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Publication numberUS1469661 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1923
Filing dateFeb 6, 1922
Priority dateFeb 6, 1922
Publication numberUS 1469661 A, US 1469661A, US-A-1469661, US1469661 A, US1469661A
InventorsTosuke Migita
Original AssigneeTosuke Migita
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Lacing means for brogues, leggings, and the like
US 1469661 A
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Oct. 2 1923.


. countyofNew York and sta'te ofNeW-York,

struction, cheap to manufacture, andhighlyf clhcient for'the purpose for which it is de- 1 5 s'implified. means for adjusting the length Patented Get. 2, 1923.; Q

LAome ranelvsron nnoeuns, nesines, nNn'rHn IKE;

.npplication filed February 5,1922. fs'enatnp. 534,521. I

.To all whom it may concern.

. Be it known that Tosunn'Mleira, a citizen ofdapan, residing at New York city, inthe has invented new anduseful Improvements in Lacing Means 'ttor Brogues, Leggings, and the like, of Wl11Ch-th io1lOW1ng is'a specifi cation; f V This invention relates-to lacing means for hi ogues, leggings and the'like, and the principal ohjectis to produce a device of.

this nature which shall he simple or con-.


Another object is to provide improvedand of the lace.

Another obj ectis to provide improved c atch. 'f l h I vViththese and other objects in View, the

invention resides in certainnovel construcpointed out in the appended claims, andare illustrated, in the accompanying draiv- F1gure'3 isan enlarged-pl tion and combination and arrangement of' parts, the 65861113131. features of WlllCh, are

hereina'iiter fully described; arev particularly ing, in- WhlCl1} h 1 V F gure 1 1s a side elevation of a portion ofthe lace holders.

Figure t is a vertical sectional view ,the same.

Figure 5 is a detail vievvof the catch, and Figure 6 is adetail View. of the devlcef or regulating the lengthof the lace."

. Referring tothe drawing in 7 represents a shoe and 11 represents alegging and near the aperture of the sa'me,-.Wherc;;-

' the hooks are usually placed there are a pluralityioflacc receiving devices. each ,ofwhich is constructed as follows. Ahead 12 and Bo1t13 is provided with or sleeve 16'up0n which is mounted aroller 17." Also securedito the bolt 13 is a curved 'meinber 18 between which and theroller 1T "thereis provided a circular Way 19 whichre- Y ofa' shoe provided With ,my improved lac 1 in I p I K j' n igure "2 is; a sideselevation ofa" legging f provided with the lacing means. 3 n-v1evv of one.

detail, '10

ceives the lace of the shoe or other article,

tures'i 1 9 in any-usual inanneras shown in 2' V I the drawing and at the top the tw Strands 0f thelace pass through: apertures 2l-and v V .theirlends areseemed-together by aknot; or j any other, suitable means "'Sec'uredin the 1 .laceznear the knot is a-slide ineinber22' and at the 'loop iof thezlace'there .is. placed a ring '23,- the lace beingfthreaded i'back: and. forth "through. the members 22 and" 913 so that bysli-ding meniber 22 along the'lace, the, r same, .Wlll be shortened- 01 lengthened to I nieet the demands of t.hesituation..- The ring 23 isadapted to hook over-a hook'elenient 2% I on thememhe'r 25 which ha-s thefholes21x1, It willflbe seen that-in this manner I have, produced a simple and efiicientl'acing means, which will facilitate the lacing ofthe'shoe for} other "article and. Which will. not readily strap 26 at one side of the legging Which:'- I

, pass'e'snhder the, instepand isfcaught in a V buckle 27 carrying a pair of rollers28. A

T-shaped memher 29 has an aperture ineach,

- of its legs andj'the' lacef 20. isf-threaded through-these apertures and about the'rollers E28,v in the manner shown.inthe drawing'. p

* the most desirable embodiment otmy inven'; I p

1 tion, it is obviousthat many of 'the details maybe varied Withoutfin any ay departing.

*fromthe' spirit of my invention, and I there forejd0not limit myselftothe exact details 3 .ofconstructionherein'iset forth 'nor toanyf H thing 1ess-thanthe-whole of invention 1 While 'Ihave described What I deemto be limited only by the appended claims.

What is claimed as new 'is:'- i! V 1. In ashoe havinga plurality of lace guiding elements," a member p'rovided with a pair ,of'apertures and a hook portiom 'a lace passing-through said guiding elements and having the free ends passed through the apertures in said member, a ring, connected "With'the free endsf of said lace, and means connecting'said-jlace with said hook portion.

for varying thelength of said 1ace. V c 2. In a device of the class described, the

combination With a shoe, aplurality of eyelets Teach comprising a stud, :the' head, of

which. is secured to; the shoe, a sleeve thread:

ed -on"said }stnd,jja "roller carried by said 5 I sleeve a lace'passecl over said rollers, and means for adjusting the length of said lace. '3. 111 a device of the class described, the combination With lace guiding elements of a 5 lace receiving and securing element comprising a single member formed With a plurelity of apertures and With a hook, and

means secured on said lace for co -operation with said hook as and for the purpose set forth, r

In testimony whereof I have Varfixed my signature.


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U.S. Classification24/712.1, 24/713.5, 24/713, 24/713.3
International ClassificationA43C3/02, A43C3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA43C3/02
European ClassificationA43C3/02