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Publication numberUS1469436 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1923
Filing dateJan 24, 1921
Priority dateJan 24, 1921
Publication numberUS 1469436 A, US 1469436A, US-A-1469436, US1469436 A, US1469436A
InventorsMilton G Fornia
Original AssigneeMilton G Fornia
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Baby walker or exerciser
US 1469436 A
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@ci. 2, 1923. Q 1,469,436

G. 'FORNIA BABY WALKER OR EXERCISER- Filed Jan. 24, 1921 Milan E. FurniL:

I Patented Get. 2, 1923.

MILTON G. ronmaf 'or' oaanonano, wasnrivs'roni BABY WALKER OR EXERGISER.

Application filed Jan11ary 24,l921. Serial No. 439,522.; 1

To all whom it may concern: 7

Be it known that I, EMILTON G. 'FQRNIA, a citizen of-the UnitedState's, residing at Carbonado, 'in the county of Pierce and State of lVashington, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Baby lValkers, or Exercisers, of which the follow':

ing is a specification.

This invention relatesto or walkers, ofthe type inv which a support is provided for the child, so as to relieve the entire weight ofthe body of the child from v its legs, in which free movement is given a child, in a certain area and'movement beyond the area prevented, whereby the likelihood of the child'getting in dangerous places or near dangerous articles is elimi nated, but at the same time permitting the child to have ample exercise to strengthen the leg muscles.

Another object of vide:a novelbaby walker, which can be either'used inside or outside Of'13l18 house,- embodying an adjustableseat for supportv ing the child, and a novel means for connect-f ing the seat to an immovable s'upport,ithe. seat being mounted. for 'free movement- 1 arm, E, theseat supportedby the hoop,and

around the support.

- .A further object.- of the vinvention is to provide a baby walker and exerciser including astationary supporting base, anout wardly extending 1arm mounted in the base, for free rotary movement around the base, a

supporting hoop for the child, an adjustable 1 seafjcarried byrthehoop,and means forase sociating a tray. and sunshade with thehoop.

A further'ob-ject ofthe invention is topro-l vide a novel means for adjusting the height of the rotatable arm in relation to the ground on the support, and a novel means for adjusting the seat supporting hoop.

A still further object of the invention :is to provide an improved baby walker and exerciser of the above character, which is: durable and eflicient in use, onethat is sim-' ple and easy tomanufaCture, and one'which can be placed upon able cost. I

YVith these and other objects in-view, theinvention consists in the novel construct on,

arrangement andformation of p rts as will be hereinafter more specifically described,

claimed and illustrated in the accompanyin'g drawings, in which: v

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the 1mbaby exercisers the invention is to pro-j inv relation to the the marketat a reason-,

proved baby walker and exerciser, illustrate parts thereof being shown in section.

Figure 3 is fragmentary ,si'de elevation of the baby walker showing the hook porition thereof,-and illustrating parts thereof in section. Figure 1- through the base portion of the baby walker, which is adapted to be attached to a floor, a116- i base supportfivhichis adapted to be utilized for insertion into th'e' ground, when the baby walker is used intheopen air 1- -Referring to, the drawings in detail, wherein similar reference characters designate corresponding parts 7 throughout the} several views, the letterA indicates the base 'ofthebaby walker and exerciser, which adapted to be utilizedfor attaching-the walkerfto a floor;- B, thebase, utilizedforf insertion into the ground; C, the rotatable. arm; D, the hoop carried by the rotatable,

F, the tray detaohably associated with the The base A is adapted to be utilized for securing the baby walker to: a floor, when. the walke'r'is used inside-10f a house or-on ajp'orch, and consists of a central hearing 10,-

havinga plurality of outwardly and downpurposeof which "will be hereinafter mor'e specifically described. 7 I y The arm 0. which is rotatably supported: witliinthe base A includes the. vertically disposedleg -15 -and the radially extending right angularly disposed deg 16] The vertioallydisposed leg 15 is adapted to be placed in the bearing 10"for rotary movement, and the height of the radially extends ing or horizontally disposed leg 16 in re 60. of the hoop portion} of the baby walker,

is a vertical sectional view '70- I -Figure5'is avertical section through theproviding. an enlarged: bearing head, the

lation to the flooring or ground is regulated by means of a collar 17, which 18 shdably mounted upon the vertically disposed leg 15.

