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Publication numberUS1471757 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 23, 1923
Filing dateMar 31, 1922
Priority dateJan 30, 1922
Publication numberUS 1471757 A, US 1471757A, US-A-1471757, US1471757 A, US1471757A
InventorsGeorges Thiriot Andre
Original AssigneeGeorges Thiriot Andre
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Casing for typewriting machines
US 1471757 A
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A. G. THIRHOT CASING FOR TYPEWRITING MACHINES Filed March 51. 1922 .2 swam-shew 1 @cih 23% 31923.;

LMHJS? A. G. THIRIOT CASING FOR TYPEWRITING MACHINES Filed March 31, 1922 2 Shasta-Shem 2 M/ U y J n 6 6 1a 16' f5 4/ i A TTORNEW Get. 23, 1923.


Application filed March 81, 1922. Serial lilo. 548,366.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ANDRE Gnorcns THIRIo'r, residing at 10 Rue du Cloitre, Chalons-surd darnegtMarne, France, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Casings for Typewriting Machines, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to a casing "for typewriting machines of all classes, which is so disposed as to enclose the machine while at the same time protecting the same from moisture and dust when not in use or during transportation, and also providing for the manipulation and use of the machine without requiring the removal of the same from the casing. Furthermore, the upper part of the said casing may be so disposed as to serve as a desk when the casing is closed.

The casing according to my invention is essentially characterized by a box constructed of wood or other suitable material having the typewriting' machine well secured to the bottom of. the same (in such manner as to provide for the transportation of the latter with the casing), the box having a cover of the jointed, rolling or like disposition and in one or several pieces, the sides and the front part of the box being provided with flaps which may be brought down so as to afford the operation oi the sliding carriage of the. machine as well as the easy manipulation of the latter.

The cover may be constructed to ad vantage in two pieces which are folded out to the rear and thus constitute a kind of.

holder for supporting the sheets of copy or the like for the use of the machine; the said holder may be provided with a slidable plate capable of extending the surface of the holder. A handle is provided upon the said casing for transporting purposes, and the latter may be fastened by means of any suitable locking device. The casing can'be provided in the interior withsmall receptacles "for erasers, pencils and like accessories of the machine. I

The following description, together with the accompanying drawings which are iven. by way of example, set forth an embodiment of the invention wherein:

Fig. 1 is "a perspective view of the'casing in the closed position;

means of screws, bolts. clips, hooks or by like means. The casing is closed by a cover made in two parts 3 and 4 which are jointed together by means of the hinges 5 which are so disposed that when the casing. is closed the front part thereof 3 shall constitute a desk. The rear portion 4 of the cover is secured by the hinges 6 to the back of the box 7. Fastening of the said casing is atforded by a lock 8.

The casing is opened by raising the front.

part of the cover 3 and folding it back while at the same time raising the rear part at, until the part 3 is caused to bear upon two cleats 9 secured to the back of the casing 7. The rear part of the cover 4 is then raised as shown in Fig. 2 in order to form a paper holder. The said part forming paper holder is'provided with a slidable plate t sliding between guides l, 4". A foot rail 4" extends laterally on both sides of guides d, 4", in order to provide two more rests or holders for papers or documents. To provide for the operation of the carriage of the machine without removing the latter from the casing, the sides of the latter' 10 each comprise a flap 11 secured by hinges 12 to the side 10 so as to be folded down at the exterior against this side (Fig. 2) when the cover of the casing is raised.

Preferably and as will be seen from the drawings the lower portions 10 of the sides are fixed permanently in position to the bottom 2 and the top edge of the flaps 11 at the forward portion of the flap is inclined downwardly toward the front so that the front part 3 of the top may occupy an inclined position to constitute a desk when the casing is closed.

A flap 13 which is mounted on hinges id is disposed upon the front of the casing and is adapted tobe entirely folded down at the front part so that the operator may be enebled to manipulate the keyboard of the 'trensportation of the casing with the mechine.

provided within the said cesingin the free speces in order to accommodate all eccessories of the mechine such as erasers, pencils and the like.

llhe various perts of the casing ere preferebly provided with slots end joint tongues in order to strengthen the construction of the casing.

. Cleims- 1. Ar cesing for typewriting niechines heving e bese plate on which the typewriter is secured end a cover formed in two parts hinged together and to the rear of the easing, the forward pert of said cover constituting en inclined desk when the casing is closed end means upon the back of the cesing for supporting the forward pert when to deal down beclrwerdly so thet it mey constitute a support for the rear pert when swung back to form a desk for use when the casing is open end the typewriter exposed.

2. A casing for typewriting mechines comprising a base plate on which the typewriter is secured, side wells the lower por- P Srnell receptacles 16, 16 (Fig. 3) may be ports on the heck of the casing against which the seid forward pert when folded beck mey beer to support the rear pert when gunned beck beyond the beck well of the 3. A cesing for typewriting machines comprising a bottom or base plate on which the typewriter is secured end heving e folding cover made in two parts hinged toing hinged to the casing and said forwardpart constituting en inclined desk when the casing is closed, seid forward part constituting a, support for the reer pert when the latter is turned beck, and side walls the.

lower portions of which are fixed while the upper portions are hinged and are edapted to fold down verticelly against the lower ortion the upper edge of seid folding part in the side wells when raised beimr inclined tromthe rear forwardly so that the forward portion of the top, when the casing is closed, me constitute an inclined desk.



gether on the meeting line of the parts, the

n testimony whereof I eiiix my signe- I

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