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Publication numberUS1468685 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1923
Filing dateMay 31, 1922
Priority dateMay 31, 1922
Publication numberUS 1468685 A, US 1468685A, US-A-1468685, US1468685 A, US1468685A
InventorsWise Joseph C
Original AssigneeEmma Meyers
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US 1468685 A
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' epi. 25., '1923.


J. c. WISE BOOKMARK Filed May 31. 1922 v Figl mark is used.

Patented Septr255,

unirse siiatres rare! fJosEPH'opWIsE, ornnnwoon err-r, CALIFORNIA, Assis-Nou or ONE-FOURTH 'ro i EMMA iviinziiias,Y or OAKLAND,Y oALi'FoRNIA.'


Application filed May 31,

usefulY Bookmark,V or" which the following isVv bookmark that may be made from discarded envelops'so that the envelopvmay be madek to serve two purposes and even a third when it is considered that'the combination oi the VtWo state-d uses offers a unique advertising feature. Y

VThe invention is illustrated in the accom panying drawing in Which Figure l is a face Vvieiv oit the envelop showing the `application of the inventiony'Figu're 2 is a Vvieiv of the back ot the envelop and Figure 3 is a view of the back of the bookmark after it Vhas beenVV cut out; the dotted lines show the margin or" the discarded part ofthe envelop.

Ref YY1ring now to the drawing in detail A represents an envelop, having the customary` Vsealing flap B on the back thereof.

According" to my invention I mark olf a Vhorn shaped area preferably in the left hand upper corner of the face and border the same as at (6) `With dotted lines around the outside of the border as at (7). 'llie dotted lines. extend across thebaek as at to Y leave zii-'triangular area as at (9). l

' Theinside of the heini-shapedareamaybe utilized for a return address and other advertisinfr matterappropriaterivhen thevbookllVhenzthe envelop is `sent-through 4the mails the Hap B is pasteddown and after 1t 1922. Serial No. 564,845.

V'has beenopened by theaddressee it may be cut around the dotted lines (7) and (8) leav-Y .jing` tliebookmark. The triangular area (9) Vtozfgrether With the large end of the hornsliaped area or rather the corner of the eutf out will leave a pocket to receive the corner edges of the book pages. ny invention relates to an improved Vconie V bination envelop and Abookinar; Vor rather a F rom the above it Will be seen that I have produced a novel advertising` device as'ivell as an article which Will supply a need.

I'claiin: i Y l. An envelope including a front having diagonal line along Which the saine is adapted to be severed to produce one side of a book mark, said diagonal line also mark .ing oit one VCorner of the envelope for advertising matter; and a back integral withv said front and having a diagonal line along whieh'the saine may be severed to form another side of a book mark.

2, The herein described method of makingn a book mark Whichv consists in severing one corner portion of the front side of an envelope along curved lines to produce an apiproxiinately horn-shaped p member, and in severing that portion of the back of the envelope immediately behind and integral with saidhorn-shapedportion whereby to deiine a pocket between the fro-nt and back of the envelope.

3.` A book mark comprising front and rear sides connected along the outer edges thereof `and defining a triangular pocket adapted for the reception of one corner of a book page, Vsaid front side being adapted to bear adver- 1 tising matter and Vhaving a horn-shaped'extension;

Josnrii o; Wise.

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U.S. Classification116/234, 283/56, 281/20
International ClassificationB42D9/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42D9/005
European ClassificationB42D9/00B4B