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Publication numberUS1468808 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1923
Filing dateMar 23, 1922
Publication numberUS 1468808 A, US 1468808A, US-A-1468808, US1468808 A, US1468808A
InventorsVictor Hamilton
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US 1468808 A
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Sept. 25, 1923.

Patented Sept. 25, 1923.

entre VICTOR HAMILTON, or CALGARY, rnovnon on ALBERTA, AcAivAnAfv BOTTLE raoTnoTon. Y

Application nea Maren as, ieee. Yserial No. 546,171.

To all whom t may concern: Y

Be 1t known that I, Vto'ren HAMILTON, an

American citizen, residing at Calgary, in-

the two members hinged together and openV for receiving Vabottle.'k

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section showing in outline the bottle in'place. 1

Fig. 3 is .ahorizontal cross section showing the base plate.

Fig. 4 is a horizontal cross section through the body portion showing the resilient side spring members.

Similar characters refer to 'similar parts throughout vthe several views.`

a, is the body member built .upV in twor parts half the base being formed upon each part Vand the materials of the body member being arranged in layers with an asbestos strip betweenthem as shown at Z); c is a resilient 4 armed spiny member secured to the base of the containerand on which the bottle rests, d shows the side spring resilient members of which there are a number yall spaced aroundf the interior Vof theV casing and extending inwardly. se, are se'- curingsnap springs one being mounted near the top of the casing which holdthetwo parts ofthe body member in the closed position. are push buttons on opposite sides of the casing to release the casing members by co-acting upon the springs e, uponsiff multaneous exertion of pressurefon both buttons.l g is aV resilient pad which may be of .any material suitable to engage between the lbottleY and the protector and ,may Vbe in the `ormof a ring aroundthe bottle lsuch for inst-ance as the thick bandvof a feeding nipple.

What l do claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

An articleot1 the character described comprising a laminated casing formed in two corresponding parts Vor 'halves ,whichV parts are' hinged together at'tlieir base. Perpendicular spring members disposed at intervals upon the interior'faces of thesaid membersfA a base spring in the form Vora cross securedv to the interior surface ofthe 'base of one of the said casing members, oppositelyY disposed spring clips mountedinteriorly upon oneof the said casing members engaging vin slots upon theinterior of theV other casing member and releasing buttons mountedadjacent 'the said springs vto' co-act upon'the said spring clipsto open the receptacle upon the hinged joint in the ybase ot the said casing forthe insertion of a bottle. v l Y vVICTGR'HlLlVllL'lOhl.



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U.S. Classification215/12.1
Cooperative ClassificationB65D23/001