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Publication numberUS1469841 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1923
Filing dateAug 5, 1920
Priority dateAug 5, 1920
Publication numberUS 1469841 A, US 1469841A, US-A-1469841, US1469841 A, US1469841A
InventorsLeon Lazar
Original AssigneeLeon Lazar
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Adjustable spotlight for dental chairs
US 1469841 A
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Oct. 9 1923. 1,469,841

L. LAZAR ADJUSTABLE SPOTLIGHT FOR DENTAL CHAIRS Original Filed Aug. 5, 1920 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 L. LAZAR ADJUSTABLE SPOTLIGHT FOR DENTAL CHAIRS Original Filed Aug. 5, 1920 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 5 uewroz {@014 35% I S fl-tltowwq Patented d. 9, 1923. I

' tab-ii ic'n'zAit', or nnf'tv stoiiir, "iv, e.

missus-armament 1 q 'Ap'pli'eationfild August 5, 1920, Serial mares. naieweaivrarch z; 1923;

T 0 all whom it may concern: i ,Be'it known that I, LEON LAZAR, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at New York city, county and State of New York, have inventedcertain new and useful Improvements 'in .Adjustable Spotlights for Dental Chairs, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description. I

This invntion relates to improvements in adjustable spotlightsfor dental chairs, one ofltheobjeots being to provideia light or lights arranged to cast rays directly upon 'the p'atient in the 'chair to facilitate dental adjustment ofthe'light' or lights necessitates 'the'dent-ist leaving the' 'side of the patient,

7 which attiniesis bothersome.

My present invention is an improvement o'nithe device set forth in a co-pendingapplicati'on, No. 356,376,. filed by me on, the

' th' day''o'f February,1920.

To carry my vpresent-improvement into practice, I mount, preferably atgo'ne side of the dental chair, an upstanding support, ar-

ranged to cariythevarious'f lights. I do not wish to'limit myself to theabove mentioned position, :as I may mount'the support at the 7 back of the chair, or at the'rightside or left side. In 'any-event'the upstanding support will be long-enough to support the lights, so

' in easy reach of the operator.

that they will clear the -dental engine or other accessories incidental to dentistry which maybe positioned close .tof th'e chair;

In order to render the device compact, I

prefer to locate the operating mechanism,

to 'adjustthe lights and switches for the circuit therefor, directly upon the post with I will now proceed to describe my invention in detail, the" novel features of which I will point out in theappended claims, ref

" erence being had to the accompanying drawings, wherein Fig. lillustrates diagrammatically a dental chain-havin m im rovementa lied thereto; r c

'Figs. 2,3 and 4 aresectional views, illustrating the mechanism for operating the various lights; 7 i

Fig. 5 is a diagrammatic plan view, illustang-a6 toiiiiationof theatricalapart and .its p'osition fon the chair; and; Fig. ,6 is an enlarged fragmentary portto-aichair. g Fig. i 1' of the draivm gsj illustrates a well known form of dental chair, indicated by 7,

the seat 8 ofjgwhiclh cangberaisedor lowered or tilted backward or forward. These featureshave not been illustratc d as they 'are wellknown the tilting or raising oiilo'wer- V v 1, v mg the seat also includes the'head-restQ and detail View, illustrating one, way to secure-the supshoulderhrest 1 0. In this instance Ifprovide Y i a. support consisting of; a vertical -memb'erl'1,-a curved horizontal disposed member 12, I

extending therefrom and? positioned dingo nally of the'chair 7,:and -a-Iiflaim 13 extend-. V

ing fi'omtlie member 112, \vlijich'is ',posit;ioned longitudinally of the chair 7. At its outer end the extension 13 isturneddown; as at 14lan'd-rpivotally supports a. spotlight15; I

The various tubular'members, ofwhich the support is formed, are connected by coupling members.

