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Publication numberUS1470866 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1923
Filing dateJan 2, 1923
Priority dateJan 2, 1923
Publication numberUS 1470866 A, US 1470866A, US-A-1470866, US1470866 A, US1470866A
InventorsFrank Newhouse
Original AssigneeFrank Newhouse
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Advertising frame
US 1470866 A
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F; NEwHousE ADVERTIS ING FRAME Filed Jan. 2, 1923 Snom/nto@ .a/ 2k Newbouse.

i www Patented ct.

Y `FRANK niiwirouse,A or' DENVER, coLonnDo.

envien-Treme FRAME. l

Appiicatin iedrinuary 72,11923. seriaiiioyeioeri.

To all whom t may concern f Be .it known that I, FRANK citizen of the United States, residing at Denver, in' the cityy and county of Denver` skilled in theart to which appertaiiis to make and use the saine, reference `being had tothe accompanying drawings, and to the characters of Vreference` markedk thereon,

which form a part ofthis specification.` Y This invention relates toraines Aforholding and displaying advertising matter..V

It is the object of my present inventionto so improve the construction ,of frames` for the purpose described that the posters `can be quickly and conveniently attached thereto and securely held in place-thereon.

My invention is very simple, and brieliy" '-described, consists of a framef of the proper size provided with a backfof booke` binders board or kother suitable `-material and having a number of spring clipssecured f to the fra-me' part and cooperating with the back to hold the edges of the poster in place.,

- Y In order to more clearly` ,describer my! in#k vention, I shall have reference toithev 'arf1 p A y ceptioii of the point 8in the mannershown y80 Il Fig-3- 'H' Fig. 4c, l have shown a modifi-fV cation in which'the point 8 has been replacedr by-ataclrilO,,whichniay be soldered thereto. l Y.

companyi'ng drawing, 'in which: f Y Fig.V l is a perspective viewfoflmy'iinl proved frame. Y

Fig. 2 is aplan view ofk ka VPlllil'0f .the

frame showingthe clip attached thereto, the

parts. being'lshown *to approximatelyjfuu I scale. f n.

Fig. 3 is asectiontaken on line 3 3, Fig.

. Fig. 4 is'asectionsii'nilartothat shown in Fig. 3, butY showing slightly modifiedr spring construction.'`

The Vsame vreference numbers will bef-used VtoV designate the saine parts throughout the. several views. .j "g

Numeral 1 represents the backofmy frame, which is preferably formed-of a'rec- .'tangular piece of card-board, compo-board or 'any other similar suitable imaterial. Av

NnwHoU'sE, a

4and others of which. are' attached to the kor ,screws 5 and havea portionG somewhat l narrower than the ends, and this central v of the poster slippedinto place thereinunder. .Vlh'eclip 'is then released and the point vSii iframe 2'of any suitable type of'inoulding is securedto one side of the back, as indicated vin' Figs. 3 ande.` The frame and back'present no novelty, but are merely of conventional formi and construction.

The inside dimensions of the frame 2 are such that the postery 3 will lit snugly therein. It is fevifk dent that the poster will not remain'in place in the frame unless yheldtherein vby some means and it is to this that mypresent in-` f vention is primarily directed. For the ,pur

pose of holding the poster in place in the.y frame, lfprovide a plurality of spring clips, Il, one-*ofA which is preferablyattached tor each corner in theinannershown in Fig. vl

frame sides atsucliintervals as experience shows to be necessary. Clips l are securedto the routside of the frame by means of nails portion may 'he longitudinally corrugated, 'l

as indicated in Fig. 2, although this is not Y i necessary. The free end 7 ofeach` clipis preferably curved sof as to form a pleasing appearance Vand yhas n port-ionV thereof stamped out andbent atright angles to form'a point 8. The clip is bent so as to restV A on the back. l witha slight -pressure andthe latter is provided with a hole 9 for the re#y f y Vhen the poster Bis tobey put in placekone of the corner clips is raised and thecorner permitted to Y perforatejthe poster vin the manner shown-in 3.Y l The same opera'-` `tion is repeatedfor each clip. When theA poster has been put into place vbeneath Veach clip inthe manner, described, it willbe se.-A

curely held in place. The Apoints 8, which Y f. project thrcughthe paper, servejtorprevent n theflatterfroin lslipping as it would be liabler x f todo' if the points were not there. f

' Myy frame, although primarily intended 'i for usefin fconiiectionfwith the display of :posters for theate's, can obviously ne used used for any other purpose Where bulletins,

f postes or notices are to be displayed.

Having now described my invention; what chum as new 1s: Y* Y Y t Y A frame `adap'aed for use as a; means for displaying' posters comprising; in Combina fiom-a frame, a baekrseon'red wto onesde thereof7 a pluraty of spring clipsfsecuredy having oneend resng on the beek, eachv clip havngavpont and ahole in said back adapt- 15 edio Teeeve "said point. e y Y -ntestlmony whereof l' Yax my slgnature.


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