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Publication numberUS1469162 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1923
Filing dateJun 21, 1922
Priority dateJun 21, 1922
Publication numberUS 1469162 A, US 1469162A, US-A-1469162, US1469162 A, US1469162A
InventorsLesler Albert F
Original AssigneeLesler Albert F
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Paper dispenser
US 1469162 A
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Sept. 25 1923.


Filed June 21 1922 IN l/E/V TOR 3&67'2 FLesZer A TTOR/VE Y8 Patented Sept. 25, was.


-. rel-inn msrnnsnn.

a ipn' ationni a June 21; ieea. s t No; 559,783,? f

To all whome't mayo-anaem a. v,

Be it known that I. antes F 'Lnsnna, a citizen'of the United .States, and a resi-v dent of the city of Blew York borough, of Manhattan, in the county and State of New York, have invented newand Improved Paper'Dispensers, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention relates to paper dispensers and particularlyto an improved dispenser for protecting toilet paper and has for an object the provision of a simple but very effective holder adapted to dispense one sheet of paper at a time. 1 j

Another object of the invention is to provide a dispensing device for toilet paper which will ordinarily protect the paper but which will not allow the paper to be removed by a direct pull, the arrangement being such that the supporting members will act as cutters as the paper-is removed.

A still further object of the invention is to provide adispensing device for toilet paper which will prevent the paper from becoming tangled as the sheets are'succes-f sively removed.

In the accompanying drawing- Figure 1 is av plan view with certain parts broken away disclosing one embodi ment of the invention. V

Figure 2 is a sectionalview through Figure 1 on line 22, the same being on a greatly enlarged scale. Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view through Figure 1 on line 33. V Figure 4' is an enlarged perspective view of one of the supporting brackets shown in Figure 1.

Figure 5 is ajsectional view similar to Figure 2 but showing the modified form of the invention. 7

Referring to the accompanying drawings by numerals 1 indicates a: casing which is j sealed or closed tightly throughoutexcept at the bottom which is open andwhich .is provided with cut away portions or notches 2 and 8 whereby the thumbs of an operator may readily press the top sheet of paper 4 andpull the same outwardly without molest- 1 ing the remaining sheets 5. The various sheets 4 and 5 and easing 1 are supported on a pair of brackets or clips 6 constructed. as shown particularly in Figure 4. These brackets areprovided with a body portion 7 merging into an-apertured extension 8 designed to receive a nail or other support and at r drtieg utfits. m mber twh a 'r merge. nts a urnedl e lamp h car 10. The supportingcuttingjrnemberfi extends through theback of the casing and through the package of paper as shown in Figure 1 and isthen bent over for forming the clamping ear 10 at the front part of the package. In this way, the paper is sup ported on the edge of the cutting member 9, which cutting member'will properly support the paper until some appreciable pull is exerted on the paper whereupon the paper will move downwardly and become out as shown in Figure 1.

As the paper cannot be grasped except by the thumbs, the pressure is naturally against the paper and then in a downward direction whereby only the top sheet 4 will be removed as the downward pressure acts principally;

on the firstsheet and causesjit to be readily out by the members 9. In addition to the" arrangement of the members 6, af retaining flap or tongue 11' is provided which is secured by adhesive or other means to the back of casing 1 and extends through the opening 12 of theipad of paper 5 so as to bear upon the protecting extensions 13 forming part of the various sheets. fThe tonguell will not in anyway interfere with the removal of any of the sheets of pad 5 but will pre vent falling or tangling of the various sheets in the'extensions 13. r

In Figure 5, a slightly modified oonstruction is shown in which the bottom of the easing 1 is closed by a suitable closing section 82 so that there is only a very small outlet or discharge opening 32. In addition to this feature, aboard or stifl' sheet 35 is hinged or otherwise suitably secured at 34 to forwardly by a suitable spring 35 whereby thesheets of paper 5 are held against. the front ofthe casing, 1 and may be readily drawn through the opening 32' one at a time.= In this form of the invention, thetongue 11 isv connectedwith the sheet 33 instead of the back'of the casing.

What I claim -is:. 1. In a paper dispensing device of the character described, a casing for receiving ing tongue secured to the back of said casing and extending through said aperture so as to overlap the top of'the paper dispensed and guide the paper as it is moved from the easing. 7 l v 2. A dispenser for sheets of toilet paper having openings 'in the center, comprising a casing closed completely except atthe bottom, said casing having notchesat the bottom so that a personmay pass his thumbs through the notches and press against said paper to remove'the same throughthe bot tom opening in the casing, a plurality of section being positioned edgevvise to the movement of the paper so that it may be readily torn from said supporting section, and a guiding tongue extending through the one end on one side of the paper dispensed and the other end on the opposite side, one of said ends being secured to said casing. V


'opening'ln said paper, said tongue having I

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U.S. Classification312/50, 221/26, 211/50
International ClassificationA47K17/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47K17/003
European ClassificationA47K17/00B