The horizontalmember 13; of the support is connected to =n emberJ12 in. this i instance by a coupling, 18.. The Vertical member 11 is made upiofmembers lfil, 20 and 21, the members 19 andi20 rbei'ng connected by afcmiplingQQ and theJmemb'ersQOEand 21 by a coupling 23, constituting asiwitch block to controI'the circuitzfor the 'Iights andsPA-g Thewpush buttons ofg-theiswitch I are indicated by-25 and26; The5s'witoh23 is not illustrated'iin detail for the reason that it is or a well known variety. The horizon;

tally diagonally disposed curved support T member- 12 is connecte'dfto member 11 byj'a coupling 27m(see Fign-DQ The support may be connected. to an "armi'29 of a chairby a '95 clamp bracket 30.11 Toad-justably sup ort; r

the light 15, I provide the frame thereof with an arm 31 pivotallyconnected'to a bracket 82, carried; by the-turned down portion ofthe support member- 14, by a pin 33. Thejarm 31, in this instance, carries two arms and 34 for the attachment thereof of a v spring 35 and Bowdenwiremechanismflfi.

for adjusting theflight. The tube 37; of the Bowden wire mec-hanism projects through an {opening 88in the support member 14. To operatethewire 39, I provide a lead screw 40 rotatably supported by a projec tion or lug 41 carried by the coupling member 22. The lead screw 10 operates a follower 4L2 slidably in the 'bore43 of the lug 41. The wire 39 will be attached to the of the light 2 1- carries an arm pivotally connected at 46 to coupling member 18 for the support members 16 and 17 (see Fig. l). The

1 hub 17 of said arm carries other arms as and 929. The arm 49 is connected to a return spring 50 anchored to the coupling 18. The arm 4:8 is connected to a wire 51 of a Bowden wire mechanism 52, the tube 52 of which extends one end into the bore of the lug 58 carried by the coupling member 22. The lug'58 carries a 'lead screw 54 similar to screw 40 and a follower similar to follower 42, to which the adjacent end of wire 51 is connected. It will be apparent that the lights and 24 can be adjusted to any desired angle in a vertical plane by manipulating the screws 40 and- 5 l. The support as a whole may be adjusted vertically by loosening the screws 56 and 5'7, carried by the clamp 30, which secures the support to the chair; hen the chair 7 is adjusted vertically, tipped or rotated in a horizontal plane,

the supportwill also move with it the adjusting screws always being convenient to the operator as well as the switch. 23. As

has been stated, I do not limit myself to sesuring the support tothe arm of a chair but =inay secure it anywhere else convenient. Levers may be substituted for the lead screws q-Oand if desirable.

v o 0 0 Having descrioed my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Pat 7 end of the support, a spotlight adjustably secured to the support intermediate its ends,

and means carried by the support arranged to adjust said spotlights in order that rays of light can be directed into the mouth of a Jatient one li 'ht bein for. the u oer 'aw 1 7 b b p 7 I J 7 I c the otherfor the lower jaw.

2. In a spotlight adapted for use with a dental chair, avertically disposed support comprising a plurality of tubular members, umplings connecting the tubular members, a spotlight'adjustably connected to one end of said support, a spotlight adjustably se cured to one of said couplings adjusting elements carried by another of said couplings, and Bowden wire devices connecting said lights and adjusting elements.

g In a spotlight adapted for use with a dental chair a vertically disposed support comprising a plurality of tubular members, couplings tonnecting the tubular members, a spotlight adjustably connected to one end of said support, a spotlight adjustably secured to one of said couplings, lead screws carried by another of said couplings, followers actuated by the lead screws, and Bowden wire devices connecting said lights and followers.

1. In a spot-light adapted for use-with a dental chair, a vertically disposedv support comprising a plurality of tubular; members, couplings connecting the-tubular members, a spotlight adjustably connecting to onerend'of said support, a spotlight adj ustably secured to one of said couplings, lead screws carried by another of said couplings,followers actuated by the leaCl'SCI'GWS, Bowden wire devices c0'n-. nectin said lights and followers, and a clamp for securement to the chair, arranged to adjustably support said vertical support.

5. In a spotlight, a vertical support, ar-

ranged to be attached to a dental chair, at

one side thereof, having its upper portion arranged to bepositioned above the chair in a vertical plane longitudinallyand centrally of the chair when said support is attached to same, a spotlight carried by the support at itsouter end a spotlight also carried by the support intermediate its ends, and means to adjust said lights independently of each ther to direct the rays thereof into the mouth of a patient, one'light being for/the upper aw and theother for the lower jaw. Signed at New York city, N. Y., this 4 day of August 1920. v ,LEONLAZAR.

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U.S. Classification362/249.7
International ClassificationA61G15/00, A61G15/10
Cooperative ClassificationA61G15/10
European ClassificationA61G15/10