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Publication numberUS1470903 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1923
Filing dateFeb 28, 1922
Priority dateFeb 28, 1922
Publication numberUS 1470903 A, US 1470903A, US-A-1470903, US1470903 A, US1470903A
InventorsAhlering Frederick E
Original AssigneeAhlering Frederick E
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Fountain shaving brush
US 1470903 A
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Filed Feb. 28. 1922 'I'T'UQ'H O Frederic/4' E-jih Z 6/6779 E n I M MES) @L W 'flmmm,

Be it'l'nown that I, FREDERICK Patented @et. 15, i923, a r

FREDERICK E; Ant ems; orfron rianannve, new JERSEY.


I "Application rh a February 28,1922. serial no; 539,951.

0 aZZ whom it may concern:

I i Am ING, a citizen of thelUnited States, residing at Port Reading, in the county of Middlesex andS'tate of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements "in Fountain Shaving Brushes, of which ;-thefollowing is a specification. I

This invention relates to newand useful improvements in fountain shaving brushes and has for its primary object to provide a simple and efiicient valve means therein for controlling brush. Y

f Another. important -cobject of the "iiiventime is. to provide a bristleholderhavingmeans for uniformally distributing the liquid soap to all parts of the bristles, @ther objects and advantages ,otthe 1nventlon Wlll become apparent-during the 7 course of the following "description.

In the accompanying drawing forming a partof the descrlptlonfandwherein like; numerals are employed to designate l ke I parts throughout the several views;

Figure l is a proved brush.

Figure 2 is a longitudinal section through the same. 7 V v H Figure 3 is a transverse section through the device.

perspective view of theim Figure 4: illustrates the-valve assembly; and

Figure 5 is a perspective; view --of the bristle holder. V In the drawing wherein for the purpose of illustration is shownthe embodiment of my invention which is at present preferred,

the numeral -6 designates; a tubular' 'handle' having opposite. ends [thereof internally screw threaded'for the reception of a r movable cap 7 one end-and afremovablej bristle .holder 8' at the opposite end. If

preferred, the cap 7 maybe provided with a vent opening 9 to facilitate the discharge of liquid soap in a manner to be hereinafter set forth. Thebristle holder consists of a cap shaped member 10 equipped with 6X' ternal screw threads for cooperation. with the internal threads at one end of the handle;

The-bristles of the .brush are vulcanizedi'in rubber within the cap in the well known manner. The top of thecap is provided with a conical depression of substantial size to equip the bristle'holder'with a tapered the passage of' the .fliquid soap 'fI'Oll'l the reservoir -'to the bristles of the the liquid soap is permitted to L the tapered nipple 12 of and percolate out through the apertures nipplewhichextends into theinner ends of v p, the brlstles which aretastened to the'melnber 10.; This nipple is equipped with a plurality of apertures-to permit the liquid bristles.

p soap tofpass, from the handle intothe The handlelo-f the brush is provided i i into a liquidv soap chamber 1% at theend adjacent the-cap 7, and a valve chamber-:15

with a'partition 13 which divides the handle r at theopposite end of the handle. This partition is provided with a central aperture flclearlyseen in Figure 2,1;ai1d forms a valve Seat for a valve 16 movable longitudinally within the valve chamber.

This-valve consists of a rod hav'ing a r The rod is also provided with an abutment apertured extension 19 formed on the wall valve body lZ formed thereon and apoint v spaced from one end of; the valve rod so I thatthisend of the rod may, enter'the opening in the partition 13 and guide the valve. f

. 18' arranged betweenthe ends of the rod;

The guide 'for the valve rod consists'of'an of the valve chamber adjacent the outer end 1 thereof. The lowerend of the valvevrod operates n this'gu-ide and the'va'lve 1snormally retained upon its seat by meansof a colled spring 20 pos tioned upon the lower end 01"- the rod betweenth guid the abutment l8. 7

In orderthat the valve can be readily- "actuated, alever 21 is pivoted between its ends to extendthrough a slot in the valve chamber end of the handle. f One end of the lever is extended beyond the exterior of the handle and is there equipped with a button 22. .The'other end of the lever extends into' the'valve chamber and is provided-With a f forked end 23 which is adapted tostraddle the valve rod and normally rest upon the abutment 18.; t

Assumingthat the reservoir. .14 'is filled with" liquid soap" and it is desired to make a lather with the bristles, the. latter are first moistened, after which the 1'ever2l is caused to pivot by pressureexertedthereon bythe .ioo

operators finger to cause the innerend of 1 the-lever to bear down upon theabutment thence into the valve'chamber.

pass through therein into thefhristles. When a sufficient quantity ot the liquid soap has been disensed, pressure upon the valve operating;

ever 21" is released so that the spring 20 35 Will promptlyrreturn the valve'body toits seat and close the opening in the'partition 13. r 1 V The foregoing description and the acconi dimensions, etc., as may prove expedient and i 5 fall Within the scope of the appended claim.

Having thus described and illustrated my 7 invention, ivhat I claim as new and desire to; secure by Letters Patent 1s:

A fountain shavingbrush comprising a hollow handle havin a )artition therein equipped wlthia central aperture, sa d partition dividing the handle into ajr'eser'voir and a valve chamber, a slot in the Wall of the valve. chamber, a vbristle carrying part 7 associated with the outer end of the ya-lve chamber, a guide in the valve chamber hav ing an opening in alignment WiththG opening in the partition, a valve rod having a valve body adapted to seat against the par tition an abutment carried by the valve rod, a spring on the latter disposed between the guide and-the abutment to normally close the valve against the partitiom'anda lever pivotedto'the handle and extending throughthe slottherein'and having an end associfl ated' with the-valve rod adjacent the abutmentto operate thereon.

lntestimony whereof I afiix my signature 7 in presence of two' vitnesses.


itnessesz V r I ELI LASHEB,'


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