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Publication numberUS1470754 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1923
Filing dateMar 25, 1922
Priority dateMar 25, 1922
Publication numberUS 1470754 A, US 1470754A, US-A-1470754, US1470754 A, US1470754A
InventorsRudolf Kuhne Georg August
Original AssigneeFirm Of Maschinen Und Wellenla
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Liner, bush, and the like for bearings and pedestals
US 1470754 A
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Filed March 25, 1922 rs1-sales oja. ie, 1923.

y fenom- Aueusrf Bubblin-kunnnen HAMBURG, ennnnivnnssrenoa'ro Tian-rima l lor MASCHINEN- UND wennen-LAGER GESELLSCHAFT MIT Vsnseniai'inimmanar- TNG, OF HAMBURG, GERLVIANY.

Livna,'iusnQ` Ann THE, Linn'non'isnanrnes Ann rnniisrans;

Application filed Marenga 1922. sealada/16,727. Y

.To all whom c'mayc'oncern: *Y

Be it known thatl I, Gaone iUsUs'ry RU- noLF llHNn, citizen of Germany, residing'at Hamburg, Germany, have invented certain 5 new andnseiul` Improvements 1n Liners, Bushes, and the like, for'Bearings and lPed- 'estals (lor"which` I havei'liled an.A application in Germany on November 25, 1921),"of which the following is a specification;

It has been proposed'to construct. bearing shells or bearingboXes for shafts, spindles` and the like of lumps ot hard material embedded in va layer ot' soft metal', thus filling thev intervals between they said lumps et hard material. -When constructing bearing b oXesin V this ymanner .it` was thel idea to use particularly hard stonesl such as `flint in the sott metal or other suitable composition, However in practice ithas been found that it is advisable Vto use not too hard f stones. In fact trials have proved that the most suitable degree of hardnessfor the present purpose is between three and tour.v

Particularly lime stone, shell stone and the like belonging to the grou l of calcareous spar have proved to be or extraordinary value. this purpose as long as it has the desirable degree of hardness.

which hardens or sets to lthe desired degree. Thus it has been proved that carbon such as is used for electric purposes for inst-an'e for electric lamps or for collectors and the like has given very good results.

It has also been found that bearing boxes of the description mentioned above now and then hadgthe drawback that the lubricant finds its way out attheend of the bearing through the shell or liner. this is .that minute cavities are created in pouring in the liquid'mass, which cavities frequently combine to channels leading up to the very basis of the shell or liner.

present .invention mountings or settings are provided on the rear, side ot the stones cona pedestalA is Also artiiicial stone can be used for By the term artificialstone I intend apply all stony material The cause of Tov avoid these inconveniences according to the .an alloy with the whitemetal.

` shown'having shellsfor lines of the ydescription mentioned above., the stones a ot suity able hardness being einbeddedgin a-layer oi softinetal al to yform the lineror bushes.

Figs. k2, 3,I 4t and 5 showV cross'sections of p art's'ot a liner of various modifications constructedy according to the present inven- 5 v Figs. Tand Ll-aare end views ottliemountingsY shown in Figs. ,2 and 4t o Fig. 5a isa-n elevation, and

respectrlyf- Vstones @are placed one after the other into this` gutter. which is'ith'en'pinched together intermediate ot'the stones lat c.l It desired the mountings may? be serrated to form teeth Cllwhich are easily bent to snugly clingto the stones similar to the well known settings o1E precious stones. f

If gutters as described are used theV mounting of the bearing'bon is very much facilitated'. f

The stones may be given a yregular shape if desired for instance such as that of balls or cylinders as is shown in Fig. 3. VThe gutter-like mounting bis then also formed to well suitthe cylindrical shape of the stones. ln Figs. and la the stones have the shape of a trapezium. in which case also h -3.iring',A phey are rst filled with the stones and -tlien placed` upright in the hearing box about a mandrel or core and then the liquid material such as `white metal is poured in. This metal combines with the bent metal strips to form a unitary or compound `body particularly when the metal strips are made ot tinnediron, the tin of which terms lt will be evident that, even if cavities or lnterstices happenl to be pllt, there isv more Y Fig. 5b anend viewof'the mountings When stones. Q'lifirregular shapeare held possibility oi' the lubricant penetratingany further than just up to the rear surface of the stones. i j Y For the Sake of suitable manufacture it is advisable to connect the bent metal strips byennularwires eaFigs. :YL and b) which through corresponding openings at the ends or by bending the ends of the metal strips round these annular Wires. Thus a age is formed which can stand'freely round the mandrel Which after inserting the stones facture of n-e's's of vthe liner or bush.v

l. VA,beari'l'lg liner or bush-eoniposed of a layer of soft metal and of lurnps of carbon,

embedded in the Vsaid layer -o'f soft metal,

d Y ngthe bearingsurfaee.

both liu'nps of carbon and soi-t inetal form 25A bearing liner orbush eornposedof sions than would ebreslond tov the thick-` a layer of soft metal, stones, sheet metal stripsbent to U-shape, into Whieh the stones are inserted, metalr rings 'Connecting Ithe metalstrips to iorm a eage5 the said cage together with the stones being embedded in the soft iet'al in suoli manner that both, theV 'stories and the y'Soft 'metal forni the bearing su-rfaee. v

3. A bearing-for shafts, spindlesandthe like, eon'ip'rising a bearing body and a liner, composed of alayer of softrnetal and of stones, 'longitudinal grooves out into the bearing'body and the stones projecting into both stones andv soft Inet-al form-ing the bearing' surface. y

bearing for shafts,`spindles andthe likeeornpri'sing a bearing body and a liner,

'composed of a layer oi soft metal, stones and o'fmetal strips bent to U-sha'peg and forming mountngs forv 'the stones,- longitudinal'grooves eut intoV the bearing body, the U-s'haped Anietal strips beinginserted together with the stonesI into the said longitudinal )grooves in the bearing body, the Soit `metal and the stone'slbothl forming the bearing surface.

y i v@immiu'eusfr'Runen?Kimura. its] d V'Vitnesses"z A n ERNA KASPAUK,

OTTO Hnoiisnne', J r.

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U.S. Classification428/614, 384/276, 428/409
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