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Publication numberUS1469315 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1923
Filing dateAug 25, 1921
Priority dateAug 25, 1921
Publication numberUS 1469315 A, US 1469315A, US-A-1469315, US1469315 A, US1469315A
InventorsHansard Hugh H
Original AssigneeHansard Hugh H
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Wrist support
US 1469315 A
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Oct. 2, 1923. 1,469,315

H. H. HANS'ARD WRIST SUPPORT Filed Aug. 25, 1921 Patented Oct. 2, 1923.

' [raters HUGH rrqnnnsenn, 0I MOI\TTBEAL, QUEBEC, cannon.

wnrsr surro er.

Application filed August 25, 1921. Serial No. 495,255.

vT 0 all whom a may concern;

Eeit known that I, HUGH H. HANsAnn, a subject o-f the King of Great Britain, and resident of the city of Montreal, in the Province of Quebec andDominion of Canada, have invented certain new and useful Imn'ovements in lVrist Supports, of which the following is'a full clear, and. exact description.

This invention relates to improvements in wrist supports, and the objeoteof the invention is to provide-means for supporting a wrist against bending backward and forward while yet leaving it free if desired to bend sideways.

A further object is to provide a support of this type particularly adapted for use by persons playing golf, billiards or. other games in which a back and forth movement of the wrist continues a defective action.

A still further objectisto' arrange the support within a glove, so that there will be nothing unusual or unsightly about the appearance of the apparatus.

The invention comprises the provision of a pair, of slightly resilient but withal com- 7 paratively stiff members of material. such as spring steel. located against the back and front of the wrist and hand and he d to the hand and forearm adjacent the wrist joint eitherrigidly or by such slip connection as will permit edgewise movement of the hand from the wrist.

In the drawings which illustrate the invention Fig. 1 is a side view illustrating the device in position on a hand.

Fig. 2 is a front or palm view of the apparatus.

'Referring more particularly to the drawings, 11 designates a glove with a comparatively. long wrist portion 12 open in the usual manner. Within the glove there is provided a member 13 and possibly. an additional member 1430f stiff but slightlv resilient material, such as spring steel. These members are designed to lie against the hack and front of the hand, as illustrated in Figure 1, and are suitably curved to hold the hand in any desired position with relation to thefore'arm, for example, the slightly bent back position shown in Figure 1. The for ward ends of these members are held against the wearers hand by the glove itself which be suitably reinforced as indicatedjat .15.

Furthermore, a} complete or partial covering 16 may be provlded' for-t-hememhers 13 and 14; to lim tthemovementthere-' of or to hold the-same away from close oontact with the wearers hand. This separatstrip 16 is especially to be desired where edgewise movement of the hand'is .permissible as it separates the supporting bers 13 and; 14 from the hand and enablesthe hand to move easily relatively tothe member or members. The rear ends of the supportlng members 13 and'14 are held to the wearers forearm at a suitable distance from the wrist joint by a strap or-band l7 suitably incorporated-with the glove and preferably having-a fastening mean 19,

which may be concealed within the wrist of the glove but towhich access may behad by opening the 'wristof the glove. As with the forward ends of the supporting H1611].- bers, a shield 18 may be provided at the wrist between the'supporting members and the wearers skin. In addition to the separating members 16 and18, the supportsmay be coveredwith leather, fabric or other-suite able material (not shown).

members may be additionally attached to the love, for example, by one or more rivets V 20 located intermediate the ends of the mernbers or 'may .be' entirely separate and-re- The supporting movable, from the glove. yVVhe'n only a,

single rivet is used, as indicated, it willserve as a pivot upon which the su port1ng member may swing togive freedomofmovement to thehand in the edgewise direction. On the contrary,,either end of- .a supporting member may be rigidly attached either to y the glove or to the-wearer, s-o'that the hand V will have only a limited edgewise movement.

