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Publication numberUS1471396 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 23, 1923
Filing dateAug 17, 1922
Priority dateAug 17, 1922
Publication numberUS 1471396 A, US 1471396A, US-A-1471396, US1471396 A, US1471396A
InventorsAbbe Griswold Albert
Original AssigneeJohn Francis Chevalier
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Ridge or hip flexible shingle
US 1471396 A
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Oct. 23, 17923.


il stentezl @et, 23, v i v ii I i t} m ALBERT BEBE GBISWOLD, 013 PROVIZDENCE, RHCBDE ISLAND, ASSIGNQR Q35 0NE-HMQE.



To (LZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that l, ALBERT Anni; GRIS- wow, a citizen of the United States. i'esiil ing at Providence, in the county of Provi tlence and State o't'fihotls Island, have invented ii new sntl useful l'm 'n'ovcment in Ridge 01 Hip Flexible Shingles, of which the tollswing is a. specification.

My ii wention has reference to an improvement in flexible shingles and more particularly to an improvement in flexible shingles for use on root ridges or hips of buildings.

The object of my inventicn is to construct such flexible shingles whereby when the shingles are in place on the ridge. or hip of s roof, the shingles are locked togetllen lengthwise thereby holding down the other wise free emls of the shingles and preventing the shingles from curling up, such curling: up sllcwing rain sleet 01 snow to beat up under the shingles and destroying the utility of the shingles.

A further ob ect tiny in ention is is construct such it fiexibleshingle whereby the shingle may be easily bent to contm-m to the hip 01 ridge of s. roof and when so bent will retain its bent fol-iii indefinitely.

Another object of my invention is is construct such flexible shinglss Wliercbfv the shingles are easily and quickly lucked together in shingling the ridge s-zml hips of roofs.

My invention consists in the peculiar anal novel constri rtion 0f riilgi'e or hip fie):-

ible shingle said ridge or hip flexible shingle having; details of construction, as \\'Ill be more fully set forth lisrsiimttei' and claimed.

Figure l is a plan VlQW (if it ridge post-ion of it met PIOVlClOt'l with my nnprevetl lie);- iliie rid e or his shin 'les This Fi 'ute 1 h i b. b may also represent a hip portion at a root.

Figure 2 is an inverted plan VIEW of my improved ridge 0!- hip flexible shingle.

Figure 3 is an enlarged transverse sectionall View through the shingle taken on 3, 3 of Figure 2'.

Figure; .L IS a plan View of the shingle in Q the blank Fm-n1, and

Fwurc 5 et-s active View of the shini- 1 ing: and-reinforcing hsntlshls member in the form of a, bendable strip at metal. removed from the shingle.

in the drawing 6 indicstss a ridge portien of a. mat? 7 my imptovetl flexible lltlgb 01. hi i sliiiwles and 8. 8 flexible slim lss 611 the roof. These shingles 8, 8 are the same aslinsand forni' no a Incitingend 10 and nailing snti ll. lhs locking (incl 10 has ii straight etlgge 1:2 aiitl bevelled end poi'tiens l3, shuttl- (lOI'S 14, i l are fermetion the i101 9 anti tram these SltOllltlGlS extent the nailing-end. ll. lift ing slightly taper side edges 15, 15. @n the sitls etlges of thc body 9 are untier'ttiriieil lips 16 and l? each having stop ends l8, 38 s .scetl s pretletes mined iliSiilZlCG :t om the shoulders 14, Ht. These lips 16 and 1'? Stialgljlk'i. 19. 19 pstallel with each Stile? will. part sf the means for locking; the ElliliglES together. The lip 36 liss'tlzis po siitl 72G ht the lacking; and (it the l ip l? has a list square and Qi is lute sh miter iievelle-rl edge psitiszi 292;, at the lacking end of the shingle; lips shill sis the iini'lei'side 0f the shingle s-iitl PEA .i spaced from the body of ths shihgc thickness 01. a shingle, A slit: 1 im'ioscing member in tli-s hem strip 23 shcst msisfl hiiviizg ends 2%, 2 placed ac. t ss the uni cf s the slimy preierslily m. {it centrist "wish ths ends 24, 24, unifies the lips 16 and 1 which holds it in place, as SiNJW in Fi "ms *2.

Although the shingle is sbly its-sail with the bendable strip 915. it tic. Withmit it if (lssireii The method at sh's ling the sitlgs as hip of a mat with my nsswt etl i'lsxihls ridge or hip shingles, is the same. 1th shin gling a ridge my impmvsd shizsgles am bent ts confetm to the sziglssi'? ths ridge, the bendable strip 23 liol clisi the now bent shingle in the shape require The shisggle is now nailed st 25 25 is each sicls sit the ridge, shown in Figurs l. The, next shingle. is then placed st s11 siigls, as shows in Figure 1 in a. pssitiois for s. comer of the nailing end 11 of the first shingle ts rest (m the square semi 21 the mitleituinecl lip 12" of the hextshingle whic. henhrsii -"ht onto the ridge ill-Ci shaved GYM? ihe first shingle. the stop ends '13, 18 of the lmflt3- tm'ncil lips on the first shingle limiting this closing inovenisnt (it the second. shingle. The nailing enrl ll (if the iii-st shingle now lies between the underttunecl lips lfi sail the nailing entl sf Y tees ees 17 end they body 9 of the second shingle, the shoulder adjacent ends being' spaced thereby locking the locking end 10 of the from the shoulders a predetermined distance second shingle to the nailing end 11 of the and form steps, a bendable member in the first r le. The pointed end 20 on the form of a strip of sheet metal and held in i 5 undertuimd lip 16 assists in passing the place by the underturned lips, for the purlip under the nailing end of the fiist shinpose as (lGSCIIbBd gle. This method of nailing and laying the I 2. A ridge or hip flexible shingle comprisshingles is -then continued for the entire nge rectangular shaped body havinga lockienfih of the rid e or hip and only two 111g end, oppositely disposed edge shoulders,

are re mired or each shingle. a nailing end extending from the shoulders, Havinglt us described my invention I underturnetl oppositely dlsposed parallel side J cleiin es-neW:- lips on the body and spaced from the body LAIridge or hip flexible shingle 'compris the thickness of e shingle, one of the lips ing n. rectangular shaped body having a llEtVlng a pointed'end and the other lip haylocljng end, oppositely disposed edge shouling an oppositely disposed square end, the

derse nailing end extending from the shoulshoulder adjacent ends being spaced from ders', underturned oppositel disposed peralthe shoulders a predetermined distance and lel side lips on the body end spaced from the form stops, for the purpose as described. body the thickness of a shingle, one of the In testimony whereof, I have signed my 20 lips having e pointed end and the other lip name to this s ecification.

heving en oppositely disposed square end, ALBERT ABBE GRIS'WOLD.

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