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Publication numberUS1469080 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1923
Filing dateAug 11, 1922
Priority dateAug 11, 1922
Publication numberUS 1469080 A, US 1469080A, US-A-1469080, US1469080 A, US1469080A
InventorsJacob Goerk
Original AssigneeJacob Goerk
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Pocket case for cigarettes, cigars, or the like
US 1469080 A
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Filed Aug. 11, 1922 I TOaZZ whom it-mag ao'ncemttj I useful'lmprovenients inf Pocket cas'es'.for" Cigarettes, Cigars, or the -like, of which the.

Patented Sept. 1 923 if CbBi "some a m GT i I EY- rocKErlcA sEf roncrclinn'r'rns, (greens, olarrrrn'rrnn.

. A pplication filed August 11,-.19'22. -Seri aI no. 531,254. f 1

Be it known that LJAoonGonBK, a citizen of the United States, residing at Irving tonrin the y. o Essex andjStateof New Jersey; have invented certainjnew andfollowing is-a specification. f I V I The present invention appertains toini provementsin pocket cases made of leather or similar material and designed especially to carry clgaret-tes, cigars or other articles,

'the' object in view beingto provide acontainer having compartments or pockets on opposite sides of a common wall, the con-' struction of which being symmetrical, gives to the case the same finished appearance on both sides. 7 a

It is further an object to provide a relatively, thin caseyforj a given capacity, each of the compartments or pockets having a closing flap, and'the pockets and flaps all being connectedtoa common stiliening wall by a single row of stitching around the. periphery of the case.

'With the above and other objects in view,

' the invention consists in'certain .combina tions and arrangements of the parts as will 7 more fully appear as the description proceeds, the novel features thereof being:

' Metal corner protectors 11 of any desired V of a form having the pockets reversely arranged. 1

Figures and 7 arediagrammatic showspectively. a

Corresponding andlike parts are referred to in the following-description and indicatedin 110i the views ofthe drawin b i reference characters. r 1

Referring to the drawing, 1 indicatesthe, central Wall of the case, the material of' whichmay be cardboard or any other simi.

.lar material possessing a fair amountlof stiiiness. To the opposite surfaces of this wall is applied-a thin covering 2 of the usual Figurese' and 5, re-.

- signed tobe used.

although this in-=no Wise altersthe method of 'constructionof the "case, except that each- V of the flaps-is formed With anenfolding exof the pocketsiis closed by 5a corresponding lining m terial;used"inthe 'const-ru'ction of flap 5 designedtolje'heldin closedposition by means" ofa sna -f stener- 6J 1 jFurth-er; more; eachcompartment or-pocket is pro:

for thepurpose of aiiordingasupport to hold the cigarettes or-cigars in upright, ac

cessible position when some aredisplaced,

The construction ofthe, article will be quite'apparent from the drawing by -referpocketsare extended so as to'ffold over;.the; meeting edges of the opposite pocketand flaps are similarlyformed so that one will have an infolding edge 9. All of these edges are usually skive'd to a very material degree the central wall, as indicated at 8, and the a and atttached preliminarily byan adhesive.

Thena single row of stitching 10 is run completely around the periphery of the case, as shown in Figure 1, connecting-all of the parts firmly "and, permanently together.

finish are then preferably secured at all corners. The result-is a case of thegclass described which has the same appearance on out undue bulkinessj The cigarettes, if it 00 l I .both sides and affords double capacity withis adaptedjfor'holdingthe same, are arranged in each pocket after the manner shown in Figure land the pocketside being cut away, the cigarettes may be readily displaced from their compartment by opening the flap therefor; I I 1 be made in various shapes; and sizes, dependn will bennderstood that the (i336 my;

ing upon the; purpose for which is 'de-i It will be observed in Figure 5 flaps. and pockets maybe reversely arranged;

tension for bindingat the ends.

- In Figured the construction-is slightly 11o modified in that the. flaps are in the form ofa single blank folded and secured along .a central line, but this form does not lend .7 vided "with' an innergconnector-piec'e '7ar ranged. substantially centrally and primarily itself so readily to the symmetrical structure owing to the slight increase in" thickness alongthe fold line.

Having thus described my invention; What- I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1.- As an art cle of manufacture, pocket case comprising a'flat central stiffening Wall,

a pocket arranged at each side thereof and 'attacheclthereto at its peripheral edges,and

flap closures for said pockets, the sides'ancl flaps. being connected with the wall by a stitchingabout the periphery of the case.

with an enfolding extension to'embrace the corresponding edges of, the opposite pocket,

{Hula flap foreach of said pockets enibracmg the central wall the partspinentioned I i being all connected by a single common line of stitching through the embracing portions about-the peripheryfof the case.

l r 25 v .3. A pocket case ofthe class described com risin a central stifllenin Wall 'reversely arranged pocketsat opposite sides of said wall ancl parallel 'thereto," .a connector-p v piece in each pocket betiveenthe sideflwall thereof-and the central wall ancl a fiapclosure for each of said pockets, the flaps and pockets being conn'ecteclito thecentralwall by a single line ofstitching arrangecliabout the periphery of the case toengage the edges of the fiaps ancl'poclrets to be secured,

In testimony whereofl ifi y n; tum! i T 5:

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U.S. Classification206/256, 383/38, 206/260
International ClassificationA24F15/12, A24F15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA24F15/12
European ClassificationA24F15/12