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Publication numberUS1469622 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1923
Filing dateJul 19, 1921
Priority dateJul 19, 1921
Publication numberUS 1469622 A, US 1469622A, US-A-1469622, US1469622 A, US1469622A
InventorsAlexander Cole
Original AssigneeAlexander Cole
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Fiber board and like box
US 1469622 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Oct. 2 1923.

A. COLE FIBER BOARD ANP LIKE BOX rlllllllll/llflllll//llll f/arng.

' ALEXANDER nous, on Enviar, ENGLAND .i Tlf-,azi mvff/awimf Be it,l known thatv LfALnxANDER Comi',

Apart 'from 25being empty,

'30 ways,

' Y v3s 4 opening them and filling them with goods.'

H45 ing,' slotting,

` v i* pensive.

A' @i'aplicafioril ineal may 1e, iearf 'The'. vobject of' my invention is" togfenable afsubject of the Kingwof'Great Britain and Ireland, and resident o f L ymm, in. l 5V the countyfof- Chesten* England,have V in-j vented certainv -With-Fiber Boardf and 'VLikeBoxes4 (for Improvements inf Connection which I have led application*inl'England,

l5, 1920,'PatentNo; 165,909), of Whichv i1 0 thefollovvin'g is'aspeciiication.

' This inventionrelates to improvements in or 1n` connect1onw1th fiber board or like whereby the various parts of the boxes can be 15 readily secured togfgetherv by the user of the d20 which, owing tothe space 'theyoecupy and theiry lightness',take up considerable' space during, transport and are charged by the railway companies at' `Va very high rate.

are liable Vto damage 'during transit. f

, Prior to the date 'invention the 'y boxes, the objecty being to'providejmeans i j class of trade in these boxeshas been carried 'Out mai'nly in one lof theY threeffollovving" up the boxes rigidlyv inf theiactory and sent them by road van or rail to the user. Secondly the box maker bent after The diagonal bends which itlWas necessary WeakV and lacking inthe required'rigidity,

these highV chargesftheboxes,

firstly the box manufacturer stitched the boxes diagonally so that they would `fold fiati` WDeep boxes of this class were further re-Y duced in strength by having` Vshapedcuts` taken out of the sides so as toY allowethem` to collapse or fold flat. .Thirdly the box makers cut and prepared the boxes by bendf VsentV them outV unstitched. These are known cornerlng and theY like, f and user of the Vboxes Vhas to provide himself with 'a stitching 01jA riveting stitches or AVrivets beforehe can use them. Thesemachinesarediiiicult to obtain atthe present time V machine with f 50 which to connect the partsofthe box by .and are like'vvisejveryV ex-,j`

v "confined t inthe fiat state as it likewise applies-tolA deup andhaving'flids" j lwhich require securing afterl the material Y reference to eine," lessees] v E aerfof" Iii-Airex afieareilsrari T1/:115.1313

tofbereadily built up andrgthe parts s'e,cu red"f i. ogehelgiyithout' the usefoi expensive maal-*1" d Withmothing" necessary 'in theffchineryf an vvay` of tools beyond a Ahammer 'and'fa vsuitf-` able-formofprojectin'g bed oranvilffoi supportingthebox material during themakin'g- The inventio'nfis. not, Vhowever, Y

-bx material'or boxes?sentfout.5; Y

up process;

boxes Which are ma has been packed. inthel boxes.

My invention 'Willbe fully the ,accompanying 'drawing Whichfindicates by lxvay of exampli-ihovvV :13;

'55* Y boxes sentent-in theHator'collapsiblestate?g f @gesteigerte 'Y 'Y 'U my invention may be carried Outandv in .E

-Which, i

Fig', l is a plan of a developed box blanksv Y Y FigyQ is a partial sectional elevationof ihe'box ingmeans in the unclinched position.

' l Fig. 3 is 'a similar view to'Fig. 2 iviththe *i f i connecti'ng" Vmeans,` clinched, v i v Fig. 4e is a lplan of the staple in Figs. 2 and 3,-

connecting the parts, andV Y zFlg. 6 1s afperspective"vievvrfshowingthe.

box of .the carton or skillet type.

To the aforesaid end my invention con` i. they were stitched together, the userJ sis'tsin providing those parts Vof the boxes 'i 190;.

stitching' or by staples with bifurcatedrvets I Z) Fig. 5, staples c, Figs 2 and 4,'for kindred f VVWhich vare normally securedV together'by parts'.

blank showing one form of'connect-g device shown Yes` iii-ul application ,ofthe invention to a collapsible,` Y

have their inner ends slightly splayedout Wardly moreY material, though in 'some cases theends 'as (Figl' 2) the obj ing being firstly,

when being pressedthroug'h one org-1 `(usually one) thicknessl rof ,theKA boxf'"1 00 in those of staples c may be bentinvvardly V ect-of the sp'layinp, orberi'dj` to hold the rivets o'rs'f'a'ple's in1 position duringftransit and likewise ready j to be dri-ven `completely through thego'therV parts ofthe boxes to secure them togetherf- Y andsecondly to acilitate'the clinching of the i Y biiurcated rivets or staples,(Fig. on

' vflat anvil or inandril. In securing the parts skillettype, the rivets Z7 being attached toV :thezouter one of the 'oldii'igendiaps ge.

vPrior to placing the Vvbifiuoated riyets,A

Vtogether it isponly neo'ssaryfto use a prol lgreeting anvil secured to a bench anda hamf mer to drive the bituroated rivets Vor staples home.

fshows the application.offtheinvention to a collapsible box-of the carton` or Y staples or the like imposition in the boX material the Vlatter is bent; slotted or-oor-k "neredij in fact everything is done `tor-the material Yto enablefit to be easily folded into 'position' for having the parts securedvrin y the nanner described.' The bifurcatedrivets oi' staples'are Apressed into the boX material during'manufacture by the use of the ordinary box-making machines forthe purpose, such 'niaehinesbeing slightly altered in the operative parts vto accomplish the splaying or bending of the rivets or staples with Ythe objectsxhereinbei-ore referredv to.4

What I Volaim'as' my invention` anddesire i Y to se'eure'by Letters' Patent is The ooin'biI'ia'tioliiI,A .with a box .blank Vpro- Y* vided Withk foldablelilaps which overlap Whentheblankis folded to form the box,A

of bifureatedf fastening devices having` "sharply pointed 'ends'and adapted toisecure 30 the` o-.verlappingY flaps together 1inv pairs,

In testimony Vwhereof` I have hfto set myy hand. I i A f ALEXANDER Conn,

:la i

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