Naturally, if the supporting members are rigidly attached to the glove throughout their length] they, will prevent .edgewise movement of the wearers hand/In this j to the results desired.

respect, the construction will'be according The members 13 and V 14*ma-y be initially formed to: suitable perphor backwardsbut will hold it at any angle eral shape and curvatures or may be supplied in substantia ly fiat form with a view to being bent to the desired curvature by the user. 7

It is obvious that the supporting members, being stra-pped tightly to the palm of the hand and to the forearm above the wrist, will hold the hand from swinging forwards to the arm,ffor which the supports are formed. The'han'd may 'bepermitted either free or limiteded'gewise movement, as illustrated in Figure 2, or if the supports are rigidly attached to the glove the hand will also be held against such movement and will be rigid with the arm in all directions. Pref era-bly, however, the hand is permitted an ie'dgewise movement as this is the movement really used in imparting motion to a billiard i cuefor example- Thezdevice may be worn either ass; permanent and or merely tempo- '25 V v rari'ly until person learns the correct posie 't on'rat which to hold the hand for any desii'edresult, The apparatus may also be i'ise'dltorgive stiffness and strength to weak rists and,'for -th1spurpose, the supports 7 maybe much lessrigid'than would other- W156 be' the case.

()bviously, the invention is not limitedto holding the ha-nd'in the bent backposition illustrated in Figure 1' but applies equally to all'positions. No'attempt has been made toillustrate the various peripheral forms and curvatures in which the supports may be made, as these will vary according to the use to which the sup-port is [to V be put. It will be understood, therefore, that the invention is not limited to the comparae ti'vely narrow parallel-sided strips shown, as these strips may 'assume'other shapes and,

if wider, may be curved to conform to the hand even to the point of embracing the "hand and thus'm a measure usurp" the lune-1 tions ofthe'strapsflb or17. For'eertainp'urposesfthe single member 13 will found sufficient so that the invention is not limited ,jto theme of two supports. It will further be: understood. that thesupports may take such form thattheycan bejsecured to the "hand'entirely independent of a glove, and

' special glove.

- Having thus 1 A device of be time available for'concealmentby, an ordinary glove and so avoid. the expense of a described my invention, what I claim is i the "class described, comprisin'g'axpair of supporting members of "limited resiliency formed to lie against the 'back and'front respectiv ely'of" a han'd and forearm to hold the hand against forward and backward movement,and means for securing said members to thehandand forearm adapted topermit limited movement of the supports therein to enable edgewlse movement of the hand relatively to the arm.

7 2. A wrist support comprising a comparatively stiff supporting member formed to he against the hand and forearm, means for securing-said member to the hand and fore-.

arm, and separators interposed between the supporting member and the hand and fore? arm to facilitate permissible relative movement of 'the hand and supporting member.

3. A'Wrist support comprising a stiff supporting member formed to lie against the hand and forearm, means for securing said member to the hand and forearm and a glove for the hand and forearm enclosing and concealing the supporting member.

4. A wrist support comprisinga stiff sup porting member formed to lie against the hand and forearm and a glove enclosing and concealing the supporting member and constituting porting member to the wearer s hand.

5. A wrist supportcomprising a gloveffor enclosing the hand and'forearm, and asup- T porting means securedw thm the-glove to a 7. A wrist support comprising a glove for enclosing the'hand and. forearm, a support-' ing member secured within a glove formed to lie against the hand and forearm and to hold the hand slightly out of the plane of" glove to permit of an.

the means forattachin'g 'the supthe ,arm. said supporting'memberbeingcompletely concealed within the glove and edgewise movement' of the hand. 7; 4 V

8. A wrist support comprising a glove for enclosing the hand and forearm, a support-- ing' means concealed within; the glove and "movable:relativelytheretoto permit of an i V formedto lie against the hand and 'forefi arm, and means for hol ing the glove a nd supporting member in placea -daptedto per tively to the supporting member;

9. VA wrist support comprislnga glove for completely enclosing the hand and forearm,

supporting means '7 concealed within the glove and formed to lie against the hand and forearm, and means for securing the glove and supporting means in place 10. A wrist support comprising a icomparatively stiff supporting member engageable witlrthe hand andfforearm and means mit of edgewise movement of the-handrelafor holding the supporting member to 5 the '7 handand forearm in relatively movable relation therewith whereby the hand may be means for holding the supporting members moved laterally with respect to the supportto the hand and forearm in relatively mov- 10 mg member; able relation therewith whereby the hand 11. A wrist support comprising comparamay be moved laterally between said sup- 5 tively stiff supporting members engageable porting members.

with the back and front respectively of a In witness whereof, I have-hereunto set hand and forearm to hold the hand against my hand. V backward and forward movement, and HUGH H.'HANSARD.

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