I posedl'eg 16 in relation to the ground or support can be regulated. In order-to brace the outer end ot the horizontally disposed; leg 16 to which the hoop D is attached, a

diagonally extending brace or strut 20 is provided. This strut 20 is secured to the leg at a point intermediate itsends, and

to the outer end of thehorizontallydisposed leg 16, asat 21. v The strut or diagonal brace may have its terminals welded'or otherwise suitably secured in'place.

-' preferred material, "such as iron, steel or] The'hoop I) in which the baby or child is to be'insertedcan be made out of any wood, and is provided with a radially extending socket 22, in whichth'e outer terminal oi the horizontally disposed leg 16 is adapted to be inserted.--The outer ter minal' oi' the. diagonal strut or brace 20 is adapted to engage the outer face of the I l socket and forms additional support for the same. If so desired, the leg 16 and the strut'QO may be welded in place to the socket." The lower surface of the hoop D is provided at spaced points with depending eyes'2 l which are adaptedto receivej'the sup- "-mayib'e formed of any preferred material,

porting straps .25 of the seat E.

The seat E includes arelatively broad body 26, provided with the forwardly reduced extending nose 27, and this seatE either of leather, woodor metal. The for ward end orthe nose'27 has riveted or other Wise secured thereto one of the supporting straps 25, while the opposite sidesof the body 26rhas'securedthereto the other supporting traps 25; These supporting straps 25 are inserted through theeyes, and a suitable buckle 28 is provided for each one of the straps so: that the'lengththereof can be 3 adjusted, whereby the height of the seat E in relation to, the groundcan be varied; The tray F isarranged for detachable association with the hoop, and includes an arcuate body 30 having an outer arcuate flange 3h The inner'end of the body 30 is provided at spaced points with depending pins 32, which are' adapted to detachably fit in sockets 33 carried by the outer surface of the absolutely prevented,

hoop. At one side of the tray F,cthe hoop D has secured thereto a radially extending socket .34, which is adapted to receive the handle portion of a suitable sun shade, so that when the exerciser or walker is used out in the open air, an adequate protection may be provided for the child. An adsocket, so as to frictionally hold the sun shade in place. 7 A Inuse of the improvedexerciser,the'child is'placecl on the seatwith its legs straddling the nose 27, and it'can be seen that th'e' child is free to move the-hoop around the; base A, and the falling down of the'child is and thus accidents to the child are eliminated. i

. I This type of walker has considerablef ad vantage over the type "which embodies wheels, so that the same can be pushed "at any desired place, as in this type of walker justable set screw 3551s provided for the i the child is liable to run into dangerous j positions, or hit obstruct-ions walker is liable to be upset. v

1 The walker, as described, can alsobe'e -f fectively used out'in the openailr,-' where the ordinary type of wheeled walker can not beutilized, and when thetype of walker described is used out in the open air',the base B is provided.

The base 13 includes a cylindrical rela-l tively long sleeve l0 having a lower sharp" where V the 7 ened end 41, which is adapted to be inserted a 7 'into the ground; The sleeve L0 isa dapted to receive the vertically disposed leg 15 of 7 the arm C, and the upper-end of the sleeve is provided with an enlargedbearing head 42, forengagementwith the bearing sleeve or collar 17. P

departing from the spirit or scope of this invention; but, Iclaim: v

. As a new article of'manufacture, abab v a walker comprising a'base including a hollow socket, an L-shaped rotatable member, means adjustably and: rotatably 1 mounting the shorter leg of the, L-shaped member in the socket of the base, a hoop, a radially extend- .mg socketfo-rnied' on thefperip hery of-the hoop arranged to receive the outer terminal p i 100 Changes in details may be made without of the longer leg of the L-shaped member; 7

a seat adjust-ablycarried by the hoop, and

a diagonally extending strut secured to the shorter and longer leg of the L-shaped mem-' her, the outer end of this strut abutting the outer face of the socket and connected with the said longer leg at the outer end thereof whereby asuitable brace is formed forboth" legs of the L-shaped member and forthe hoop. V


do r

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