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Publication numberUS1469287 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1923
Filing dateAug 12, 1922
Priority dateAug 12, 1922
Publication numberUS 1469287 A, US 1469287A, US-A-1469287, US1469287 A, US1469287A
InventorsJoseph Torchia
Original AssigneeJoseph Torchia
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US 1469287 A
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lfjatented @et 2, W23..y



Application led August 12, 1922.

To all whom z't may concern:

Be it known th-at I, JOSEPH TORCHIA, a citizen f the United States, residing at Cincinnati, in the county of Hamilton and State of Ohio, have invented certainnew and useful Improvements in Bloomers, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in bloomers for ladies and misses.

The object of my invention is to provide simple, efficient, 'convenient and economical means for opening and closing the back and crotch of a garment for the convenience of the wearer for the purpose of answering the calls of nature and for convenient access in attaching or removing a sanitary menstrual napkin or for other purposes.

My invention consists in providing a central vertical opening, such as a slit or slot from the front of the crotch to near the back waist line of the garment and with lateral er extended openings at each side of the crotch with a covering flap or panel attached at its upper end to near the rear top of the garment and adapted to extend over said opening between the legs and having me-ans for attaching its free end to the front of the garment.

My invention also consists in the peculiar construction, combination and arrangement of parts as herein set forth and claimed.l

ln the drawings; y n y Fig. 1 is a front view of a bloomer embodying my invention Fg. 2 is a rear view thereof Fig. 3 isa rear view'showing the free end of theclosing flap detached and drawn to one side to show the sides of the opening held in closelproXimity bythe fastening tab;

Figff is a similar view showing'the fastening tab detached and the sides of the opening drawn apart to more clearly illustrate the interior construction;

Fig. 5 is a fragmental rear view of` the garment showing the construction of the crotch and other parts;

Fig. 6 is a vertical section taken on the line 6 6 of Fig. l;

Fig. 7 is an inside view of the closing flap showing a sanitary menstrual napkin secured thereon; f

8 is a front view of the bloomer showing the closing flap detached; and

Fig. 9 is a rear elevationshowing the covering fiap in dotted lines.

ln the' embodiment of my invention as il- Serial No. 581,337.

lustrated and which shows a preferred construction the bloomer 1" is preferably provided with a waist band 2 having a longitudinal passage-way 3 in which an elastic band e is inserted to form means for holding and supporting the garment in proper position upon the wearer. rl`he`waist band is preferably formed sufficiently large to permit the goods to form gathers 5 when the elastic band is contracted or partly contracted for the purpose of providing a wide range of adjustment to different sizes of persons. ,The rear sides 6 and 7 of the garment 4are separated by a vertical opening 8 extending from thel waist band 2 to the front of the crotch 9 and is provided with branch slotsv 10 and 11 extending downwardly to the closing seams 12 and 13, respectively, of the legs 14: and 15, respectively. This peculiar construction of the bloomer at the crotch provides for a wide and free opening of the garment in the rear and at the lower front extremity of the garment to furnish a large opening for the user when seated without any binding of the garment across the legs or hips and without danger of tearing or ripping the garment under said conditions. lt also proi vides for convenient, free and unobstructed access of the hands to the perso-n.

Reinforcing patches 16 and 17 are preferably inserted and assist in forming a strong/ base on which toy mount the fastener eyelets 18 and 19. The front ofthe crotch 9 extends upwardly providing a short front slot 20 adjacent branch slots 10 and .11 for the purpose of assisting in spreadingor eX- tending the opening and Iof gaining free vaccess to the personfrom the front.

A covering fla 21. `is attachedutol the rear sides `6 and and preferably fefxt'ends over and around waist b-and 2 to,k which it is stitched, ,It is also preferably stitched. to the rear sides 6 and 7 .from the waist band as shown `by stitches 22 to hold said the inner side of the free end of flap l21 and are adapted to engage eyelets 18 and 19, respectively, to detachably hold said flap in closed pos1tion, 'but other suitable fasgio be used.

lidesired and when necessary a sanitary' menstrual napkin 25 may be suitably attached by safety pins 26, or otherwise, to the inner face of closing Hap 2.1 at the proper position thereon to perform 1ts usual 'functions.

