and the like. The conveyer may he used for conveying, forcing or pumping gaseous, liquid, viscous or granulail materials. Such materials may be treated', as, for example, by heat, while n the conveyer.

According to the invention, in a screw conveyer tor lift-ing liquidsand for use in a retort, coke oven 0i the like, there are provided two intermeshing screws of similar pitchA which are ot' the same hand (either liothiight-lianded or hotli left-handed) and which rotate iii the same sense in close proximity to one another. and a casing which closely surrounds both conveyers.

According to a further feature of the iiivention in a continuous retort for the distillation ot'carhonaceous material or the like, there is combined with a casing of metal or refractory material arranged iii a. furnace and having means for supply and discharge. and an outlet conduit for distillate, two interinesli'ing screws of similar pitch closelyl housed in Said casing and arranged and operated as above described.

vIn the accompanying drawings- Figure 1 is a sectional view of a portion of a conveyor constructed according to this invention, taken along the axis of the screws;

in France, Patent 496,1124,V

-Figure 2 is. a. cross-sectioiial view';

longitudinal Section v Figure 3 is a vertical ,of a retort accordingr to this invention Figure 4 is a plan in part-section;

Figure 5 is a Figure (i is a construction.

referring to Figures A, each having, a

cross-section, and

sectional plan of another V1 and 2, two screws s shown, a coarse deeply-eut thread of the same hand and pitch side with vtheir in lioth screws, are arranged Side b threads intermeshing. Y

casing l surrounds the screws and, as shown` is made to lit as closely as possible to their coiiiliined Means (not illustrated) tating hoth the screws tion.

The threads ot the screws alilte and compleineiitaiy. so that the oneother,

This conveyer may he used f ot' purposes. including cross-sectional shape. are provided for roin the saine direc- A, are made providing a coniietween them, ex-

to ciid of the conveyer. erial being conveyed is pping hack along the caused to advance for a variety the lifting or conveying of liquids, viscous materials. or liquids having solids in suspension therein, oi"

powdered, granular -oi lumpy materials.

For example, coal, shale, peat. sewage. china clay, gravel, sand, crushed the like, may be conveyed.

rock and ore and @wing to the positive action a high speed is unnecessary,

and moreover the appara-tus forcing material ployed for moulds or receptacles.

chines, briquetting machines.

may he enr into dies, in sausage maand the like` and in the manufacture oisoft. metal tuhing. In the last. case th through dies h v thc app ous automatic process.

In the treatment of rial suitahle hinding during their passage tus to dies or moulds'.

e material. is forced aratus in a continudisinlcgrated matcagents can he added iiough the apparalleat Amay he applied to the material while iii the apparatus` either externally or hy means of steam, and to allow for alteration purpose in hand.

in bulk 0r other physical elienggcin the material during,- its passage through the eppuretus, the screws may he mede te tamper.

ln, all these zippliceiorur el the invention e greet advantage arises 'from the fact l'iet the surfaces of the two screws ut the point of meshing are .movingr in opposite direcionf, und thus tney keep erich ether clean. lider over there :ire no valves, gems, or ether eli jectioneble intricately-slniped ohjects 'within the conveyer to collect dirt. Y

leterring to Figures 3J, the retort 'or the dietilletion .of material te he treated ccmfsis'ts of a easing A which surrounds and for the moet part lits closely against two screw conveyers B, B, arranged side hy side, sind cach having deep course-pitch thread et: the hand and pitch, Se that they interuiesh together, The screws B, ii., fire re tuted in the sume direction es ene :mother ley gearing C outside the retort.

At the inlet end of the retert is a hopper l) provided with e gms-tightrevelving doer l operated by n worm geel' il. .liie residue of the treuted meteriul fzilm' from the other rnd of the retort into a hopper E, lprovided with u 'revolving door for the emt of the residue.

The casing A is rovide'c' @here sind hetween the screws 1, or :ilmest its whole length, wh an elongated enlargement G, which constitutes a. cheminer fer collecting;r :md drawing oli' the distilled ges, which is afterwards led away through the pipe l1", The lower half of the raising! hewever is made te fit the screws quite closely so that the retort muy not have any pocket@ er portions unreversed hy the screws, wherein materiel mi 'ht get clogged.

r `he retort es chere described and illusruted is ineixded to he huilt into :i suituhle furnace setting, und may he set horizontal, vertical. or inclined, as found suitable for the "he casing; muy he of metal, irecley or fireh'riclr.

ln treating ccnl und other materiels which incl-ense in size during treatment, the screws ll, li, und retort A, are preferably milde to enlarge slightly towards the rear or hottest portion of the furnace 'to allow for the expension of the meterla-il..

Figure (i shows cnnslructiono celie even wherein the Screws li de not extend thrfeugh the whole length of the retort, out merely leed the coul into the enlarged mein porticn l, through which it is then pressed as u solid muss hy the fr sh materiel entering hy the screws. Suitable :md coke exim irre ef couree provided. This oven als@ inust of course lie fret in e. suitable lirickwerlr furnace. The screws, however, are outside the furnace,- away from the heut.

if desired, more than two screws may be arranged side by side in the manner de scribed.

What .l cluinl es; to secure by Letters Patent lez* l. The ceinhinetion, with two endless male screws el" the Seme hand and pitch arranged lengthwige Side by side meshing one with the other ef a. retort body having an inlet for materiel to he distilled at one end, an outlet for residue ai; the other end, and-:1n enlerged niiddle portion that has :in outlet fer gases, the inlet end of which body lying on epposite sides of a pinne including the axes of the screws is syirxmetricel and extends completely around. and cloeely fits the jperiphery dit the intermeehing screws as viewed in cre'e section, and. ineens errenged-to rotete each of Seid screw@ in the sinne directien :rs the other whereby the engaging pertions more in epposite directions, substantiel@ deecrilied. u

2. The cembinetion, with two endl-ensearle screws of he seme hand and itcli. arranged lcnghwiee side by side meshing one with the other, 0f e retort hedy whereof two end portions lying on epgieite Sides eff a plane including the axes et the eerews is Symmetricul and extend each completely around and closely lit the peri'ihery of the interineshing screws es viewed in cross section, which rc tort body luis an enlarged middle portion that {irorides :i space for ,gases ehuve Said screws and has en outlet, which end portions ere previded one with an inlet for material to he distilled, and the other with am eiitlet for residue. and melius arranged to rotate euch ul said scrcwsin the seme direction as the other wlw-.relug the engaging portions move. in opposite directions, substantially as described. i

ln e retort, e. retort body having restricted inlet and outlet portiens of Substantially the suine size und nu enlarged intermediate portion. and means `for positively forcing' material through said body, subslentielly :is described,

L in n retort, n retort body having re- :stricted inlet and outlet portions of substantiully the freine size .end :in enlarged intermediate holly, und rotatinw means closely Fitting tlu` ende4 e' the hem' @er positively forcing nmteriul there hreugn, substantially es described.

ln testimony whereof i :illix my si nature.

my invention and desire

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International ClassificationB65G33/00, C10B7/10
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