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Publication numberUS1469771 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1923
Filing dateJul 28, 1921
Priority dateJul 28, 1921
Publication numberUS 1469771 A, US 1469771A, US-A-1469771, US1469771 A, US1469771A
InventorsAllen Walter B
Original AssigneeAllen Walter B
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Sanitary drinking device
US 1469771 A
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Oct. 9 1923.

w. B. ALLEN SANITARY DRINKING DEVICE Filed July 28 1921 Patented @ct. g, 1923.

siren era I V WALTER names, or A'r'rnseoao, nassecnnsnrrs;


Application filed July 28,

(The essential objects of my invention are to insure a close and firm means of connection with the faucet; to effect such a} discharge of the liquid as will produ ca per foot bubbler; and to attain these ends in'an inexpensive and readily portable structure.

To the above ends my invention consists in such parts and in such combinations of '20 parts as fall within the scopefof the appendedclaiin. p I 1 Y in the accompanying drawings which forma part of this specification,

.lligure 1 is a side elevation of my novel bubbler engaged with a faucet, the latter being shown in broken lines, 7 Figure 2, a vertical central section of the same, a V

Figure 3, a. planof the head, and Figure 1, a plan of the baffle plate. Like reference characters 'indicatelike 7 parts throughout "the views.

In detail my device comprises a substan tially shapedpipe comprising a semicircular body portion 6 with a long vertical arm 7 'upon one end, and a shortervertical :arni Supon the other end; A frustro conical plug 10 of-rubher or-other compressible material has a central passage 11 to admit therethrough the arm 8 with which it is fric tionally engaged at a point at or near the 7 arm terminal. Fast to the top of the arm 7 is a hollow slightly flattened circular head ;,comprising an inclined or dished lower plate efi or wall 18 fast to or integral with" whose periphery is a convex top Wall or plate 14;

provided with a central star 1'5. A- horizontally disposed is mounted midway of the head with-its peshaped opening 1921 Serial no. 98,119.

template 17 riphery located at the junction of the 'converging upper andzlower convex walls 14 and The baffle plate or disk 17 has an annulaivjseries of holes or'perforations 18in its margin remote from its center.

.M device is portable and the plug 10 is 'insertable in faucetsQ'O of different diameters by virtue ofjitsinclined shape. It s; com-T v 1 pressibility also contributes-to thesame end. The liquid traverses the pipe portions'8,' 6, I r head-plate 1'3 and impinges against the and 7 and passes through theopen-ing in the bafie plate 17. Thence the liquid-passes through the perforations 18, and is" guided by the inclined face ofthe platelet through 5 the-serrated opening 15. Thepointsor serrations 22 of the opening 15 arean impor-q tant factor in that they break up the stream resulting in converting the liquid stream into 1 bubbjler'.form.-; v V While reference has been made to the l'cla-imt V V In a} portable bubbler, a pipe comprising a curved body, andiarmsof different lengths V V ends of the body parallel with each upon the a. holother, a; plug upon the shorte'r arm,

low discharge head upon the longer arm comprising a convexlbottom plate,'a conveX top plate fast at its periphery to the p e riphery of the bottom plate and provided with a n'onc1rcular central 'opemng, and a horizontal baffle platesupported"betweenthe first two plates provided with an annular v series ofvmarginal holes the portion of-s'aidfll baflie plate opposite said opening being'imperforatejj i signature.


70 shape of the plug- 10 as fr'ustro conical it will be understoodthat this term is meant I to include plugs having an oval or elliptical cross section as well as a circular cro'ssz'sec- .tion. T

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U.S. Classification239/25, 138/37, 239/31
International ClassificationE03C1/02, E03C1/086, E03B9/20, E03B9/00
Cooperative ClassificationE03C1/086, E03B9/20
European ClassificationE03B9/20, E03C1/086