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Publication numberUS1470129 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1923
Filing dateAug 18, 1922
Priority dateAug 18, 1922
Publication numberUS 1470129 A, US 1470129A, US-A-1470129, US1470129 A, US1470129A
InventorsElmore D Tichenor
Original AssigneeElmore D Tichenor
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Toothbrush shield and dentifrice holder
US 1470129 A
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L47,l29 E. Q.1 TIICHENOR TOOTHBRUSH SHIELD AND DENTIFRICE HOLDER Filed Aug.. 18. 1922 Patented @et 9), @2%



Application filed august 18, 1.922.

T 0 all infima 'it may con-cern:

Be it known that l, ELMonn D. Ticrrnron, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Detroit, in the county of layne and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Toothbrush Shields and Dentirice Holders, et which the following is a specilication, reference being had therein to the accompanying; drawings.

This invention relates to a tooth brush shield and dentifrice holder, and my invention aims to provide, as a new article of manufacture, a shield that may be easily and quickly mounted over the bristle end et a toothbrush to protect the bristles and retain the same in a sanitary condition.

My invention further aims to furnish a tooth brush shield with a container for paste, powder or any suitable dentifrice that may be applied to the bristles ot the brush by simply rubbing or placing the bristles on the dentifrice, which is also retained in a sanitary condition by being enclosed when not in use.

My invention further aims to provide simple, durable and inexpensive tooth brush shield which may be placed in position by endwise movement of either the brush or shield, said shield being equipped with an end lid which is sprung to a closed position to prevent accident-al displacement of the shield relative to the brush.

The construction entering into my invention will be hereinafter described and then claimed, and reference will now be had t-o the drawing, wherein- Figure 1 is a perspective view oit the tooth brush shield showing its lids open, and the preferred manner of providing; the brush bristles with dentifrice;

Fie'. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view ot the shield as mounted on a tooth brush;

Figi'. 3 is a cross sectional view oit the saine, and

Figi'. 4 is a perspective view, 0i the shield as mounted on a tooth brush.

A combined shield and holder in accordance with my invention may be made oit' celh1loid imitation ivory, aluminum or any light and durable material that can be re` tained in a sanitary condition and possess suliicient rigidity to prevent the shield from being crushed when carried in the pocket,

Serial No. 582,575.

packed in a traveling bag, or andled in the usual manner.

l. provide a casing; having a bottoni wall. l, side walls 2 and 3, and end walls /land 5, the end wall 4lbcing the iliull depth of tl e casing; and the end wall 5 serving the upper portion of the casing so as to provide two openings and T, the former providing clearance tor the back 8 of a tooth brush and the latter opening being normally closed by a hinged lid 9 after the bristles lO of the brush are within the casing.

The side walls and 3 are provided with opposed. longitudinally disposed inbent portions 'torming ledges ll on which may slide or rest the side edges of the tooth brush back 8 and, it necessary, prevent the tips of the bristles l0 troni contacting with the bottom wall l oithe shield. rlhe side walls 2 and 3, at the open end oi" the casing, are undercut to torni lid shoulders l2, and the lid 9, which is preferably hinged or otherwise pivotally connected to the bottom wall l, is adapted to be sprung under the shoulders l2, as best shown in Fig. To eilitate opening the lid 9 it. has small side lugs or ears projecting outwardly under the ledges ll oit the casing.

Set between the walls 2 and 3 is a dentitrice container or holder having a bottom wall ll and side walls i5 and 16 said walls cooperatingwith the walls l and 5 in forminp; a chamber in which paste, powder or any other dei'itifrice may be placed. ln practice, I may make the side wall 3 of a piece et nniterial that can be bent upon itself to forni the walls 1G, lil and lo and in so 'formingthe walls 3 and lr6 provide a barrel 17 cut away to provide clearance 'tor barrels i8 of a top lid 19. The barrels l? and 18 may aline and be liinpedly held relative to each other by a pintle E20.

rl`hc lree edgre ot the top lid i9 formed with a clip or clasp 2l adapted to snap over an upstrnck keeper of the wall or any other suitable means may be employed for retaining the top lid i9 closed. ilth the lid open the bristles l0 oi the brush may be placed on the dentifrice, as indicated by dotted lines in Fig. l, and after the brush has been used the shield or the brush may be shifted endwise to inclose the bristles within the shield. The top lid 19 having been previously closed the end lid 9 can now be swung to a closed position, as shown in Figs. Q and 4' and the shield cannot become accidentally displaced relative to the brush.

By making the shield larger and slightly changing its conliguration it may he mounted on a hair brush and the container used for holding a small comb, hairpins or other articles7 and for this reason, I do not care to confine my invention to the precise construction shown, other than defined in the appended claims.

That I claim is l. A brush shield comprising' a casing adapted to beplaced endwise on a brush, said casing` having a chamber throughout its length disposed parallel to a brush in said casing7 said casing having,` its side Walls provided With end shoulders, an end lid hingedly connected to the bottom Wall of said casing at the inner end of said casing and adapted to swing upwardly under the end shoulders of said casing to retain the brush in the shield, and a top lid for the chamber of said casing.

2. A brush shield as called for in claim l, wherein said casing has its side Walls inbent to form a bristle receiving compartment of less Width than said chamber. I

ln testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.


l.Witnesses KARL H. BUTLER, ANNA M, Dorm.

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