Tab 27 preferably detachably holds back rear sides 6 and 7' 1n close relation to each other as shown in Figs. 3 and 92 The closing ap or panel may be made of rubberized cloth or other'equivalent material for the purpose of preventing staining the outer garmentsl due to menstrual flow and the like in which case the panel may be readily washed without washing the garment. Heretofore bloomers have been made without any convenient and accessible rear and bottom opening and when the user desired to gain access to the nether or prlvate organs or toperform the calls of nature 1t was necessary to shift the garment down from the waist upon the legs below said nether organs, thus making it necessary to lift` up the outer garments inconveniently high for such purpose and entailingl much inconvenience in the adjustment of t e garments to open or closed position.

Bloomers have also been made with a dro seat or lap secured at its upperyend by uttons at each side at the waist line but such arrangement is very inconvenient and also requires lifting the outer garments inconveniently high to gain access and the buttons must be attached or detached at the back or side at great inconvenience to the user. Furthermore, when the user is seated with such latter type of bloomer the adjacent edge of the Hap and body of the bloomer will spread and ap thereby exposing the person to the weat er and if no other garment is being worn would expose the person at that time.

With such type of bloomer also it is ini-- possible to provide an adequate opening for vconvenience and ease of the -user while seated upon a toilet as the sides of the garment will bind upon the hips and the drop flap will be in the way of the user. Myk

bloomer is preferabl provided with a completely closed flexib e waist band the same as in ordinary bloomers and thereby insures holding the bloomer in position on the wearer, whereas if either button of the drop flap type of bloomer becomes loose or unbuttoned the bloomer is free to drop down upon the floor with possible embarrassment to the wearer.

An important advantage of m bloomer is that it enables the user free an convenient aeeaaav access for the purpose of applying or removing a sanitary menstrual napkin which may be conveniently attached at each end to the inside closing flap of the bloomer so that it may be conveniently moved out of the way with the iiap Without detachingl it therefrom at such times as required or desired.

My invention is particularly convenient for use in opening and closing the opening 8 since the free end of the closing flap 21 is detachably connected to the lower front part of the garment at a point of convenient access tol the hands of the user without the necessity of lifting the outer garments or reaching up to the top and rear part of the bloomer to obtaint'he desired result of opening it, or of shifting it down over the person from the rear which is frequently required. While l have illustrated my invention as applied to a bloomer having a closed iiexible retaining Waist band it will be understood that it may also be applied to modified constructions such as a non-flexible separable band having its ends detachably connected by buttons or otherwise, and while ll have shown a particular construction and arrangement of my invention it will also be understood that it is capable of modification without departure from its scope or spirit as defined in the claims.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. lln a bloomer having a rear central opening extending from substantially at the waist-'band to the front of the crotch, a closin flap attached at the rear of the bloomer su stantially at the waistband of the bloomer and adapted to extend over said opening and crotch to close the opening, and to be detachably connected to the front of the bloomer.

2. In a bloomer having a rear opening extending downwardly through the crotch and having a fastening means on one side thereof, a tab secured to one side of said opening and adapted to be attached across said opening to said first named fastening means, and a flap adapted to cover said opening and permanently attached to the bloomer at the upper rear end of said opening and detachably connected to thel bloomer at its front.

3. In a bloomer having a completely closed waist-band and having a rear central opening extending substantially from said waist-band to the front of the crotch, a clos- A ing flap attached substantially at the waistband of the bloomer and adapted to extend over said opening and crotch to close the opening, and means to detachably connect said closing Hap to the front of the bloomer.

Josera Toscana.

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European ClassificationA41B9/00C2, A41B9/04